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The Joseph Peck Family- US 1638 - Current

**Connected to the Jacob Barney Family Lineage at Martin Barney b. 22 April 1733**
Generation One:
Joseph Peck- b. abt. April 1587 at Beccles, Suffolk, England; bapt. 30 April 1587 at Beccles, Suffolk, England; m(1) 21 May 1617 Rachel Clark at Hingham, England; m(2) Unknown; d. 23 December 1663 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 77 years.
M(1) Children:
1. Anne b. abt March 1617; bapt. 12 March 1617-18 at Hingham, England; d. 7 July 1636 at Hingham, England.
2. Rebecca b. abt May 1620 at Hingham, England; bapt. 25 May 1620 at Hingham, England;
3. Joseph b. abt Aug 1623 at Hingham, England; baptized 23 August 1623 at Hingham, England;
4. John b. abt 1626; m (1) Elizabeth Peck Nee Unknown (buried 9 December 1667); m (2) Elizabeth Peck Nee Unknown (buried 21 April 1687); m (3) Rebecca Peck Nee Unknown; d. 1713, aged 87 years
5. Nicholas b. abt April 1630 at Hingham, England; bapt. 9 April 1630 at Hingham, England; m (1) Mary Winchester; m (2) Rebeccah Peck Nee Unknown; d. 27 May 1710 aged 80 years
M (2) Children:
6. Samuel b. February 1638-9 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; m (1) Sarah Peck Nee Unknown; m (2) 21 November 1677 Rebecca Hunt
7. Nathaniel b. October 1641 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA;
8. Israel b. March 1644 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; bapt. 4 March 1644 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; m 15 July 1670 Bethiah Bosworth; d. 2 September 1723, aged 79 years.

     Joseph came in 1638 with his brother, Rev. Robert Peck. They were fleeing the persecution of the puritan religion in England. He arrived on the Diligent of Ipswich mastered by John Martin. The town clerk, Daniel Cushing, of the town of Hingham, Plymouth, MA wrote : “Mr. Joseph Peck and his wife with three sons and a daughter and two men servants, and three maid servants, came from Old Hingham , and settled at New Hingham. His first wife Rachael died in Hingham, England about October 1637 and was buried there 24 October 1637. The name of his second wife is not known.

The records of 1638 state that : “Mr. Joseph Peck received a grant of seven acres of land, for a house lot, next to Robert Peck his brother; he also received other grants of land.”

     The family lived there at Hingham, Plymouth, MA for about seven years. At Hingham he was Representative to the General Court in 1639- 1642. He also took an interest in the business of the town. He was one of the selectmen, justice of the peace and an assessor. In 1641, he was one of the principal purchasers of Seekonk, Bristol, MA. The tract of land was originally called Seacunk by the Indians. Later this area was incorporated into Rehoboth town. At first it was called eight miles square but later was to be at ten. Now this area is part of Rehoboth, Seekonk, and Pawtucket. The family moved there in 1645.

In the records of Rehoboth the records note:
“ Another strange accident happened by fire about this time. Mr. Joseph Peck, and three others of Hingham, being about to remove to Seeconk, (which concluded by the Commissioners of the United colonies to belong to Plymouth,) riding thither they sheltered themselves and their horses in the Indian wigwam, which by some occasion took fire, and (although there were four in it, and labored to their utmost burnt three of their horses to death, and all their goods, to the value of fifty pounds.” 1. P. 15

     In Seekonk, Joseph appears on record as managing “its affairs” until his elder years. His name appears on the Plymouth Colonial records as well. He was appointed to assist in matters of controversy at court. He was administering marriage in 1650. In 1651, he was appointed to determine “all controversies, not exceeding a certain amount.” He was also appointed to administer oaths and to issue warrants.

