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The James Davis Family- US 1636 to current

**Connecting to the Jacob Barney Family at Joseph Barney (1673-1731)**
Generation One:
James Davis b. abt. 1580; m. 11 January 1618 Cicely Thayer at Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England; d. abt.  27 January 1676 at Haverhill, Essex, MA aged 96 years.
Their Children:
1. James  b. 4 July 1619
2. John b. 28 January 1621; m. 10 December 1646 Jane Peasley; d. 18 July 1694, aged 74 years
3. Judith b. abt 1625; m. 1 September 1647 Samuel Gile
4. Ephraim b. abt 1633; m. 31 December 1659 Mary Johnson; d. 25 September 1679, aged 46 years
5. Samuel b. abt 1640; m. 19 December 1663 Deborah Barnes; d. 10 September 1696, aged 56 years
6. Sarah b. abt 1642; m. 18 June 1663 John Page

     James was amongst the earliest of settlers at Newbury, Essex, MA. He was in Haverhill, Essex, MA in 1640. He is listed as one of twelve in the first company of settlers in the woods of Pentucket. He was one of the first selectmen in 1646. James was excused from training by Hampton Court on account of his age in 1650.In 1652 a second division of the upland was made, James Davis received 40 acres, one piece of which was bounded: " By James Davis, senior on the west; the great river on the south: on the north side a swamp: on the east a brook; the other part bounded by a red oak at Coffin's ordinary running up the brook to a black oak, James Davis, senior in the east the great river on the south."3  p. 50. He died 27 January 1676 and his will was dated 17 March 1675 with a codicil 22 July 1675. It was proved 1680.

   "James Davis, Sen.m and his son, James, Jr., possessed considerable land upon the "great river" (Merrimack) in 1652, one portion of which was bounded by a red oke at Coffin's Ordinary." 1 p. 9

Generation Two:
James Davis- b. abt 4 July 1619; m(1) 1 December 1648 Elizabeth Eaton at Haverhill, Essex, MA; m (2) Mary Davis Nee Unknown;
M(1) Children:
1. Hannah b. 19 June 1650 at Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. 5 July 1650 at Haverhill, Essex, MA
2. Esther b. 8 October 1651 at Haverhill, Essex, MA
3. Elizabeth b. abt 1652 at Haverhill, Essex, MA; m. 31 October 1676 Robert Hastings
4. Ann b. 13 February 1656 at Haverhill, Essex, MA; m. James Becker
5. Sarah b. 5 August 1658 at Haverhill, Essex, MA; m. 2 May 1693 Thomas Litchfield;
6. James b. 3 October 1660 at Haverhill, Essex, MA; m. 16 August 1693 Sarah Wiggins
7. John b. 30 June 1664 at Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. October 1690
8. Daniel b. 19 September 1666 at Haverhill, Essex, MA
9. Elisha b. 30 August 1670 at Haverhill, Essex, MA; m. 19 June 1694 Grace Shaw at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 18 June 1738
10. Constance b. 9 March 1674 at Haverhill, Essex, MA; m. 4 September 1692 Joseph Barney at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 8 October 1721, aged 47 years.

     He was admitted a freeman in 1666, and took the oath of allegiance and fidelity in 1677. His will was proved 2 August 1694 and his death was 18 July 1694.

1. The Peaslees and others of Haverhill and vicinity, Emma Adeline Kimball
2. Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of the state of Massachusetts, vol. 4, p. 2091
3. History of Haverhill, various pages see index

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The Abraham Mellowes Family- US 1633 to Current

** Connects to the George Bunker Family at John Bunker (1630-1672) **

Generation One:
Abraham Mellowes- b.  abt. 1570; m. abt. 1595 Martha Bulkeley; d. between 23 April 1638 and 30 December 1638 Charlestown, Suffolk, MA.
Their Children:
1. Oliver b. abt 1595; m(1) 3 August 1620 Mary James at Boston, Lincolnshire, England; m(2) 1 January 1633/4 Elizabeth Hawkredd Coney at Boston, Lincolnshire, England.
2. Elizabeth b. abt 1597; d. abt 8 February 1618/19; buried 8 February 1618/19 at Boston, Lincolnshire, England, spinster.
3 Abraham b. abt 1599; d. abt 29 January 1615/16; buried 29 January 1615/16 at Boston, Lincolnshire, England
4. Catherine b. abt 1607; m. 17 January 1627/8 William Newland at Boston, Lincolnshire, England
5. Edward b. 24 August 1609; abt. 10 September 1609 at Odell, Bedfordshire, England; m. abt 1636 Hannah Smith.
6. Anne b. abt 1611; m. 26 November 1631 John Smith at Boston, Lincolnshire, England 

      Abraham Mellowes came from Boston, Lincolnshire, England. He, his wife, Martha, and son, Edward, were admitted to the Charlestown church on 19 prob. October 1633. Abraham was made a freeman on 14 May 1634. He was granted two acres of planting ground in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA on 10 January 1634/5. He received a proportion of seven in the hayground in 1635. This portion later increased to eight. In 1637, he had five acres on Mystic Side. Also that year, his share in hayground was 1 1/3. The Mystic Side land was a parcel of ten, thirty-five and five acres. On 6 September 1638, he was granted two hundred acres of land by the Massachusetts Bay General Court. He died 23 April 1638 Charlestown, Middlesex, MA.

