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The John Witt Family- US 1639 - Current

**Connected to the Jacob Barney Family at Jacob Barney (1630-1693) **

Generation One:
John Witt- b. abt. 1620; m (1) unknown; m (2) Sarah Witt Nee Unknown; d. 2 December 1675 at Lynn Essex, MA, aged 55 years
M(1) Children:
1. Ann- b. abt. 1639 at Lynn, Essex, MA; m. 26 April 1660 Jacob Barney at Salem, Essex, MA; d. 17 March 1701 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. aged 62 years.
2. Elizabeth (Hester) - b.abt 1640 at Lynn, Essex, MA; m. 26 December 1683 Ebenezer Hart.
3. Sarah- abt 1642 at Lynn, Essex, MA; m. Ephraim Potter;
4. Mary- b. abt 1645; m.6 June 1666 Samuel Stocker at Lynn, Essex, MA
5. John- b. abt 1651 at Lynn, Essex, MA; m. 14 June 1676 Elizabeth Baker at Lynn, Essex, MA
M(2) Children:
6. Martha= b. 5 March 1659 at Lynn, Essex, MA; m. 20 November 1676 Samuel Kimball at Wenham, Essex, MA
7. Thomas- b. 25 July 1661 at Lynn, Essex, MA; m. 25 February 1685 Bathia Potter at Lynn, Essex, MA; d. 28 January 1690 at Lynn, Essex, MA
8. Ebenezer- b. 6 April 1665 at Lynn, Essex, MA; d. 30 June 1665 at Lynn, Essex, MA

     John Witt was in Lynn by 1640. The name of his first wife is not known. His second wife was Sarah Witt Nee Unknown.

Estate of John, Witt, Sr., of Lynn
“This is the Last will & testament of John witt senior of Lynn in the Countye of Essex written the twelvth daye of September, Ano: Domni 1675: whoe being sicke, & weake of bodye, but good memorye, & understanding. Imp: I bequeath my bodye to the earth & my spirit to the Lord that have it It: I give to my daughter Ann Barnitt, five shillings she having received her portion already. It: I give to my Daughter Elizabeth five shillins shee also having received her portion alreaddye. It: I give to my daughter Sarah six pounds to bee paid to her with in two years after my deseace- It: I give unto my daughter Marye twentye pounds to bee paide unto her with in three years after my deseace but in case shee shall marrye, sooner, then it, to bee pd: at her marryage It: I give unto my daughter Martha, twenye pounds to bee paid , unto her (in) four years after my deseace, but id she shall marrye Sooner, then it to bee paid her, at her marryage. It: I give unto my son John witt, my now dwelling house & house Lott with all my housing uppon it to him his heires & assignes for ever, with all Comons, Libertyes, & prvilidges what soe ever be Longing there unto (viz) to take posseion until his said mothers death, & then possesse it. It: I give to my Son Thomas witt, all my Land by the meeting house which I bought of Mr. King with all commons, Livertyes & privlidges that soe be Longing there unto, to him, his heires, & assignes for ever & alsoe ten acres of my marsh ground this being to bee understood that I hereby doe give unto my afforesd son John witt all the rest of my marsh ground & doe refer unto the overseers of this my will the layeing out for my Son Thomas Witt (yt sd) ten acres of my marsh indifferentlye they having an eye to goodnesse & nadnesse of my marsh the convenience & inconveniencye soe yet neither of my sons maye be wronged & hee the said Thomas to have possession of his whole guift both upkand & marsh ground at the death of his now mother.

