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The Anthony Paine Family- US 1638 to current

** Connected to th John Tripp Family at John Tripp (1609-1678) **
** Underlined names are linked to their connecting pages**
Generation One:
Anthony Paine b. abt 1585 at Norton, Lincolshire, England; m(1) Alice Potter; m(2) 10 November 1643 Rose Grinnell Nee Unknown at Portsmouth, Newport, RI ; d. 6 May 1649 at Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, aged 65 years
M(1) Children:
1. Alice b. abt 1609; m. Lott Strainge; d. 30 July 1683 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI, aged 74 years
2. Mary b. abt 1611; m. 4 April 1639 John Tripp Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 12 February 1687 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI, aged 76 years.
3. Child b. abt 1613; d. young

        Anthony was admitted an inhabtant to Portsmouth, Newport, RI in 1638.April 30, 1638.He and twenty-eight others signed following compact: "We whose names are underwritten do acknowledge ourselves the legal subject of his Majesty King Charles, and in his name do hereby bind ourselves into a civil body politic, unto his laws according to matters of justice."
       10 November, 1643, at this date, he being a widower, and Rose Grinnell a widow (of Matthew Grinnell), they entered into an agreement preliminary to their marriage. She deeded to her three sons Matthew, Thomas and Daniel Grinnell "2 sheeder goats apiece" and to her son Matthew a cow also. The goats were to abide in the hands of Anthony Paine for three years and the milk was to be his, but the increase was to belong to her three sons. It was also agreed between Anthony and Rose before their marriage that upon the death of either (after marriage) the property of the one deceased should go to the children of that person; Rose having four children and Anthony Paine three children.

1. The Early Records of the Town of Portsmouth, p. 384-385
2. One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families, John Osborne Austin

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The John Tripp Family- US 1635 to present

**Connected to the William Hall Family at Zuriel Hall (1645-1691) **
**Underlined names are linked to their connecting pages**
Generation One:
John Tripp- b. 6 February 1609/10 at Horkstow , Lincolnshire, England; m. 4 April 1639 Mary Paine at Portsmouth, Newport, RI d. 12 February 1678 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI, aged 68 years.

Their Children:
1. John b. 1640 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 7 September 1665 Susanna Anthony at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 20 November 1719 at South Kingstown, Washington, RI, aged 79 years
2. Peleg b. abt 1642 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. Anne Sisson; d. 13 January 1714
3.Joseph b. 1644 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 6 August 1667 Mehitable Fish; d. 27 November 1718 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
4. Mary b. abt 1646 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m(1) Gershom Wordell; m(2) 5 March 1683 Jonathan Gatchell; d. 1716
5. Elizabeth b. 1645 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. Zuriel Hall; d. 1701 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
6. Alice b. 1650 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 26 January 1671 William Hall at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 1698
7. Isabel b. 1651 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 4 March 1675 Samson Sherman at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 1716
8. Abiel b. 1653 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; 30 January 1679 Deliverance Hall at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 10 September 1684 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
9. James b. 1656 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 19 January 1682 Mercy Lawton at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
10. Martha b. 1658 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; 23 February 1681 Samuel Sherman at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
11. Sylvanus b. abt 1660 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; Margaret Diamond

     In the New Bedford Library is a document that appears to be a copy of John Tripp’s own words, dated 1670. “First I was born in Covetown (Horkstow near Barton on Humber) in Lincolnshire 3 miles from Benton Harbor, and my father's name was John Tripp and my mother's name was Isabel Moses and before she married my father when she was a maid and they had about twelve children and much kindred we had and when I grew in years I was put an apprentice to a shapt carpenter whose name was John Baaty of [Horys]bury three miles of from Alsand in Lincolnshire aforesaid where i served years and sometime after wrought with him and after that I bound myself to owe Frances East for 4 pounds a year for 4 years who sold me and I had served him and his assign for about a year and a half. He sold me to Robert Jafra then living in Boston and Boston church members persecuted some to the offending of others. My master came to Rhode Island with the said persecuted people and I with him and his wife being sickly and they could not get their maid to Rhode Island with them. People whom the said members and expelled from them. Therefore my master was forced to sell me to Randall Houlding of Portsmouth on Rhode Island and I served a while and after bought out the rest of time of him and after a while I married a wife whose maiden name was Mary Paine. I being about thirty or twenty eight years old or thereabouts, and the Lord hath given us eleven children of when one is dead. The eldest is 29 years old and ---- this 17 on the second month 1670. Praised be thee our Rock who hath been help and unto us at all times give what thou pleased. It is mercy from thee to rerceive anything for the earth and sea is all thine and the fullness thereof.”
     With his marriage to Mary Paine, he incurred a three acre tract of land in Portsmouth, Newport, RI. She had bought the land for one pint of wine from a seaman named Richard Searl. They build their home upon this land and operated a ferry to Bristol, Bristol, RI. The homestead s now the Pocassett Country Club. The ferry was first mentioned in 1676 when “Captain Church of Tiverton, the famous Indian fighter, crossed to Bristol on Tripp's ferry.”