His will was brought to the Suffolk court on 4 June 1639:

 "On 2 June 1641 the General Court granted "200 acres of land ... to the heir or assign of Mr. Abrah[am] Mellows" [ MBCR 1:330]. This was presumably a confirmation of the grant of 6 September 1638, for on 9 June 1641 Sergeant Edward Mellowes of Charlestown petitioned the General Court for a grant of 300 acres, on the basis that "about 10 or 11 years since" his father Mr. Abraham Mellowes had contributed £50 to the common stock [of the Massachusetts Bay Company], that this should have resulted in a grant of 500 acres, and that only 200 acres had been granted so far. The petitioner stated that he was "heir & assignee of his said father deceased," and that the original contribution had been made by his father at the suggestion of Mr. Humfrey, who had promised a grant of 500 acres" [ Lechford 410]. 1

Generation Two:
Edward Mellowes-b. 24 August 1609; bapt. 10 September 1609 at Odell Bedfordshire, England; m. abt 1636 m. Hannah Smith;  
Their Children:
1. Hannah b. November 1636; bapt 22 November 1636 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; m. John Bunker; d. 10 July 1672 at Malden, Middlesex, MA.
2. Mary b. 21 July 1638 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
3. Martha 28 October 1640 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; d. 25 February 1642/3
4. Edward b. abt 1642
5. Elizabeth b. 5 March 1643/4 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
6. Abraham b. 22 March 1645 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
      Edward was a freeman on 4 March 1633/4. He was a constable in 1637. He also served as a town clerk and a selectman for the town of Charlestown for five year. In 1637 Edward received a share of four in the Charlestown hayground.

Note on Hannah: From NEGHS Great Migration- She m. (2) Malden 24 June 1651 Joseph Hills. (In his will in 1650 Nathaniel Smith made a bequest to "my sister Hanna Mellowes" [ Waters 78]. J. Gardner Bartlett argued that Hannah was not sister of Nathaniel, but his sister-in-law, widow of one of Nathaniel's brothers [ Gen Mag 1:123-25, with anonymous comment in Gen Mag 1:229-30]. Jacobus cautiously identified her only as Hannah Smith, without commenting further on her Smith connections [ Bulkeley Gen 26].)
1. The Great Migration
2. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 76,  Henry Fitz-Gilbert, New England Historic Genealogical Society p.198.

The George Bunker Family- US 1633 to current

**Connected to the Samuel Newman Family at Samuel Newman ( 1662-1717) **

Generation One:
George Bunker- b. abt. 1600; m (1) 8 September 1624 Judith Major at Odell Bedfordshire England; m (2) Margaret Bunker Nee Unknown How; d. 1664 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
M(1) Children:
1. Mary b. abt June 1625; bapt. 3 July 1625 at Odell, Bedfordhshire, England; m (1) John Gwin; m (2) 8 August 1662 Eleazar Lusher; d. 26 January 1673 at Dedham, Suffolk, MA.
2. Martha b. abt August 1627; bapt. 15 April 1627 at Odell Bedfordshire, England; m.1651 John Starr; d. 1703.
3. Elizabeth b. abt December 1628; bapt. 19 December 1628 at Odell, Bedfordshire, England; m. Edward Burt; d. 31 August 1703 at Boston, Suffolk, MA
4. John b. abt June 1630; bapt 8 June 1630 at Odell, Bedfordshire, England
5. Joseph- b. abt 1632; bapt. 15 April 1632 at Odell, Bedfordshire, England; d. abt 1633
6. Benjamin- b. abt July 1635; bapt  20 July 1635 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; m. Mary Bunker Nee Unknown; d. 3 February 1669/70 at Malden, Middlesex, MA, aged 35 years.
7. Jonathan b. abt March 1638; bapt. 8 April 1638 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; m. 30 January 1662/3 Mary Howard at First Church, Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; d. 2 June 1678 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA, aged 39 years of small pox.

      George came from Odell, Bedfordshire, England to Charlestown, Suffolk, MA between April 1632 and 1633. He was one of the men of Charlestown who were allotted 10 acres in Malden, Middlesex, MA. He was also on the list of proprietors of Malden, Middlesex, MA. He was on the Charlestown, Suffolk, Ma tax roll in 1634/5.
      He was admitted to First Church of Charlestown on 21 December 1634 and  was admitted 17 February 1636. He signed a petition delegating to the Board of Selectmen the ordinary  business of the town 10 February 1634 (NEHGR Vol. 62)  He was listed in the census of January 1635/6. Judith passed on 10 August 1646 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA.
      George then married Margaret Bunker Nee Unknown How. He was one of seventeen who deeded land to Harvard College. The deeds in Middlesex County are dated 17 November 1654. George died in Malden , Middlesex, MA in 1664. His will was probated 4 October 1664.
      From Wyman: Genealogies & Estates Charlestown, Mass 1:150- " The most distinguished name for local reminiscence ever extant in town, he was worthy to be immortalized by a portion of his property named Bunker Hill, that shrine of American History.
      He was buried in Phipps St. Burying Ground in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA, the inscription reads: " In memory of George Bunker distinguished pioneer of Charlestown, patron of learning, died 1664- Judith Bunker, his wife, died 10 October 1646- erected by descendants of their daughter Martha Bunker Starr, 1907"
Generation Two:

