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The Edward Bosworth Family- U.S. 1634 to current

Dunbar Lineage
**Connected to the William Buckland Family Lineage at William Buckland (1606-1683) **
Connected to the Lathrop Family Lineage at Barnabas Lathrop b. 25 Feb 1757 (Dunbar)**
**Connected to the Joseph Peck Family Lineage at Nathaniel Peck b. bef. 31 October 1641**

Generation One:
Edward Bosworth- b. about 1586 in England; m. 1611 Mary Bosworth Nee Unknown; d. abt. 5 August 1634 at Boston Harbor, MA
Their Children:
1. Mary b. abt. 1611; m. William Buckland; abt 29 July 1687
2. Jonathan b. 1613
3. Benjamin b. 1615; m (1) unknown; m (2) Beatrice Nee Unknown Josselyn
4. Nathaniel b. 4 September 1617; m. Bridget Bellamy

     Edward and his family, Mary and three children including the son-in-law, sailed on the Elizabeth Dorcas in the spring of 1634. Jonathan had already immigrated a few years prior and was living in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA. Edward never made it onto land. The Elizabeth Dorcas lost sixty passengers before docking. Many of the bodies having been c buried at sea. Edward died as the ship was sailing into Boston Harbor.

From the Diary of Samuel Sewall (Vol. 3, page 396):
      Edward Bosworth, the Father, being ready to dye ask’d to be carried upon Deck, that he might see Canaan. When he had seen the Land he resigned his Soul and dyed: was carried ashoar and buried at Boston.

“On 5 August 1634, it was “ordered that such monies shall be laid out for r the maintenance of Widow Bosworth & her family, shall be paid again by the Treasurer {MBCR 1:23}. On 7 July 1634, in “consideration of money disbursed by Mr. Henry Seawell for the transportation of Edward Bosworth & his family, it is ordered that Jonathan Bosworth shall pay to Mr. Seawall the sum of £5 upon the 29th of September next; Will[ia]m Buckland £5 on the said 29th of September; Nathanaell Bosworth 50s. at the said day, & 50s. more that day twelve month’ & Benjamyn Bosworth 30s. on the said 29th of September, and £3 10s. at midsummer next; all these sums to be paid to the said Mr. Seawall” [MBCR 1:152].

Generation Two:
Jonathan Bosworth b. 1613 in England; m. Elizabeth Bosworth Nee Unknown; d. 3 January 1688 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 75 years
Their Children:
1. Jonathan b. 1636 at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA;
2. Elizabeth b. abt 18 November 1638; m. 6 September 1661 Peter Brackett; d. 30 November 1686. aged 48 years
3. Rebeckah b. abt February 1641 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; m. abt 1660 Nicholas Peck; 2 November 1704 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, 63 years
4. Bethiah b. abt January 1644 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; m. 16 July 1670 Israel Peck at Swansea, Bristol, MA; d. 4 April 1718, 73 years
5. Mary b. abt 18 April 1647 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; m. 1673 John Cobleigh
6. Deliverance b. 4 August 1650 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; m. 1669 Nathaniel Peck; d. 30 April 1675 at Swansea, Bristol, MA, aged 24 years
7. Joseph b. abt. 1652 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA; m. 10 February 1680 Esther Smith; d. aft May 1694 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. aged 42 years
8. Bathsheba b. abt 1654; m. 1684 Benjamin Jones d. 17 September 1740 at Bristol, Bristol, RI, 86 years.

Other possible children listed with known: Benjamin, and Mehitable, 4 Apr. 1647; Mary, 18 Apr. 1647; Nathaniel, and Jeremiah, 29 July 1649; Hannah, 14 July 1650; Deliverance, b. 4 Aug. 1650; Joseph, b apt. June, 1652; Bellamy, 19 Nov. 1654; Edward, 29 May 1659; and Bridget, 19 Aug. 1660; thence, 1669, to Swanzey, tho. Lincoln says Rehoboth, wh. was prob. a prior stage in 1661

      Jonathan Bosworth was born in England about 1613. There was a deposition in June 1639 that has his age at 26 years. He came to Cambridge, MA, records as early as 1633.

From the Great Migration:
“He was granted one rood for a cowyard in Cambridge on 5 August 1633. He was also granted a lot of two acres in the West End on 4 August 1634, A rant of proportional share of one-half in meadow ground on 20 August 1635. In Cambridge land inventory on 10 October 1635 Jonathan Bosworth held three parcels: one house with backside about two acres in the West End; one rood in Cowyard Row; and two acres on Small Lot Hill,”

     Jonathan was the brother-in- law of William Bucklin, and when William Bucklin migrated in 1634 ship, Jonathan moved near William Bucklin. On 3 April 1636 and July 1637 there were several parcels of land and meadow given to Jonathan Bosworth by the town of Hingham, Plymouth, MA. They were a house lot of two acres of land, a great lot of ten acres of land lying upon the Great Plain, a house lot of five acres of land, and one acre of fresh meadow. There were no deeds when he sold his land in Hingham before 1640 but the subsequent owner described the land has have been formerly owned by Jonathan Bozworth. He moved to Rehoboth. He was a tailor. He took an oath of fidelity at Rehoboth in 1658. He is listed as a freeman in March 1683/4 in Rehoboth.

