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The James Cole Family- US 1632 to Current

Raymond Lineage
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Generation One:
James Cole- b. abt 1600 at England; m. 1624 Mary Lobel at England;

Their Chidlren:
1. James b. 1625 at London, London, England
2. Hugh b. 1627 at London, London, England; m. 8 January 1654 Mary Foxwell at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m(2) 1 Janaury 1689 Elizabeth Lettuce at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m(3) 30 January 1694 Mary Shelley; d. 22 June 1699, aged 72 years.
3. John b. 21 November 1637 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m.21 November 1667 Elizabeth Rider at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 1677,at Swansea, Bristol, MA,  aged 39 years.
4. Mary b. 1639 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m(1) John Almy; m(2) aft. 1676 John Pocoke;

       James is first found in England around 1616 living at Highgate, London, England. He was a great lover of flowers. This fact is most likely due to his marriage to Mary Lobel, daughter of the botanist and Physician Mathieu Lobel. They first arrived in Saco, Maine in 1632 then moved to Plymouth, Plymouth, MA in 1633.
      James was admitted a freeman in 1633. He was known as a sailor. His names appears on the tax list at Plymouth in 1634. On 2 January 1636, he received a grant of ten acres of land. On 2 January 1637, the court deeded him seven acres of land for his dwelling house. Three acres of this land, most llikely included the south side of Leyden Street from the corner of Warren Street to the westerly line of the lot opposite the Universalist Church. His home stood on the lot next below the Baptist Church. He was the first settler and lived upon Cole's Hill which was the first burial ground of the Pilgrims. His land most likely included the land where Plymouth Rock now sits. In September of 1641, he had a grant of fifty acres of land at Lakenham Meadow. Also in October 1642, he received more land in the same area. In 1662, his land increased as he received a grant at Sacconet Neck, and still more land in 1665, thrity acres of Land on the west side of the Namuet River.
      He served as surveyor of highways in 1642, 1642, 1651 and 1652. He was constable in 1641 and 1644. He was also listed as a volunteer in the skirmish against the Pequot Indians. of 1637. He also opened the first inn (or public house) in Plymouth which was kept open until 1698 by his son James. In 1668 he sold to son, James, the land down to and including the lot where the Baprist Church stands. In 1689, James sold this land to William Shurtliffe.

Generation Two:
James Cole- b. 1626 at London, London, England; m. 23 December 1652 Mary Tilson at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 1712, aged 86 years.
Their Children:
1. Mary b. 3 December 1653 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 3 January 1671 John Lathrop at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 3 december 1706, aged 53 years
2. Elizabeth b.  abt 1657 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 10 February 1677  Elkanah Cushman at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 4 January 1681 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
3. John b. 10 March 1660 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
4. Ephraim b. 1662 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m,  3 January 1687 Rebecca Gray at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 1671, aged 69 years
5. Martha b. abt. 1672 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 16 March 1697 Nathaniel Howland at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 11 August 1718 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, aged 46 years,
6. Hannah b. abt 1675 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. bef. 28 January 1703 Elisha Bradford; d. 15 August 1703 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
7. Joanna b abt. 1679 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. abt 1699 Thomas Howland

     He first moved from Plymouth, Plymouth, MA to Scituate, Plymouth, MA. Later to York, Maine and most likely Kennebuck Maine, for a short period of time. But he was admitted a freeman of Plymouth, MA in 1654. He was a surveyor of highways in Plymouth in 1656. He also held office in 1678 and 1685. He was a representative for Plymouth in 1690. He ran the public house (inn) and kept the business running until about 1698. Judge Sewll wrote in his diary on 8 Marhc 1698: "I get to Plymouth about noon and stop at Coles. This house was built by Governor Winslow and is the oldest in Plymouth."

Generation Three:
John Cole b. 10 March 1660 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m(1) Patience Barber; m(2). Susannah Gray; d. at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 14 March 1724 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
Their Children:
1. Patience b. 1697
2. John b. 1699
3. Joseph b. 4 February 1706
4. Ebenezer b. 17 October 1711
5. Hezekaih b. abt 1713; d. 16 May 1724

      Captain Nathaniel Clark and his wife, Dorothy in parental affection sold one- half acre of land to "Our son and daughter John ans Susannah Cole of Plymouth  14 May 1697. John later exchanged this land with John Turkam on 7 OCtober 1710. When Plympton was incorporated on 4 June 1707, John Cole was among the first list of voters. John later bought from Robert Ranson fifteen acres of land on the north of brook out of Dotys Meadows. Most likely this was the spot for his home. His will was dated 13 March 1723 and gives all his property to his wife, Susannah.

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