John Bunker b. abt June 1630; bapt. 28 June 1630 at Odell, Bedfordshire, England; m. 16 September 1655 Hannah Mellowes at Malden Middlesex, MA; d. 10 July 1672 at Malden, Middlesex, MA, aged 42 years
Their Children:
1. Hannah b. August 1656 at Malden, Middlesex, MA; d. prob. young
2. Mary b. 29 October 1658 at Malden, Middlesex, MA; m. Jonathan Sprague; d. 30 July 1714 at Malden, Middlesex, MA, aged 56 years.
3. John b. November 1660 at Malden, Middlesex, MA;  m. 28 April 1680 Rebecca Easton at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. 17 May 1712 at Malden, Middlesex, MA, aged 48 years.
4. Edward b. abt 1662; d. abt  1690 at Malden, Middlesex, MA;
5. Joseph b. December 1665 at Malden, Middlesex, MA; d. abt 1690 at Boston, Suffolk, MA
6. Hannah b. abt 1667 at Malden, Middlesex, MA; m. 2 May 1689 Samuel Newman at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. 20 September 1752

1. Charlestown Vital Records
2. Bunker Genealogy, Descendants of James Bunker of Dover, NH, part 2, Edward Carleton Moran, Jr pp.7-11

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The Francis Chickering Family- US 1637 to current

**Connected to the Samuel Newman Family at Samuel Newman (1625-1710) **

Generation One:
Francis Chickering b. 1 April 1610 at South Elmham, Suffolk, England; m(1) abt. 1625 Ann Fiske; m(2) 11 Jun 1650 Sarah Howe at Dedham, Norfolk, MA; d. 5 December 1649 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA, aged 39 years 
Their Children:
1. Mary   b. abt 1626; d. 1698
2. Ann  b. abt 1634; d. September 1691
3. Elizabeth b. 26 July 1638 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA; d. 23 July  1642
4. Bathsheba b. 23 October 1640 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA; m. 6 December 1659
Samuel Newman at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 8 August 1687 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 46 years
5. Esther b. 4 November 1643 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
6. John b. 19 April 1646 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
7. Mercy b. 10 April 1648 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA; d. 27 January 1668

      Francis Chickering became freeman on 13 May 1640 at Cambridge,Middlesex, MA. His first wife died  and he remarried. The second wife is noted in the will.

Francis Chickering- Inventory of he Eastate of Ensigne Francis Chickering, late of Dedham, deceased made 20: 8mo: 1658, by Eleazer Lusher, Henry Chickering, John Howard, Peter Woodward. Totall £1820. 18. 08.
     17 October 1658. Mrs. Sarah Chickering & Capt. Elazer Lusher deposed. The Court Considering the good report of th epious and prudent behavior of Sarah ye Relict of Francis Chickering, & bringing up ye Children of the said Francis, & c. doe order that she be allowes out of this Eastate as her portion (including the £150. contracted for, beofre marriage, as a pt there of) the some of £350. The rest of the houses, lands, debts, and goods to be divided betweene the 5  daughters. Accompting £100 already payd Stephen Paine as part of his wive portion, to be so much of her pte.  (Abstracts of Early Wills p. 345)
1. Genealogical guide to the early settlers of America, Henry Whitemore, p. 86
2. Early Records of Boston p. 274

The Samuel Newman Family- US 1635 to current

**Connected to the Peter Woodward Family at Samuel Woodward (1685- ) **
Generation One:
Samuel Newman b. abt. 10 May 1602 at Banbury, Oxfordshire, England; bapt.  24 May 1602 at Banbury, Oxfordshire, England; m. 10 June 1624 Sibbell Featly at Banbury, Oxfordshire England; d. 5 July 1653 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 51 years.
Their Children:
1. Samuel b. 6 July 1625 at Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
2. Antipas b. 15 October 1627 at Midhorne, England; m. 1658 Elizabeth Winthrop; d. 16 October 1672 , aged 45 years.
3. Noah b. 10 January 1631 at Midhorne, England; m. Joanna Flint; d. 15 April 1678, aged 47 years.
4. Hopestill b. 20 November 1641 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; m. 12 July 1664 George Shove; d. 7 March 1675, aged 33 years.

      Samuel Newman entered the University at Oxford at age 16, approx. 1616. He graduated from Trinity College at Oxford on 17 October 1620, with honors. He then took orders in the Church of England. Due to his nonconformity he was prosecuted. He then immigrated to America about 1635. He was supposed to be on the same vessel as Rev. Richard Mather. He was at first at Dorchester, Suffolk, MA. He was listed as a church member of Dorchester in  1636. He was admitted a freeman in 1638. In 1639 he moved to Weymouth,Norfolk, MA there he preached for about five years. Towards the end of 1643 he moved with many from his congregation to Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. The taxation of his new property was £530.

     Samuel was considered to be an animated preacher and also a pious man. He wrote a Concordance of the Bible, the third in English that was published and it was considered to surpass the two that preceded it. It was first published in 1643, but after the move to Rehoboth, Samuel began an edit. The final edition was published in London in 1658 in a thick folio. It later bore the title Cambridge Concordance. The concordance was reprinted at least as late as 1889, almost 250 years after it was first published.

Of his other works Mather was only able to recover parts:

"Notes or makes of grace, I find in myself; not where in I desire to glory, but to take ground of assurance, and after our apostle's rules, to make my election sure, though I find them but in weak measure.
1. I love God and desire to love God, principally for himself.
2. I desire to requite evil with good.
3. A looking up to God, to see him, and his hand, in all things that befall me.
4. A greater fear of displeasing God, than all the world.
5. A love of such Christians as I never saw, or received good from.
6. A grief when I see God's commands broke by any person.
7. A mourning for not finding the assurance of God's love, and the sense of his favour, in that comfortable manner, at one time as at another; and not being able to serve God as I should.
8. A willingness to give God the glory of any ability to do good.
9. A joy when I am in christian company, in Godly conference.
10 A grief, when I perceive it goes ill with Christians, and the contrary.
11. A constant performance of secret duties, between God and myself, morning and evening.
12. A bewailing of the sins, which none in the world can accuse me of.
13. A choosing of suffering to avoid sin.