“It: I give unto my wife Sarah the use of all my affore said houses Lands & marsh ground with all there appurtenances & privilidges as above said to improve her best advantage during all the tyme shee shall remaine my widow. It: I give unto my affore sd wife all my Catles & Living stocke of all sorts to gether with debts due to mee, & also all my moveable estate both within dored & without to be at her dispose for (her) owne Comfortable Livelyhood during the tyme shee shall remain my widow & if shee shall dye my widow then shee is to dispose of what part of my moveable estate maybe bee then Left to all, my children in general, or (to) which of them she pleases but if she shall marry with any man Then my will is & I do here by empower my Son John witt to enter possession upon two thirds of my housing Lands & marsh grounds as abodes to be disposed as abused, I hereby giving to my wife one thirst part of ally houses Lands & marsh ground as above said during her natural loge. Alsoe my will is yet if my wife Sarah shall marrye againe, that before shee doe marrye, she doe devide all my moveable estate as above sd which then may be Left, amongst all my children in general )as shee pleases & doe hereby impower my son John, with the overseers of this my will, to see it be done: It: I bequeath to my grandchild Hester witt one ewe Lamb. It: my will is that in Case any of my children shall dye before the tyme the shall received the respective Legacyes as above aid then their Legacyes to bee paid to their brethren or brother aboved if Living. It: My will is that where as there are severall Legacyes to be paid as aboved & alsoe: ten pounds to be paid by mee to my Grandchild Hester witt, as it being soe willed by her father Jonathan witt: that soe much of it as shall bee due to bee paide during ye tyme my estate in generall shall bee in my wifes hands as aboved, she shall paye it out of the moveable estate but soe much of it as maye not bee due to bee paide whiles the tyme of the deseace or marryage of my wife Sarah with some other man as aforesd My two sons John: & Thomas Witt shall paye it after this proportion to my son: John Thirtye five pounds & my son Thomas fifitenn pounds & that upon this sonderacon yt I have given ym all my housing Lands & marsh ground , as above sd this being to bee understood, that how far short that which my Sons: John & Thomas maye paye of it shall be of fiftye pounds the shall make it up fifitye pounds to be paid to her dispose of. It: I make my wife Sarah my Lawfull: Executrix Last I doe desire & apoynt my Loveing friends John Burrell, Nathaniel Kertland senior & Matthew Farington to be overseers of this my will. In: witt whereof I have put my hands this being to be understood to be the meaning of that fiftye in the interline next before where I make my wife executrix that iff my sons shall paye one of ye 10th: nor of the Legacyes absolved then John: shall paye to the assigns or assignee of his mother 35th & Thomas 15th: but if the shall paye ay part of it by soe much the shall deduct & the time of the payment is at their mothers frath.”
John (his mark) witt Senior
Witness: Andrew Mansfield, Joseph Mansfield, Deborah (her mark) Mansfield.
Proved in Ipswich court 28 March 1676 by Andrew and Joseph Mansfield.

Inventory of the estate of John Witt, Sr. of Lynn, deceased 2 December 1675. Taken 14 December 1675 by John Fuller and Andrew Mansfield:
      weareing Apparill, Lyning & woolen 2 li. 15s; Bed Coverings, 2 li. 2 s; five pare of sheets, 5 li. 10s; fether Bed, 1 boulster, 3 pilloes, 6 li.; fether bed with other Bedding, 8 li. 1 s; more Bedding 1 li., 4s; Bedsetead 1 li. 10 s; Table Carpitt, Table lining 3 li., 2 s; Lining Cloth 4 li., 1s; woolen Cloth 3 ;li. 17 s 6 6d; Flax , woole, 3 li. 12 s; Puter &Tinn ware 3 li., 11 s 2 d; Iron & Brass potts & kettles pestile & morter & posnets 2 li. 1s. 6d.; Fryeing pan 2 Hakes. 1 Grid iron, 1 spit, 1 pr, tongs, 2 li. 4s.; 1 spade, 3 aces, 1 Hamer, 1 hooe, Mattake, 1 Hetchell & haye Hooke, 1 li. 3s. 6d: Armes & ammunition 1 li. 10 s; chest, Boxres, cheres & Fann,, 1 li., 16 s; Bookes, 1 li.; English & Indian Corne, 14 li. 6s; Neate catle & sheep, 57 li. 12s; swine Flesh, 11 li. 2s; Tobaccoe, 2 li.; Carts, plows, chains, yoks & Apurtenances 4 li. 12 s; Butter, cheese & Beefe, 3 li., 10 s; spinning wheels, woole cards, smoothing iron, 12 s 6 d.; Syder, chee press, chese fats 3 li., 6s 6d; Pailes, Doe tub & some Lumber 18 s.; 1 Horse, 2 li.; A Loom for to eave in, slead & Harniss & C., 5 li.; grinfle stone syths & sickels. 1 li.; moneys 1 li. 4s; The house lott, 6 acres in estimation with ye housing & orchard upon it. 160 li.; 5 acres by the meeting house with the orchard upon it 21 li.; marsh ground, 115li; total 472 li. 7s, Due to the estate in moneys, 5 li. Debts due from the estate 2 li. 6s.

Attested in Ipswich court 28 March 1676 by Sarah Witt widow and executrix

Essex County Probabte Files, Docket 30, 221.

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