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The George Allen Family- US 1635- Current

**Connected to the William Buckland Family at Joseph Bucklin (1633-1718)**
**Connected to the Joseph Kent Lineage at Nathaniel Peck**
Generation One:
George Allen- b. abt. 1581 at England; m(1) Unknown; m(2) abt. 1626 Katherine Allen Nee Unknown at England; d. April 1648 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. aged 67 years.
M(1) Children:
1. John b. 1606 at England;
2. Rose b. abt. 1609 at England; m(1) Joseph Holloway; m(2) 16 May 1648 to William Newland at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; d. bet. 1690-5 at Sandwich, Barnstable,MA.
3. Ralph b. abt 1615 at England; m. Susannah Allen Nee Unknown; d. 1698 at Sandwich, Barnstable , MA, aged 83 years
4. Robert b. abt 1617 at England; d. 15 May 1661 (committed suicide) at Rehoboth, New Bristol, MA, aged 44 years

5. George b. abt 1619 at England; m(1) abt 1645 Hannah Allen Nee Unknown; m(2) 1687  Sarah Allen Nee Unknown; d. 1693 at Sandwich, Barnstable MA, aged 74 years
6. Francis b. abt 1621 at England; m. 20 July 1662 to Mary Besse at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; d. 1698 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA, aged 77 years
M(2) Children:
7.William b. abt 1627 at England; m. 21 March 1650 to Priscilla Brown at Sandwich, Barnstable,  MA.; d. 1 October 1705 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA, aged 78 years.
8. Matthew b. abt 1629 at England; m. 8 June 1657 Sarah Kirby; d. 1695 at Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, aged 67 years.
9. Henry b. abt 1632 at England; m(1) abt 1662 Sarah Hill at Milford, New Haven, CT; m(2) Rebecca Sherwood at Stratford, Fairfield, CT.;  d. 1693 at Milford, New Haven, CT, aged 63 years
10. Samuel b. 1635;
11. Gideon b. 1637 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; m. 1670 Sarah Prudden at Milford, New Haven, CT.; 1693 at Milford, New Haven, CT

      George Allen came over  with Reverend Hull on one of the vessels. They arrived at the Massachusetts Bay Colony on 6 May 1635. Reverend John Hull was granted to settle at Wessaguscusset Plantation on 8 July 1635 by the General Court at Boston. This are is now known as Weymouth, Norfolk, MA. George's point of origin is either Somersetshire, or Dorsetshire, England. On the last known list George's age is noted as 24 years. This would be unlikely since the next eldest child is listed as 16 years.
Listed on the manifest were:      
46 George Allin, aged 24 (34?) years. 
47 Katherine Allin, his wife, aged 30 years.
48 George Allin, his son, aged 16 years.
49 William Allin, his son, aged 8 years.
50 Matthew Allin, his son, aged 6 years.
51 Edward Poole, his servant, aged 26 years.

     The family first settled at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA. They may have even lived at Saugus, Essex, MA. Around 1637 the family moved to Sandwich, Barnstable, MA.He was a farmer and made freeman on 5 March 1638/39. He was later admitted on 3 September 1639. He served as constable on 4 June 1639; surveyor of highways in 1640, and as a committeeman from 1640-1642, and 1644.

     George  died  April 1648 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. He was buried 2 May 1648, also at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA.  George's will was probated on 7 June 1648. On 8 June 1649, his widow, Katherine, furnished an inventory to the New Plymouth Court. Sometime after George passed away, Katherine married for a second time to a man named John Collins, who was a shoemaker in Boston.

Generation Two:
John Allen b. abt 1606 at Huverton, Leichester, England; m. Christian Allen Nee Unknown; d. 27 May 1690 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 84 years.
Their Children:
1. John b. abt 1637; m. remained single;d. 1723 at Swansea, Bristol, MA, aged 86 years.
2. Elizabeth b. abt 1639; m. 13 November 1674 John Fairweather at Swansea, Bristol, MA;
3. Isaac b. abt 1642; m(1) 30 May 1673 Mary Bowen at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. (2) Katherine Balcom; d. 1692 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 50 years
4. Deborah b. abt 1635; m. 5 November 1659 Joseph Bucklin at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 1 April 1720 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 85 years.
5. Daniel- b. 21 April 1648;    
     The date of John Allen's immigration is not yet proved. But I think that he and his wife, Christian, came on the Abigail in 1635. She is listed as Ann and the ages match up. This would also be the same time frame that his father's family came over with the Hull Company. We can assume that he was in Massachusetts by March of 1667 due to the following document:

"The Founding of Swansea: By this time the towns of Plymouth Colony were fairly well established. On 5 March 1667/68, the court approved that the township granted to Capr. Thomas Willet and his neighbors at Wannamoisett be called Swansea. the town leaders were Captain WIllett, Mr. Stephen Paine, Sr., Mr. James Browne, John Allen, and John Butterworth." 1 p. 100

"The selectmen of Seansea from 1669 to 1675 were: James Brown, Nicholas Tanner, John Allen, Hugh Cole, Samuel Luther, Thomas Lewis, Benjamin Alby and John Butterworth. 1675 was the year of the massacre." 3p.
     John Allen along with his youngest half-brother, Gideon, and a number of others, is said to have been one of the original founders of Swansea, Bristol, MA. John resided at Swansea. John died at Swansea on 3 May 1690. His will, which had been written on 12 March 1689, was probated before the Bristol County Court on 27 May 1690.

Abstracts of Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Records, 1687-1745 p. 2
Will of John Allen of Swansea, in his 85 th year, dtd, 12 March 1689, prob. 27 May 1690. Wife Christiam. Sons: John (eldest), Isack; Daniel Allen. Dau. Deborah Allen, Elisabeth dau. of Daniel Allen; Deborah Cole. Witns.: John Peck & Israel Peck [1:1920].
Generation Three:

Daniel Allen- b. 21 April 1648; m. 12 October 1670 Mary Dexter at Swansea, Bristol, MA
Their Children:
1. Mary- b. 17 December 1671 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. 3 January 1688/89 James Adams at Bristol, Bristol, RI
2. Elizabeth- b. 28 September 1673 at Swansea, Bristol, MA
3. Christian- b. 26 January 1674/75 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. 18 March 1695/96 Nathaniel Peck at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 8 June 1702 at Swansea, Bristol, MA.
4. Thomas- b. 13 October 1676 at Swansea, Bristol, MA
5. Sarah- b. 13 August 1678 at Swansea, Bristol, MA
6. Daniel- b. 29 August 1680 at Swansea, Bristol, MA
7. Ebenezer- b. 31 August 1682 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. Hannah Allen Nee Unknown; d. 1754 at Warren, Bristol, RI, aged 71 years.
8. John b. 6 December 1684 at Swansea, Bristol Co, MA
9. Samuel b. 16 May 1687 at Swansea, Bristol Co., MA; m. Rachel Allen NEE UNKNOWN; d. 14 October 1739 at Barrington, Bristol, RI
10. Joseph b. 21 May 1690 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. Hannah Allen NEE UNKNOWN; d. 1754 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 63 years.
1. Plymouth Colony, its history & people, 1620-1691, Eugene Aubrey Stratton
2. Abstracts of Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Records, 1687-1745, H. L. Peter Rounds
3. Cole 200-1920 A. D., Juier Arden

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