 He died in Rehoboth on July 5, 1663.
Last Will & Testament
[fol. 9] "The last Will .... of mr Samuell Newman senir of Rehoboth exhibited to the court held att Plymouth,' 3 March, 1663.
"The 13th of November 1661 I Samuell Newman Teacher att Rehoboth" made his will. Bequests were as follows.
"Imprimis That my Deare wife have the foure pounds yearly agreed upon between my son Samuell and mee att his marriage together with such privilidges specifyed in a writing given under his owne hand; upon which I gave him and his all my lands sittuate in Rehoboth into his posession freely haveing Consented. that his mother have halfe the great house orchyard before the Dore and one hundred pound Comonage;"
"my land att Wenham and housing the whole farme which is lett for nine pounds yearly; That my loveing wife have it During her life; and that then my son Antipas and his Injoy it for ever onely that hee pay forty pounds in two yeare to his three sisters and brother Noah; five pound apeece to each for the two yeares"
"that my Daughter hopstill have a featherbed; bolster pillowes 2 payer of sheets two blanketts and a Coverlid att her marriage and if shee please her mother in her match; forty pounds more att two payments in two yeares space after her marriage;"
"that Noah have all my bookes left but my concordance which I give my wife During her life; and then to bee my son Samuells; alsoe some few English bookes which my wife may give to any of her other children; are excepted;"
"that my son Noah, att the tearme of three yeares end, after the Date heerof have a younge horse or a mare . and my saddle;"
"if anything come over from old England, for mee more or lesse; that my Deare wife have the Disposing of it; att her pleasure"
"that the poor of Rehoboth, have two pounds and of Weymouth one pound, within a yeare after my Decease, my wife and the Deacons ordering it; alsoe it is my will that my old servants Mary humpheres, of Dorchester; Elizabeth Cubby of Weymouth Elizabeth Palmer, of Rehoboth, and Lydia Winchester my present servant have ten shillinges apeece"
"If either of my Children Die unmarried that theire portion bee Devided equally amonst the surviveing;"
"that all my Debtes being payed, my Cattle and houshold goods, bee to my wife for the paying of the legacies;"
"that my Deare wife Sibbell Newman, bee the sole exequitrix, Of this my last Will; and that Stephen Paine senir, Thomas Cooper Deacon, and Leiftenant hunt, bee my overseers; to give theire advise to my Destressed widdow, as alsoe theire best healp as her needs may call for it"

The witnesses were "John Kinksey" and Samuel Newman, Jr.
"John Kinksley was Deposed to this Will of mr Samuell Newman Deceased before mee Thomas Willett; Dated this 4th Day of ffebruary 1663"
"An exacte Inventory of the (foods of Mr Samuell Newman of Rehoboth Deceased July the fift 1663 Taken by Stephen Paine senir Deacon Cooper and Leiftenant hunt selected men for this purpose being Inhabitants of the said Towne; July 31: 63 "The only real estate mentioned is "a farme att Wenham" but the value was not stated.

Generation Two:
Samuel Newman- b. 6 July 1625 at Banbury, Oxfordshire, England; m. 6 December 1659 Bathsheba Chickering at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 14 December 1710 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 85 years.
Their Children:
1. Mary b. 3 January 1660 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 10 September 1660 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 8 mos.
2. Bathsheba b. 19 January 1661 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 13 January 1672 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 10 years.
3. Samuel b. 21 February 1662 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
4. David b. 1 November 1664 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 17 February 1718 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. aged 52 years
5. John b. 1 July 1666 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 24 July 1675 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 9 years.
6. Hopestill b. 18 July 1668 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 9 December 1677 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 9 years.
7. Mary b. 7 November 1670 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. Samuel Woodward; d. 2 January 1699 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 28 years.
8. Antipas b. 29 March 1673 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 17 July 1673 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 3 mos.

     Samuel was a Deacon in the Rehoboth Church of his father. He was also a farmer. He served as Representative to the General Court of Massachusetts in 1696, 1697, and 1698.

Generation Three:
Samuel Newman b. 21 February 1662 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 2 May 1689 Hannah Bunker at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. 25 June 1717 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
Their Children:
1. Hannah b. 15 February at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
2. Bathsheba b. 20 June 1695 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 6 November 1712
Samuel Woodward at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 7 March 1728 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA- sometimes in the records she is listed as Rebeckah. The dates are the same.
3. Sarah b. 26 November 1700 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA

Rehoboth Congregational Church

1. Rehoboth VItal Records
2. Mather, Cotton. Magnalia Christi Americana: or, the ecclesiastical history of New-England, from its first planting in the year 1620, unto the year of our Lord, 1698. London : printed for Thomas Parkhurst, 1702.

3. Savage, James. A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England, showing three generations of those who came before May, 1692, on the basis of Farmer’s Register. Boston: Little, Brown and company, 1860-62.