     “From The Genealogist A source finds the family roots in the Canterbury area of co. Kent and that John came on the same ship as William Hall. He signed a covenant for human love and liberty dated at Providence in December 1647. On April 30, 1639 he signed the Compact of Portsmouth with 28 others.”

     He served as a juror in 1649-1650 and 1653. He was a clerk of weights and measures in 165 and a prover of weights and measures in 1675.. He was a freeman in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, RI in 1655. In 1661 he was on the Court if Commissioners, and served the General Court in Providence. In 1666, he was on the Grand Jury. He served as a deputy to the General Assembly between 1648-1675.
     John Tripp died in 1677 and his wife Mary, continued the business probably with male help. She recieved a license in 1679 to sell food, drink and entertainment. His will was dated 6 Dember 1677 and proved 28 August 1675. His wife Mary was named as executrix.

John Tripp received of Rose Weeden….John Tripp and Mary, my wife have received of Rose Weeden (Executrix to Anthony Paine deceast)…what….was due us…18th May (1650),
James Weeded
Richard Harte
John Tipp
-the mark of Mary X Tripp

John Tripp to Mathew Grenell.
…JohnTripp of Portsmouth…with the consent of Mary my wife have sold unto Mathew Grenell of the same Towne…Twenty seven Acres of land lying within…Portsmouth…bounded Eastward of partly with land sold William Havens and partly with land…of Rose Paine, Southward with the hie way to the sea Westward with land o Rose. Paine and Northward with the mill river…beinge Twenty seven Rod borad upright through the whole lott…being that…Land that I …had in part of the Legusie given to my wife….Twenty Seventh of Aprill…one Thowsand Six hundred fifty and one-
The mark of Henry X Lake
William Hall
John Tripp
The X marke of Mary Tripp

1. Rhode Island land evidences, Vol 1 1648-1696 abstrcts, Dorothy Worthington, Rhode Island Historical Society.
2. Tripp Genealogy” Descendants of James, son of John Tripp, p. 5

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The William Hall Family- US 1635 to current

**Connected to the Thomas FIsh Family Lineage at Robert Fish (1657-1730) **
**Underlined names are linked to their connecting pages**

Generation One:

William Hall b. 1625 at London, England; m. abt 1645 Mary Thomas at Portsmouth, RI; d. 1675 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Their Children:
1. Zuriel b. 1645 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI;
2. William b. 14 Jan. 1646 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 26 Jan. 1670 Alice Tripp at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 5 Sept. 1691;
3 Bemjamin b. about 1650 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. on 27 July 1676 Frances Parker at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. on 26 Jan. 1730;
4 Elizabeth b. about 1652 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 13 April 1676 Giles Pearce; d. 1698;
5 Rebecca b. about 1654 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
6 Deliverance b. abt 1656; m(1) Thomas Duree; m(2) 29 January 1679 Abiel Tripp at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. Feb. 1721 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI;

     William Hall was listed on the admitted inhabitants of the Island of Aqueedunk (Aquidneck) on 8 August 1638, In 1639 he became one of the first settlers of Newport, Newport, RI, The same year he was one of those who founded the town of Portsmouth, Newport, RI.
      On 27 May 1644, he was granted a parcel of land in Portsmouth, he later sold it on 6 July 1654 to Richard Sisson. The land was located on the islands of Canonocut and Dutch Island.In 1655 he made freeman. In 1654, 1656, 1660 and 1663 he served Portsmouth at the General Court. He also served as deputy to the General Assembly from 1665-1668, and 1672-1673. In 1673 he served on town council. In 1673, the same year he wrote his will, he was appointed on a committee for the purpose of "treating with the Indians about drunkenness, and to seriously council them, and agree of some way to prevent extreme excess of Indian drunkenness. "Five chiefs are named, among whom is the name of the famous Philip of Mount Hope', called King Philip, with whom the committee should treat. This was just prior to King Philip's War.
     William's will was dated 20 Feb 1673, and probated on 19 Apr 1676, he was sixty-three at the age of his death. His wife Mary, his executrix, died in 1680.