     On 18 April 1661 Jonathan Bosworth, Sr., of Rehoboth sold twelve acres of land (purchased from Joseph Phippen) and one acre of fresh meadow (his by grant) in Hingham to Daniel Cushing [SLR 8:150].The land was on Bachelor (Main) Street in Hingham, Plymouth, MA, near the corner of South Street.

      Jonathan probably gave a proprietary right at Rehoboth to his son-in-law John Cobley, who received one whole share in the North Purchase of Rehoboth, 10 April 1666: "John Cobley, one whole share that he had of his father Jonathan Bosworth" [Early Rehoboth 1:41]. On 20 April 1666, "Jonathan Bosworth, Sr., of Rehoboth, tailor," deeded his house and lot in Rehoboth, purchased of "his brother Benjamin," to Stephen Paine [PCLR 3:2:224]. On 26 May 1668 Jonathan Bosworth was twenty-fifth of those drawing meadowlands in the North Purchase and he was sixty-sixth at the 18 March 1668/9 drawing [Bosworth Gen 69].

      On 26 May 1672 "Jonathan Woodcock of Rehoboth" sold to "Jonathan Bosworth Sr. of Rehoboth" an acre of fresh meadow at the Mill Run [Bosworth Gen 69, citing original deed, apparently unrecorded]. On 28 May 1672, Rehoboth granted "Goodman Bozworth Senr." a small tract of land against his meadow on the neck, provided he leave a sufficient passable way from the bridge..." [Rehoboth TR].

      On 20 February 1678[/9] William Buckland of Rehoboth deeded to Jonathan Bosworth Sr. of Rehoboth a twelve-acre lot of upland in Wachamoket Neck and Joseph Buckland of Rehoboth sold Jonathan twenty-six acres of upland at the same place [Bosworth Gen 70, citing original deed].

       In a list of Rehoboth possessions, "Jonathan Bozworth" owned: "my house lot containing twenty acres..., fifteen acres of land in Wachamoket Neck..., twelve acres and ten rods of upland at Wachamoket Neck..., twenty-six acres of land at Wachamoket Neck..., one acre of land ... near the bridge ... and one acre of meadow ... which I purchased of John Wodcok Sen" [Bosworth Gen 70-71, citing Rehoboth Proprietors' Records 2:128].

     Jonathan Bosworth Sr. and Samuel Peck were made administrators of the estate of Nathaniel Peck on 1 November 1676, and Jonathan was appointed administrator of the estate of John Cobley on 1 March 1680/1 [PCR 5:212, 6:55, 56, 73].

     On 30 December 1680, Jonathan Bozworth and wife Elizabeth Bozworth deeded to Joseph Bozworth "half of my house lot with the east end of my dwelling house and half my barn and two lots adjoining in Wathchamositt Neck..., excepting that part that the highway cuts off which is six or eight acres ... and another which was Jacob Amesbury's," also two cows "fair with calf and the use of the teams to do his work and mine so long as I shall see cause or til he hath of his own ... but for his brother Jonathan he shall have nothing to do with anything I have except he decline from that opinion of the Anabaptists which he now holds ..." [PCR 5:137].

    On 8 March 1686 Jonathan received another grant of meadowlands at the North Purchase. Jonathan Bosworth died 3 January 1687/8 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. In his will, dated 24 February 1686/7 and evidently never brought to court (but found among ancient papers in a Barrington, Rhode Island, attic).

     "Jonathan Bozworth Senior" of Rehoboth "being weak and aged" bequeathed to "my dear and beloved wife" the use and improvement of the rooms of my house that I now dwell in with the one half of my barn, orchard and homelot, and other lands not disposed of for her natural life, also all my household goods and corn and cattle to be at my decease "wholly at her dispose"; to "my eldest son Jonathan" 5s. to be paid by my son Joseph "I having already given him a good portion of lands and other estate to a good value: more than I was able"; to "my son Joseph" the other end of my house and the one half of my barn and orchard and houselot and lands in Wachamoket Neck "of which I have formerly given him an instrument" do hereby confirm, also the other half to him at my wife's death; to "my daughter Rebeka Peck" 5s.; to "my daughter Bethia Peck" £5 [perhaps should be 5s.]; to "my daughter Batsheba" 5s.; son Joseph to pay all legacies; "my dear wife" executrix and "my son Joseph" executor [Bosworth Gen 73-74, citing unrecorded original will].