The Peter Woodward Family- US 1640 to current

**Connected to the John Barrows Family at Joseph Barrows (1713- ) **
Generation One:
Peter Woodward- b. abt. 1640; m. Mehitable Woodward Nee Unknown;
Their Children:
1. William b. 1 January 1668 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
2. Anna b. 2 February 1669 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
3. John b. July 1671 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
4. Ebeneazer b. 15 July 1675 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
5. Mehetabell b. 17 September 1677 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
6. Judeth b. March 1682 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
7. Samuel b. 26 December 1685 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
8. Anne b. 17 April 1688 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
9. Elizabeth b. 14 August 1691 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA

      I have had to do a lot of extra research in order to prove Peter as the father of Samuel Woodward, but I believe that the records are correct. As for whether Peter was the first immigrant, well, I believe his father would have been the first to come over. The problem is who is the father? Is it Peter or Richard. Peter's birth date may be off. So I will leave this branch incomplete at this time and just list the records I have found to come back to at a later date.

Bits of Records from the town of Dedham, Norfolk, MA:
-Peter was received into First Church 7 November 1641 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA.
-"Peter was a freeman on 18 May 1642 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA. He was Representative in 1665, 1669, and 1670.
-Married 17 December 1752 Sarah Gay daughter of William and Sarah Gay
-He died 9 May 1685 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA.
-He was witness to the Metcalf and John Dwight wills Joshua Kent
-WOODWARD Peter Peter (1604-1685) & _____ _____; ca 1622?; Dedham/Deerfield {Dedham Hist. Reg. 3:156; Morton 127-8}
-WOODWARD Peter Peter (1638-) & Mehitable _____; by 1668(9?); Dedham/?Roxbury {Waterman (1939) 45, 52; Sibley's Harv. Grad. 4:186}
-WOODWARD Richard Richard (1589-1663) & 1/wf Rose _____ (1584-6 Oct 1662, ae ca 80); in Eng, by 1619; Watertown {Blackman Anc. 23; NYGBR 43:192; Reg. 50:302; Granberry 133; Newell Anc. 75; Watertown 657; Blake-Torrey 144; Davis-Bancroft 29; Powers-Banks 158; Newton (,4) 289; Gibson 25; Woodward (1879) 99}
-WOODWARD Richard Richard (1589-1663) & 2/wf Ann (VEARE) GATES (-1683), w Stephen; m cont 18 Apr 1663; Watertown {Newell Anc. 75; Davis-Bancroft 128; Granberry 29, 133; Putnam's Mag. 7:173; NYGBR 43:192; Watertown 657; Blake-Torrey 144; Newton (,4) 289; Woodward (1879) 99; Blackman Anc. 231; Cross Anc. 84}

From Genforum- Woodwards:
-my source was "The Search for the Passengers of the Mary and John 1630 Vol. 20 pg. 153. I found it in the LDS Salt lake library on my trip years ago. I am told the books are still available.I also think they are on film.

-There were more than two Mehitable Woodwards. Peter Woodward had a daughter Mehitable, but she died in Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA, according to Vital Records of MA to 1850 for Norfolk Co. It states, under the heading "Deathes": "Mehetabell, the daughter of Peter and Mehetabell Woodward, deceased the ____" Obviously the date was not legible at the time of transcription, but it falls between entries of 1703 and 1705. This is NOT the Mehitable who married Samuel Herrick.

Records of Dedham Churches:
-1641 WOODWARD Peter woodward was received into ye church 7d 11m 1641. First Church Admission More View Dedham_Church

-1643 WOODWARD ____ ye wife of our brother Peter woodward was admitted into ye church 7d 2m. 1643. First Church
Generation Two:
Samuel Woodward- b. 26 December 1685 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA; m. 6 November 1712 Bathsheba Newman at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA;
Their Children:
1. Hannah b. 21 Match 1713 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d, 13 December 1742 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
2. Samuel b. 16 June 1715 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
3. Bathsheba b. 17 June 1717 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 2 December 1736 Joseph Barrows at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
4. Peter b. 30 November 1719 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
5. John b. 23 January 1722 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 6 October 1723 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, 20 mos.
6. Ebenezer b. 24 August 1725 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 21 April 1766 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 40 years.
7. Sarah b. 21 December 1727 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA

1. History of Norfolk County, Massachusetts Vol. 1 edited by Duane Hamilton Hurd. p. 35
2. Records of Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths in the Town of Dedham, p. 26, 59
3. Dedham Vital Records

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The George Allen Family- US 1635- Current

**Connected to the William Buckland Family at Joseph Bucklin (1633-1718)**
**Connected to the Joseph Kent Lineage at Nathaniel Peck**
Generation One:
George Allen- b. abt. 1581 at England; m(1) Unknown; m(2) abt. 1626 Katherine Allen Nee Unknown at England; d. April 1648 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. aged 67 years.
M(1) Children:
1. John b. 1606 at England;
2. Rose b. abt. 1609 at England; m(1) Joseph Holloway; m(2) 16 May 1648 to William Newland at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; d. bet. 1690-5 at Sandwich, Barnstable,MA.
3. Ralph b. abt 1615 at England; m. Susannah Allen Nee Unknown; d. 1698 at Sandwich, Barnstable , MA, aged 83 years
4. Robert b. abt 1617 at England; d. 15 May 1661 (committed suicide) at Rehoboth, New Bristol, MA, aged 44 years

5. George b. abt 1619 at England; m(1) abt 1645 Hannah Allen Nee Unknown; m(2) 1687  Sarah Allen Nee Unknown; d. 1693 at Sandwich, Barnstable MA, aged 74 years
6. Francis b. abt 1621 at England; m. 20 July 1662 to Mary Besse at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; d. 1698 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA, aged 77 years
M(2) Children:
7.William b. abt 1627 at England; m. 21 March 1650 to Priscilla Brown at Sandwich, Barnstable,  MA.; d. 1 October 1705 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA, aged 78 years.
8. Matthew b. abt 1629 at England; m. 8 June 1657 Sarah Kirby; d. 1695 at Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, aged 67 years.
9. Henry b. abt 1632 at England; m(1) abt 1662 Sarah Hill at Milford, New Haven, CT; m(2) Rebecca Sherwood at Stratford, Fairfield, CT.;  d. 1693 at Milford, New Haven, CT, aged 63 years
10. Samuel b. 1635;
11. Gideon b. 1637 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; m. 1670 Sarah Prudden at Milford, New Haven, CT.; 1693 at Milford, New Haven, CT