     He was considered to be one of the wealthiest men. In the purchase of the town and the apportionment of tax, there was only one who paid more than him. After the first purchase of the town, he bought other rights that made him a large owner. Joseph’s house was in the plain of the northern part called the “Ring of the Town”. The location was near the junction of the present Pawtucket and the old Boston and Bristol road. Near what was the depot of the Boston Providence Railroad as it went across the plain. Joseph lived there until his death on 23 December 1663.

His will:

“Know all men by these presents that I joseph Peck Senr of Rehoboth do ordain and make this my last will and testament in manner and form following

Item- I give and bequeath unto my son joseph all my lands and medows lying and being near unto the River called Palmers River to him and his heirs forever
Item- I give unto him my old black mare and my great chist in the parlor.
Item- I give unto my son john my house and lands which I purchased of joseph Torrey and half of the meddow betwixt Mr. Newman and mee on the other side of the new meddow river to him and his heirs forever. Also I give unto him my chist in the hall.
Item- I give and bequeath unto my son Nicholas all my meddow at the hundred acres and the meddow called bushey meddow and all my medows on the north side of the town to last him and his heirs forever.
Item- I give and bequeath unto my son Samuell my house where I know dwell with all the houses standing there. The outywards and all my house lott and all my land in the second Division and my Plaine lotts excepting half my furthest which I give unto my son Nicholas; and also I give unto him my meddow called chessbrooks meddow and also my salt marsh att broad cove To him and his heirs forever
Item- I give unto my sons Nathaniel and Israel all my lands which I purchased of John Adams and Mr. Bradford with the meddow called the long beach which is Mr. Newman and mee, and all my meddow at Squamquammett which is betwixt John Allin and mee; and olso my meddow at Papasquash betwixt John Allen and mee to them and their heirs forever.
Item- I give my use of the meddow att Kekemuett unto John Pecke my son and also my lands att Wackemauquate I give unto my sonnes Joseph and Nicholas to be equally devided betwixt them
Item- I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Bubbert thirty pounds in such pay as can be raised out of the goods I shall leave be paid by my Executors within one year after my decease and also I give unto her my wifes best cloak and one fine Pillowbeer and my Damask Napkin.
Item- I give unto my son Samuell my silver beaker and two silver spoons and one gould RInge which his mothers and also one paire of fine Holland Sheets and one Diaper Tablecloth and six Diaper Napkins 2 fine pillow beares and the feather bed and bolster and pillow and two Blanketts whereon I lye my second Rugg with some small linnene in my Trunk in the parlor which I also give unto him and the other chist under the window in the parlor and my best curtains and curtain rodds.
Item- I give unto my son Nathaniel my biggest silver cup and gould RInge two solver spoons my best feather bed one bolster two Blankets the Rugg that no lyeth upon mee my trunk in the parlour chamber my round table three Diaper napkins one long table cloth betwixt Israell and him.
Item- I give unto Israell my son my silver salt 2 silver spooins my two bedd teekes with the bolsters the old flocke bed two blankettts my best coverlid one bolster one pillow two pillowbears also unto Nathaniel one pillow 2 pillowbears.
Item- I give unto Israell ten of my best eves and my sorrelled mare two of my best cowes and my bull and my segg and three Diaper napkins
Item- I give unto my son Joseph five ewes and to my son Samuel my two oxen called Bucke and Duke and two cowes my card and one of my little Plowes one chain with the copses for the card and I give unto Nathaniel two steeres and two cowes.
Item- I give unto Nathaniel the feather bed which he hath already and my best Rugg and unto my son John I give the feather bed and bolster which he already hath and 40s to buy him a rug and to Israell I give the two little chists in the chamber and his mothers little trunke and unto my son Samuel I give my Bedstead in the parlour chamber
Item- I give unto my son Joseph my gould Ringe and unto John and Nicholas my two silver wine cupps- My mind is that my three younder sonnes should have each three platters and all the rest of my pewter should be equally between my six sonnes and all my apparel I give unto my three elder sonnes and all my PPeewl I give unto my three elder sonnes and all my wifes Apparrell I give unto my three youngest sonnes to bee equally divided betwixt them.
Item- I give and bequeath all the rest of my goods cattles & chattels my debts and legacies being payed and my body brought to the grave unto my six sonnes equally to be divded amongst them the youngest and weakest to have as good a share as the eldest and the strongest dsireing Mr. Newman and my brother Thomas Cooper to be the supervisors of this my Testament and last will and do ordaine my son Nicholas and my son Samuell the executors of this my last will desiring the Lord to guide theire hartes to do all according unto my intent heer sett down.
The last wil & Testament of mee Joseph Pecke written with my own hand.