Generation Three:
Jonathan Bosworth b. 1634 at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; m. 6 July 1661 Hannah Howland at Swansea, Bristol, MA; d. 1717 at Rehoboth, Plymouth, MA, aged 81 years
Their Children:
1. Mercy b. 30 May 1662 at Swansea, Bristol, MA
2. Hannah b. 5 November 1663 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. 4 November 1686 Nathaniel Jencks; 1723, aged 59 years
3. Elizabeth b. 6 June 1665 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; d. 31 July 1676, aged 11 years
4. Jonathan b. 24 December 1666 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; d. abt 16 July 1676. aged 9 years
5. David b. 15 September 1669 at Swansea, Bristol, MA
6. John b. 6 April 1671 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. Elizabeth Toogood
7. Jabez b. 14 February 1673 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. Susannah Bosworth Nee Unknown
8. Ichabod b. 18 March 1676 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m (1) Sarah Stacy; m (2) Mary Bosworth Nee Unknown
9. Jonathan b. 22 September 1680 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. Sarah Rounds

     Jonathan was born 1634 at Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts. There are some noted that he may have been born the next year in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts as were most of his siblings. He married Hannah Howland on 6 July 1661 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, the vital records of Swansea has a listing of their intentions.) They had nine children. He died about 1717 at Rehoboth, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Generation Four:
David Bosworth b. 15 September 1669 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m (1) 18 August 1698 Mercy Sturtevant; m (2) Patience Bosworth Nee Unknown; d. 12 June 1747 at Halifax, Plymouth, MA; d. 12 June 1747 at Halifax, Plymouth, MA., aged 76 years.
M (1) Children:
1. David b. 21 May 1669 at Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. 22 December 1750 Priscilla Shaw at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 12 June 1747 at Halifax, Plymouth, MA, aged 48 years
2. Jonathan b. 16 February 1700 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
3. Nehemiah b. 15 March 1702 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m(1) 27 January 1725 Susanna Ring at Plympton, Plymouth, MA; m(2) 26 May 1729 Sarah Tomson at Plympton, Plymouth, MA, aged 59 years
4. Hannah b. 24 June 1705 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 24 February 1725 William Ripley at Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; d. 5 November 1781 at Plympton, Plymouth, MA, aged 76 years

     David moved from Swansea to Plymouth to Halifax, Plymouth, MA. He was called Deacon.

Davis Bozworth’s Will:
      David Bozworth of Halifax….Yoeman made his will 27 October 1740. Bequests were as follows: To my Beloved wife Patience the use of half my Moveable Estate during life with Liberty to Expend what She may have Occasion for of it and also ye improvement of the Houseing and lands I have Given to my sons Jonathan & Nehemiah during life according to ye Restrictions & Lemitations Mentioned in my Deeds to my said Sons.
To my son David my Great Bible and all my Wearing Apparell having already Given him his portion in Lands & moneys & c.
I Confirm to my Sons Nehemiah & Jonathan all the lands and Houseing I have Given them bu Deed.
To my daughter Hannah half my moveable Estate And what may be left of the Other hald after my wifes decease.
I… appoint my son Jonathan to be Sole Executor.
The will was witnesses by John Cotton, John Drew, Jr. and Noah Cushing.

A codicil, date 8 May, 1743, provides that in as Much as my son Jonathan is deceased that my Surviveing son Nehmaih Shall be Sole Executor.
The codicil was witnessed by John Cotton, John Sturtevant, Jr. and Hazadiah Sturtevant by mark)
On 14 July 1747, Mr. John Cotton, John Drew, Jr & Noah Cushing made oath to the will; and John Cotton testified that he together with John Stertevant Junior & Hazediah Delano witnessed the codicil.

The Will of David Bozworth late of Hallifax yeoman was probated at Plymouth on 14 July 1747 and administration granted to his son Nehemiah Bozworth of Hallifax afores Executor.

[10:4620] On 15 July 1747, Nehemiah Bozworth of Hallifax…. Yeoman, who is appointed Execr & Residuary Legatee to the will of his late Father David Bosworth and sd of Hallifax Deceasd. gave a bond with Robert Waterman, Jr., of Halifax and Edmund Wood of Middleborough, both husbandmen, as sureties; but the amount of the bond was omitted in recording. The witnesses were Edward Winslow and Thomas Spooner, Jr.

Generation Five:
Jonathan Bosworth was born on 16 February 1700-1 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 19 December 1723  Alice Cushman at Plympton, Plymouth, MA d.1724 at the age of 19. ; m. 30 September 1725 Ruth Tilson at Plympton, Plymouth, MA; d. 3 February 1789 at Halifax, Plymouth, MA., aged 40 years.
Their Children:
1. Alice b. 30 September 1727 at Plympton, Plymouth, MA
2. Jonathan b. 8 April 1730 at Halifax, Plymouth, MA
Generation Six:
Jonathan Bosworth b. 8 April 1730 in Halifax, Plymouth, MA.; m.  6 January 1756 Abigail Lathrop at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; d. 1767 in East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA., aged 36 years
Their children:
1. Jonathan b. 5 May 1757 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
2. Molly b. 2 March 1759 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
3.Sarah b. 1 September 1761 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; m. 27 November 1777 Barnabas Lathrop at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; d. 20 February 1813 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, aged 51 years.
3. Chloe b.  18 October 1764 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
4. Israel b. 3 February 1767 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; d. 20 September 1676 aged 2 years.

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