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The George Bunker Family- US 1633 to current

**Connected to the Samuel Newman Family at Samuel Newman ( 1662-1717) **

Generation One:
George Bunker- b. abt. 1600; m (1) 8 September 1624 Judith Major at Odell Bedfordshire England; m (2) Margaret Bunker Nee Unknown How; d. 1664 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
M(1) Children:
1. Mary b. abt June 1625; bapt. 3 July 1625 at Odell, Bedfordhshire, England; m (1) John Gwin; m (2) 8 August 1662 Eleazar Lusher; d. 26 January 1673 at Dedham, Suffolk, MA.
2. Martha b. abt August 1627; bapt. 15 April 1627 at Odell Bedfordshire, England; m.1651 John Starr; d. 1703.
3. Elizabeth b. abt December 1628; bapt. 19 December 1628 at Odell, Bedfordshire, England; m. Edward Burt; d. 31 August 1703 at Boston, Suffolk, MA
4. John b. abt June 1630; bapt 8 June 1630 at Odell, Bedfordshire, England
5. Joseph- b. abt 1632; bapt. 15 April 1632 at Odell, Bedfordshire, England; d. abt 1633
6. Benjamin- b. abt July 1635; bapt  20 July 1635 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; m. Mary Bunker Nee Unknown; d. 3 February 1669/70 at Malden, Middlesex, MA, aged 35 years.
7. Jonathan b. abt March 1638; bapt. 8 April 1638 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; m. 30 January 1662/3 Mary Howard at First Church, Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; d. 2 June 1678 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA, aged 39 years of small pox.

      George came from Odell, Bedfordshire, England to Charlestown, Suffolk, MA between April 1632 and 1633. He was one of the men of Charlestown who were allotted 10 acres in Malden, Middlesex, MA. He was also on the list of proprietors of Malden, Middlesex, MA. He was on the Charlestown, Suffolk, Ma tax roll in 1634/5.
      He was admitted to First Church of Charlestown on 21 December 1634 and  was admitted 17 February 1636. He signed a petition delegating to the Board of Selectmen the ordinary  business of the town 10 February 1634 (NEHGR Vol. 62)  He was listed in the census of January 1635/6. Judith passed on 10 August 1646 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA.
      George then married Margaret Bunker Nee Unknown How. He was one of seventeen who deeded land to Harvard College. The deeds in Middlesex County are dated 17 November 1654. George died in Malden , Middlesex, MA in 1664. His will was probated 4 October 1664.
      From Wyman: Genealogies & Estates Charlestown, Mass 1:150- " The most distinguished name for local reminiscence ever extant in town, he was worthy to be immortalized by a portion of his property named Bunker Hill, that shrine of American History.
      He was buried in Phipps St. Burying Ground in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA, the inscription reads: " In memory of George Bunker distinguished pioneer of Charlestown, patron of learning, died 1664- Judith Bunker, his wife, died 10 October 1646- erected by descendants of their daughter Martha Bunker Starr, 1907"
Generation Two:

John Bunker b. abt June 1630; bapt. 28 June 1630 at Odell, Bedfordshire, England; m. 16 September 1655 Hannah Mellowes at Malden Middlesex, MA; d. 10 July 1672 at Malden, Middlesex, MA, aged 42 years
Their Children:
1. Hannah b. August 1656 at Malden, Middlesex, MA; d. prob. young
2. Mary b. 29 October 1658 at Malden, Middlesex, MA; m. Jonathan Sprague; d. 30 July 1714 at Malden, Middlesex, MA, aged 56 years.
3. John b. November 1660 at Malden, Middlesex, MA;  m. 28 April 1680 Rebecca Easton at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. 17 May 1712 at Malden, Middlesex, MA, aged 48 years.
4. Edward b. abt 1662; d. abt  1690 at Malden, Middlesex, MA;
5. Joseph b. December 1665 at Malden, Middlesex, MA; d. abt 1690 at Boston, Suffolk, MA
6. Hannah b. abt 1667 at Malden, Middlesex, MA; m. 2 May 1689 Samuel Newman at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. 20 September 1752

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2. Bunker Genealogy, Descendants of James Bunker of Dover, NH, part 2, Edward Carleton Moran, Jr pp.7-11

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