      George Allen came over  with Reverend Hull on one of the vessels. They arrived at the Massachusetts Bay Colony on 6 May 1635. Reverend John Hull was granted to settle at Wessaguscusset Plantation on 8 July 1635 by the General Court at Boston. This are is now known as Weymouth, Norfolk, MA. George's point of origin is either Somersetshire, or Dorsetshire, England. On the last known list George's age is noted as 24 years. This would be unlikely since the next eldest child is listed as 16 years.
Listed on the manifest were:      
46 George Allin, aged 24 (34?) years. 
47 Katherine Allin, his wife, aged 30 years.
48 George Allin, his son, aged 16 years.
49 William Allin, his son, aged 8 years.
50 Matthew Allin, his son, aged 6 years.
51 Edward Poole, his servant, aged 26 years.

     The family first settled at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA. They may have even lived at Saugus, Essex, MA. Around 1637 the family moved to Sandwich, Barnstable, MA.He was a farmer and made freeman on 5 March 1638/39. He was later admitted on 3 September 1639. He served as constable on 4 June 1639; surveyor of highways in 1640, and as a committeeman from 1640-1642, and 1644.

     George  died  April 1648 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. He was buried 2 May 1648, also at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA.  George's will was probated on 7 June 1648. On 8 June 1649, his widow, Katherine, furnished an inventory to the New Plymouth Court. Sometime after George passed away, Katherine married for a second time to a man named John Collins, who was a shoemaker in Boston.

Generation Two:
John Allen b. abt 1606 at Huverton, Leichester, England; m. Christian Allen Nee Unknown; d. 27 May 1690 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 84 years.
Their Children:
1. John b. abt 1637; m. remained single;d. 1723 at Swansea, Bristol, MA, aged 86 years.
2. Elizabeth b. abt 1639; m. 13 November 1674 John Fairweather at Swansea, Bristol, MA;
3. Isaac b. abt 1642; m(1) 30 May 1673 Mary Bowen at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. (2) Katherine Balcom; d. 1692 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 50 years
4. Deborah b. abt 1635; m. 5 November 1659 Joseph Bucklin at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 1 April 1720 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 85 years.
5. Daniel- b. 21 April 1648;    
     The date of John Allen's immigration is not yet proved. But I think that he and his wife, Christian, came on the Abigail in 1635. She is listed as Ann and the ages match up. This would also be the same time frame that his father's family came over with the Hull Company. We can assume that he was in Massachusetts by March of 1667 due to the following document:

"The Founding of Swansea: By this time the towns of Plymouth Colony were fairly well established. On 5 March 1667/68, the court approved that the township granted to Capr. Thomas Willet and his neighbors at Wannamoisett be called Swansea. the town leaders were Captain WIllett, Mr. Stephen Paine, Sr., Mr. James Browne, John Allen, and John Butterworth." 1 p. 100

"The selectmen of Seansea from 1669 to 1675 were: James Brown, Nicholas Tanner, John Allen, Hugh Cole, Samuel Luther, Thomas Lewis, Benjamin Alby and John Butterworth. 1675 was the year of the massacre." 3p.
     John Allen along with his youngest half-brother, Gideon, and a number of others, is said to have been one of the original founders of Swansea, Bristol, MA. John resided at Swansea. John died at Swansea on 3 May 1690. His will, which had been written on 12 March 1689, was probated before the Bristol County Court on 27 May 1690.

Abstracts of Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Records, 1687-1745 p. 2
Will of John Allen of Swansea, in his 85 th year, dtd, 12 March 1689, prob. 27 May 1690. Wife Christiam. Sons: John (eldest), Isack; Daniel Allen. Dau. Deborah Allen, Elisabeth dau. of Daniel Allen; Deborah Cole. Witns.: John Peck & Israel Peck [1:1920].
Generation Three:

Daniel Allen- b. 21 April 1648; m. 12 October 1670 Mary Dexter at Swansea, Bristol, MA
Their Children:
1. Mary- b. 17 December 1671 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. 3 January 1688/89 James Adams at Bristol, Bristol, RI
2. Elizabeth- b. 28 September 1673 at Swansea, Bristol, MA
3. Christian- b. 26 January 1674/75 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. 18 March 1695/96 Nathaniel Peck at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 8 June 1702 at Swansea, Bristol, MA.
4. Thomas- b. 13 October 1676 at Swansea, Bristol, MA
5. Sarah- b. 13 August 1678 at Swansea, Bristol, MA
6. Daniel- b. 29 August 1680 at Swansea, Bristol, MA
7. Ebenezer- b. 31 August 1682 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. Hannah Allen Nee Unknown; d. 1754 at Warren, Bristol, RI, aged 71 years.
8. John b. 6 December 1684 at Swansea, Bristol Co, MA
9. Samuel b. 16 May 1687 at Swansea, Bristol Co., MA; m. Rachel Allen NEE UNKNOWN; d. 14 October 1739 at Barrington, Bristol, RI
10. Joseph b. 21 May 1690 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. Hannah Allen NEE UNKNOWN; d. 1754 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 63 years.
1. Plymouth Colony, its history & people, 1620-1691, Eugene Aubrey Stratton
2. Abstracts of Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Records, 1687-1745, H. L. Peter Rounds
3. Cole 200-1920 A. D., Juier Arden