A further Amplyfication of our fathers will upon his death bed. Which was not expressed in his written will.

Item- hee gave to his son Joseph half his meddow that hee purchased of Mr. Bradford lying on the further side of the new Meddow River: to his son John thirty five ponds of common: to his son Samuel two huindred and fifty pounds of common to his son Nathaniel two hundred pounds of common. These gifts were given to them and their heirs forever moreover our father added to his daughter hubbert ten piunds more than was sett downe in his written will.
Item- that Nathaniel and Israell shall have equal share of labor with them upon the land. It was further expressed by him that seeing those oxen expressed in his will that was given to his three younder sons was disposed of before his death that those younge oxen and sterres that are coming on in theire romes should bee made choice of by them in manor as follweth his son Samuel first choosing his son Israell next and Nathaniel last It was his will also that those two mares which were given to his sonnes Joseph and Israel being not extant that Joseph should have his old mare and Israell his young mare instead of the other- further whereas our father give to his sonnes Joseph five sheep and Israell ten they also being sold before our fathers death wee have agreed that they shall have in calculation as they should which was nine shillings a piece.
This we own to be our fathers will expressed by him unto us when he was in perfect memory which we owne as his proper will and desire.
In witness whereof wee have ett to our hands
Witness hiereof
Stephen Paine, Joseph Pecke,
Thomas Cooper John Pecke
John Reed Nicholas Pecke
Samuel Pecke
Natheniell Pecke
Israell Pecke
This will is recorded upon the old Plymouth Colony Records, Book of Wills, 2d part, Vol. 2d, Folio 12.
Generation Two:
Nathaniel Peck- b. abt October 1641 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; bapt. 31 October 1641 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; m. Deliverance Bosworth; d. 12 August 1676 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. Aged 34 years.
Their children:
1. Nathaniel b. 26 July 1670 at Swansea, Bristol, MA
2. Daughter b. abt 1672;
3. Elisha b. 19 April 1675; d. 30 April 1675

     Nathaniel moved to what is now Barrington, Bristol, RI near was the residence of Ellis Peck, Esq. The lands were part of those purchased by the proprietors of Osamequin and his son Wamsetta. The record of deed was know by the name Poppanomscut, Phebe;s Neck, Sowames or Sowamsit. The location of the deed is at the town clerk at Warren, Bristol,  RI dated 29 March 1653, B. 1, pg 9, where their location and division into lots may be learned. The land is now parts of Bristol, Warren, Swansey, Rehoboth, and Barrington.

“The lands given to Nathaniel and Israel but their father remained undivided the most of them at least, until after the sons of Nathaniel became of age. They are referred to upon the proprietors’ records , first after the decease of Nathaniel, as the lands of Israel and the heirs of Nathaniel; and afterwards, as the lands of Nathaniel and his uncle Israel. Upon the proprietors’ records, January 1698-9 B. 1, p. 72, may be found the division of their lands, some lying at Keelunuet, Scamscammuck, Chachapoucoset and other places.” 1 p. 203

     Nathaniel and Deliverance died early. He died 12 August 1676 and she 1 May 1675. The court appointed Jonathan Bosworth and Samuel Peck on 1 November 1676 to administer upon the estate of Nathaniel Peck “there being two children, a son and a daughter. The Court ordered that the son should have double that of the daughter, and that the estate remain undivided until they become of age, or until they choose their own guardians.”

