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The William Buckland Family- US 1635 to Current

**Connected to the John Barrows Family at Beniah Barrows (1683-1754)**
Generation One:
William Buckland b. abt. 1606 in England; m. bef. 1634 Mary Bosworth; d. 1683 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA, aged 77 years
Their Children:
1. Joseph b. 26 June 1633 at England
2. Lydia b. 1637
3. Benjamin b. bef. 2 July 1640 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; m. 1660 Rachel Wheatley Allen at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; d. 26 March 1676 slain  at a place called Nine Men's Misery, King Philip War.

Note from the website
      "The first author reporting on William Bucklin's emigration to New England was Charles Edward Banks, who in his books, The Winthrop Fleet of 1630, and Planters of the Commonwealth, records that William came in the Winthrop fleet of 1630. There is no regular passenger list of the passengers in the Winthrop fleet, but William's name does show up on Winthrop's journal notes, as a servant of John Plaistow, and that is what Banks uses for his report.
      Plaistow was officially "a gentleman" from Essex. Space was limited in the Winthrop fleet ships ,and only persons with the rank of noble or gentleman had space or temporary cabins on the upper deck. Winthrop's note that William was on board as a "servant" of Plaistow means that William had the privilege denied others of ready and daily access to the upper deck. Since our William Bucklin was a carpenter, he probably accompanied Plaistow as a builder rather than a menial servant.
     However, his relationship as a servant of Plaistow got William into trouble. In September, 1631, Plaistow took or stole four baskets of corn belonging to "Chickatabot," who was a Native American. (3) The Colony's Court ordered Plaistow degraded from the title of gentleman and shipped back to England, ordered Plaistow to give eight baskets of corn to Chickatabot, and ordered Plaistow to pay a fine of five English pounds to the Colony. Since William and Thomas Andrew were Plaistow's servants, subject to his orders, they merely were whipped for being accessories. The next ship back to England did not depart until after the spring brought more ships coming to New England. The records show Plaistow was sent back to England by June of 1632, and his land and possessions being sold to settle debts he had owed to others in the Colony.. So if William came to America In 1630 with Plaistow, he must have returned once to England."

      William Buckland came over on the Elizabeth Dorcas in 1634 with his wife, Mary, their son, Joseph, and Mary's parents, the Bosworth's. The family first settled in Hingham, Plymouth, MA. He had land on the north side of Otis (Weary-All) hill. In 1635 the house lot was near the old railroad station located in West Hingham, Plymouth, MA. In 1666, he owned land at Broad Cove.

      The Rehoboth Town Meeting Records of one of their first meetings (February 1, 1645), tell us, ". . . At the same time the way to William Buckland's house is agreed on by those partyes which it doth conform." So we know that probably at least by the fall of 1644, Bucklin had built a house on the land, and maintained his ownership of the land against the later arrivals/ William's house stood in the area of the 1641 property deal made with Native Americans by John Hazels

       About 1655 or so the family moved to Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. There William served as grand jury man, 19 May 1656, and constable, 25 May 1657. From the Rehoboth Propriety Records Book 2 p. 81, William drew lot #46. He was freeman on February 12, 1657.

Other properties belonging to William Bucklin:
1. 600 acres bought of Edward Smith, bounded on Pawtucket River on West and unto a run that comes from the Cedar Swamp on the East.
2. 4 acres of fresh meadow near house, bounded with a river on the East.
3.. 4 acres of salt and fresh meadow bounded with the Pawtucket River on the west.
4. 33 acres of upland butting upon the Pawtucket on west, land of Thomas Cooper on East.
5. 1 1/2 acres Pawtucket River on West.
6. 2 1/2 acres same range with John Reade.
7. 6 acres of land that was John Millards and six acres that was Widow Walkers.
8. One Plaine lott- 22 acres on East side of greate plaine
9. One lott on East side of Plaine, 10 acres, River to East, highway to west.
10. One lott on East side of Plaine, 10 acres.
11. 16 acres "I had in the last division of land, 10 acres I exchanged with Jonathan Bliss.
12. 2 Plaine lotts which I had of Jonathan Bliss in exchange, 12 acres.
13. A piece of fresh meadow, 2 acres

     William sold land in Hingham on May 25, 1661. He had 12 acres of upland in Wachamoket Neck. On 22 October 1680, he received land laid  for highway to the Salt water for cattle to go to drink. William Bucklin died in 1683. The only record of the death is in the Rehoboth Vital Record Death Book, Volume One, page 56, which only says "buried September 1, 1683."

Generation Two:
Joseph Bucklin- b. 26 June 1633 at England; m. 5 November 1659 Deborah Allen at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 26 March 1718 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 84 years.
Their Children:
1. Deborah b. 16 September 1660 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; 6 May 1681 Hugh Cole at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
2. Joseph b. 10 February 1663 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 30 June 1691 at Mehitable Sabin at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 28 July 1729 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 66 years.
3. Barak b. 1 August 1666 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 9 April 1689 Alice Woodcock at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; 7 February 1739 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA, aged 72 years.
4. John b. 10 May 1668 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 20 June 1677 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. aged 9 years.
5. James b. 3 July 1669 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 2 October 1708 Mary Yields at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 9 September 1738 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 69 years.
6. Isaac b. 31 January 1672 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 3 January 1698 Mary Marsh at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 85 years
7. Matthew b, 16 September 1674 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. died young
8. Nehemiah b. 16 September 1676 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. May 1677 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 7 mos.
9. Nehemiah b. 31 March 1678 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 7 February 1705 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 26 years.
10. Lydia b. 5 September 1680 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 13 August 1706 Beniah Barrows at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 28 January 1725 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA, aged 44 years.

1. Bosworth Genealogy, Mary Bosworth
2. Rehoboth Vital Records

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