The William Buckland Family- US 1635 to Current

**Connected to the John Barrows Family at Beniah Barrows (1683-1754)**
Generation One:
William Buckland b. abt. 1606 in England; m. bef. 1634 Mary Bosworth; d. 1683 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA, aged 77 years
Their Children:
1. Joseph b. 26 June 1633 at England
2. Lydia b. 1637
3. Benjamin b. bef. 2 July 1640 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; m. 1660 Rachel Wheatley Allen at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; d. 26 March 1676 slain  at a place called Nine Men's Misery, King Philip War.

Note from the website
      "The first author reporting on William Bucklin's emigration to New England was Charles Edward Banks, who in his books, The Winthrop Fleet of 1630, and Planters of the Commonwealth, records that William came in the Winthrop fleet of 1630. There is no regular passenger list of the passengers in the Winthrop fleet, but William's name does show up on Winthrop's journal notes, as a servant of John Plaistow, and that is what Banks uses for his report.
      Plaistow was officially "a gentleman" from Essex. Space was limited in the Winthrop fleet ships ,and only persons with the rank of noble or gentleman had space or temporary cabins on the upper deck. Winthrop's note that William was on board as a "servant" of Plaistow means that William had the privilege denied others of ready and daily access to the upper deck. Since our William Bucklin was a carpenter, he probably accompanied Plaistow as a builder rather than a menial servant.
     However, his relationship as a servant of Plaistow got William into trouble. In September, 1631, Plaistow took or stole four baskets of corn belonging to "Chickatabot," who was a Native American. (3) The Colony's Court ordered Plaistow degraded from the title of gentleman and shipped back to England, ordered Plaistow to give eight baskets of corn to Chickatabot, and ordered Plaistow to pay a fine of five English pounds to the Colony. Since William and Thomas Andrew were Plaistow's servants, subject to his orders, they merely were whipped for being accessories. The next ship back to England did not depart until after the spring brought more ships coming to New England. The records show Plaistow was sent back to England by June of 1632, and his land and possessions being sold to settle debts he had owed to others in the Colony.. So if William came to America In 1630 with Plaistow, he must have returned once to England."

      William Buckland came over on the Elizabeth Dorcas in 1634 with his wife, Mary, their son, Joseph, and Mary's parents, the Bosworth's. The family first settled in Hingham, Plymouth, MA. He had land on the north side of Otis (Weary-All) hill. In 1635 the house lot was near the old railroad station located in West Hingham, Plymouth, MA. In 1666, he owned land at Broad Cove.

      The Rehoboth Town Meeting Records of one of their first meetings (February 1, 1645), tell us, ". . . At the same time the way to William Buckland's house is agreed on by those partyes which it doth conform." So we know that probably at least by the fall of 1644, Bucklin had built a house on the land, and maintained his ownership of the land against the later arrivals/ William's house stood in the area of the 1641 property deal made with Native Americans by John Hazels

       About 1655 or so the family moved to Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. There William served as grand jury man, 19 May 1656, and constable, 25 May 1657. From the Rehoboth Propriety Records Book 2 p. 81, William drew lot #46. He was freeman on February 12, 1657.

Other properties belonging to William Bucklin:
1. 600 acres bought of Edward Smith, bounded on Pawtucket River on West and unto a run that comes from the Cedar Swamp on the East.
2. 4 acres of fresh meadow near house, bounded with a river on the East.
3.. 4 acres of salt and fresh meadow bounded with the Pawtucket River on the west.
4. 33 acres of upland butting upon the Pawtucket on west, land of Thomas Cooper on East.
5. 1 1/2 acres Pawtucket River on West.
6. 2 1/2 acres same range with John Reade.
7. 6 acres of land that was John Millards and six acres that was Widow Walkers.
8. One Plaine lott- 22 acres on East side of greate plaine
9. One lott on East side of Plaine, 10 acres, River to East, highway to west.
10. One lott on East side of Plaine, 10 acres.
11. 16 acres "I had in the last division of land, 10 acres I exchanged with Jonathan Bliss.
12. 2 Plaine lotts which I had of Jonathan Bliss in exchange, 12 acres.
13. A piece of fresh meadow, 2 acres

     William sold land in Hingham on May 25, 1661. He had 12 acres of upland in Wachamoket Neck. On 22 October 1680, he received land laid  for highway to the Salt water for cattle to go to drink. William Bucklin died in 1683. The only record of the death is in the Rehoboth Vital Record Death Book, Volume One, page 56, which only says "buried September 1, 1683."

Generation Two:
Joseph Bucklin- b. 26 June 1633 at England; m. 5 November 1659 Deborah Allen at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 26 March 1718 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 84 years.
Their Children:
1. Deborah b. 16 September 1660 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; 6 May 1681 Hugh Cole at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
2. Joseph b. 10 February 1663 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 30 June 1691 at Mehitable Sabin at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 28 July 1729 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 66 years.
3. Barak b. 1 August 1666 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 9 April 1689 Alice Woodcock at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; 7 February 1739 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA, aged 72 years.
4. John b. 10 May 1668 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 20 June 1677 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. aged 9 years.
5. James b. 3 July 1669 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 2 October 1708 Mary Yields at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 9 September 1738 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 69 years.
6. Isaac b. 31 January 1672 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 3 January 1698 Mary Marsh at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 85 years
7. Matthew b, 16 September 1674 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. died young
8. Nehemiah b. 16 September 1676 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. May 1677 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 7 mos.
9. Nehemiah b. 31 March 1678 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 7 February 1705 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 26 years.
10. Lydia b. 5 September 1680 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 13 August 1706 Beniah Barrows at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 28 January 1725 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA, aged 44 years.