Generation Three:
Nathaniel Peck- b. 26 July 1670 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m (1) 8 March 1695-6 Christian Allen at Swansea, Bristol, A; m (2) 18 July 1705 Judith Smith; d. 5 August 1751, aged 81 years.
M(1) Children:
1. Ebenezer b. 24 April 1697at Swansea, Bristol, MA; bapt. 26 September 1703; d. abt 16 June 1724, aged 27 years
2. Nathaniel b. 10 July 1699; bapt. 26 September 1703
3. Thomas b. 4 October 1700 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; bapt. 26 September 1703; m. January 1729 Deliverance May; d. 5 April 1763, aged 62 years.
M(2) Children:
4. Daniel b. 28 July 1706; 13 April 1707
5. David b. November 1707; bapt. 17 April 1709; m. 20 September 1744 Sarah Humphrey; d. 4 March 1771, aged 62 years
6. Abigail b. 12 August 1709; m. Mathew Pratt
6. Bathsheba b. 15 January 1710-11; d. 13 December 1769, aged 59 years
7. Soloman b. 11 November 1712; bapt. 23 July 1714; m. 29 December 1737 Keziah Barnes; d. 8 December 1776
8. John b. 1 July 1714; d. 23 July 1714, aged 22 days
9. John b. 29 February 1716; d. 14 May 1716, aged 3 mos.

His tombstone in Barrington reads:

“In Memory of Deacon Nathaniel Peck who departed this life on ye 5th day of August 1751 in ye 82nd year of his age. The righteous shall be had in everlasting rememberance.”

Generation Four:

Nathaniel Peck- b. 10 July 1699 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; bapt. 26 September 1703; m. 14 January 1724 Alice Fish at Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island; d. 5 August 1756 at Fort Edward.
Their Children:
1. Thomas b. 11 January 1726-7;
2. Mary b. 1 December 1728; m. Allen Jacobs
3. Comfort b. 26 May 1731; m (1) Hannah Barney; m (2) Kesiah Peck; m (3) Ruth Saunders; d. 29 May 1814, aged 83 years
4. Christian b. 25 August 1733
5. Abigail b. 11 September 1735; m. 14 August 1755 Martin Barney at Swansea, Bristol, MA
6. Peleg b. 8 April 1741; m. 27 November 1760 Esther Barney

     He moved to the south easterly part of Seekonk. The land is near what is known as Major Monroe’s and the farm is on an area the Doctor Hutchin’s place. He was called Lieutenant.

His will was dated 8 May 1756 and found in the Taunton Records B, 15, p. 107.
“ He gives to his wife the use of the best rooms in his Mansion house, with a privilege in the kitchen. He gives her the privilege of keeping a cow and horse, winter and summer, and whatever else she may choose to keep so long as she remains his widow.
He also gives her 20 lbs. of flax and 15 lbs. of wool yearly; also all his indoor movables, on horse, and one cow. He requires his son Comfort to provide for her ten bushels of Indian corn, five bushels of rye, two hundred weight of pork and one hundred weight of beef yearly, so long as she shall remain his widow. He also gives her his negro girl slave, named Rose. He gives his daughter, Mary Jacobs, wife if Allen Jacobs, 5 pounds 13 shillings and 4 pence to his daughters Abagail Barney, wife o f Martin Barney, 5 pounds 13 shillings and 4 pence. He gives five sheep to his beloved grandson Nathaniel Peck and three to his granddaughter Mary Jacobs. He divides his lands and common rights among his three sons , Thomas, Comfort & Peleg; giving Comfort the homestead. He makes Comfort and his wife executor and executrix. His inventory, which is upon the records at Taunton, B. 15, p. 207 is lengthy. Among the property named is one negro man about 70 or 80 years, one negro woman, almost 40 years old, appraised at 13 pounds 6 shillings and 8 pence. One negro girl about 8 years old, appraised at 20 pounds. One mulatto boy, about 13 years old, bound as an apprentice until 21 years of age."
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