1. Bosworth Genealogy, Mary Bosworth
2. Rehoboth Vital Records

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The John Barrows Family- US 1635 to Current

** Connected to the Joseph Kent Family at  Joseph Kent (1637- 1792)**

This family still has discrepancies... see the following sites:

Generation One:
John Barrowe- b. 16 September 1609 at Great Yarmouth, England; m(1) 31 August 1634 Anne Thompson; m(2) Deborah Doty;
M(1) Children:
1. Dionys b. abt. 1633; d. shortly after
2. Robert b. 11 May 1639 at Salem Essex, MA
M(2) Children:
3. Deborah b. abt 1667 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA;
4. Mary b. abt 20 December 1673 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 9 January 1698 John Wormall at Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.
5. Joshua b. abt 1680 a Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. abt 1720 Deliverance Wedge.
6. Beniah  b. abt 1683 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
7. Ebenezer b. 29 March 1685 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 8 October 1712 Elizabeth Lyons. 
       John Barrowe was born 16 September 1609 in England. He was the son of Ralf and Audrey Deye Barrows. According to records he first arrived at the age of 26 years at Virginia 15 May 1635 on the Plain Joan with the Master R. Buchman. If these documents are true he may have returned to England and together with his wife, Anne Thompson Barrowe, returned. They sailed from London. Records state "the examination of John Borrowe of Yarmouth, a Cooper, aged 28 years and Anne, his wife, aged 40 years—desirous to pass to Salem in New England, there to inhabit”. They sailed on 20 June 1637 on the Mary Ann, the master was William Goose.

      John was given a land grant of 15 acres in Salem,Essex, MA. In an area known as Naumkaug. Salem Records dated 8/14/1637 state: “Jno. Barows is received an inhabitant of Salem and is allowed 5 acres of land”. He was given  another 10 acres at the Town Meeting of 8 November 1637 and at a meeting 30 June 1640 an additional 2 acres. Anne died before 1667 and John married a second time to Deborah Doten/Doty. They family moved to Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.

     Plymouth records show that on 6 March 1666  "John was fined 10 shillings in Plymouth because of his refusal to give evidence in connection with the Grand Inquest". The Treasury Accounts for 8 June 1666 shows under the category “Debts due by fines and otherwise to the country--John Barrow, 00:10:00”. (Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Plymouth County Records, Pg.116) The list of Plymouth townsmen dated 15 February 1668 included John and a 16 June 1668 list of those entitled to vote included John Barrow and Robert Barrows. John was granted land there and on 15 June 1674 a grant of land to him was excepted with certain rules. On 9 April 1684, at South Meadows, 10 upland acres were laid out to John, next to his meadow land on the northwest side of the river. On 24 November1684 he was granted 30 acres of land. 

        John Barrow died 18 February 1692 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA aged 82 years. On 6 April1692, his will was proved before William Bradford, Deputy Governor, and Ephraim Morton, Assistant. The will had been signed, sealed and declared to be his last will and testament in the presence of John Gray and was signed with the mark of Robert Barrows and the Mark of John Barrows. The inventory of the estate, made by John Gray and John Sturtevant, included 14 lbs of cotton yarn, 2 cows, 3 swine, books and 17 shillings in silver money. The 30 acres of land at Monponset {Plympton} was valued at 5 lbs and the house and land at home and all the meadow at Carver belonging to it valued 25 lbs. In his will, he left his son Robert, all of his land, providing that Johns’ wife Deborah be allowed use of the land as long as she remained his widow. Robert was also to give his brother Benajah, 20 shillings when he became of age. Johns’ daughters were each bequeathed 10 shillings each. The rest was to go to his widow.

Generation Two:
Beniah Barrows b. 1683 at Plymouth, Plymouth MA; m. 13 August 1706 Lydia Bucklin at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 5 January 1754 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA, aged 71 years.
Their Children:
1. John b. 8 July 1707 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. abt 1735 Priscilla Philbrook at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; d. 20 October 1783 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA, aged 76 years
2. Deborah b. 14 September 1711 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
3. Joseph b. 1 November 1713 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
4. Nehemiah b. 5 March 1716 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
5. Benjamin b. 22 March 1718 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m. 6 May 1742 Hannah Crabtree; d. 20 February 1801, aged 82 years
6. Elijah b. 16 March 1750 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; d. 9 May 1725 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA, aged 5 years
7. Lydia b. 29 March 1722 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m. 18 June 1741 James Holmes
8. Ichabod b. 8 October 1724 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA

Generation Three:
Joseph Barrows b. 1 November 1713 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m. 2 December 1736 Bathsheba Woodward at Attleboro, Bristol, MA;
Their Children:
1. Elijah b. 13 March 1739 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m.Sarah Brauman
2. Huldah b. 25 September 1740 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
3. Huldah b. 1 November 1792 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m. 24 June 1766 Joseph Kent at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 11 November 1792 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. aged 51 years
4. Hannah b. 6 August 1744 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
5. Joseph b. 27 November 1749 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
6. Anna b. 30 August 1748 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
7. Molly b. 22 June 1750 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
8. Betty b. 22 June 1750 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA

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