"I do ordain, substitute and appoint my truly and well beloved friend and yoke fellow, Mary, my wife, to be my whole and sole executrix, into whose hands and possession I do give and bequeath my whole estate during her life, and, considering the weakness of my said wife, I do appoint my two younger sons, viz.: William and Benjamin, to be assistants to their mother in the managing of whatever business she shall have need of during her life; and after her decease, I do hereby give power to my above named two sons to see my will performed as following, that is to say: after the decease of the last of us, either me or my wife, my will is that my son Zurill Hall shall have and enjoy that twenty acres of land whereon his dwelling house now stands. Next, my mind and will is that my son Benjamin Hall shall have my new dwelling house and land thereto adjoining; and, further, my will is that my three sons, Zurill, William and Benjamin, shall have all my land in the Narragansett which I purchased of Thomas Lawton, to be equally divided between them. And, further, I do give and bequeath unto my son Benjamin my cart horse, with my cart and plow, and the tackling thereto belonging; and as for the remainder of my estate, together with that which I have lent to my son William, shall be divided into four equal parts, viz.: one-fourth thereof to my son William; one-fourth part to my daughter Elizabeth; one-fourth part to my daughter Rebeecka, and the other fourth part to my daughter Deliverance."

Generation Two:
Zuriel Hall b. 1645 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 1665 Elizabeth Tripp at Portsmouth; d. 5 Sept. 1691;
Their Children:
1. Mary b. 1667 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 16 September 1686 Robert Fish at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 8 June 1735;
2. Zuriel b. 1677 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. September 1697 Hannah Sheffield
3. Joanna b. abt 1682 at Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
4. Benjamin b. 13 April 1692 at Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island

1. Portsmouth Court Records
2, Portsmouth Vital Records

The Thomas Fish Family- US 1643 to Current

 **Connected to the Joseph Peck Family Lineage at Nathaniel Peck (1699- 1756) **

Generation One:
Thomas Fish- b. 1 January 1619 at England; m. 1645 Mary Sherman at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 1 December 1687 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI.
Their Children:
1. Thomas b. abt. 1646 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 10 December 1668 Grizzel Strange; d. 1684, aged 38 years.
2. Mary b. abt. 1650 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 18 March 1672 Francis Brayton; d. 4 April  1747, aged 97 years.
3. Alice b. abt 1652 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. William Knowles; d. 1734 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI, aged 82 years.
4. John b. abt 1653 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. Johanna Fish Nee Unknown; d. 20 April 1742 at Dartmouth, Bristol, RI, aged 89 years
5. Daniel b. abt 1655 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 1 May 1682 Abigail Mumford; d. 16 September 1723, aged 68 years.
6. Mehitable b. abt 1656 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 6 August 1667 Joseph Tripp;  d. aft 1719 at Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, aged 63 years
7. Robert b. abt 1657 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI

     Thomas left England, together with his brother John Fish and landed at Portsmouth, Newport, RI was called Aquidneck Island. They arrived about 1643. The Portsmouth town meeting record of 5th of October 1643, "Land was ordered layd out to Thomas Fish at the first Brooke". Thomas was appointed to Jury for the present court on 21 November 1649. Thomas was admitted freeman to the Portsmouth, Newport, RI in 1655. He was also a member of the church. On 20 March 1660, Thomas Fish received a deed of house and land from Henry and Ann Ayres, in consideration of fencing two acres, Henry and Ann would live there throughout their lives without paying rent. On 3 December 1772, he and William Hall were appointed to lay out one acre of town land. On 17 February 1663 he has chosen Petty Jury man to the court in Newport. He was chosen constable for the year on 5 June 1665. That same year he bought two parcels of land and a dwelling house, barn and orchard for 50 pounds from James Babcock. He later sold four of these acres to Thomas Lawton.
On 23 April 1667 Meeting: Thomas fish chosen Petty Jury man and elected delegate to General Assembly. 16 October 1667,  Thomas Fish, Captain Thomas Cooke and Thomas Lawton chosen Grand Jury Men. On 6 June 1670 he was chosen constable.  Thomas Fish chosen Grand Jury Man to sitt and act in next General Assembly to be held at Newport, on 10 October 1673. In 1674 on  1 June he chosen to Towne Council and on 10 October,chosen Deputy for the next General Assembly to be held at Newport., the last Wednesday.
     In 1675, on 7 June, Thomas Fish was chosen to be of the Towne Council and engaged, and on 12 July a rate of 400 pounds was ordered levied in this towne and Island, Thomas Fish, with nine others, "chosen to make the Said Rate and with all convenient speed return it inder their hands into the Treasurie of the towne."
The 1 March 1679 he chosen to be on the Grand Jury the next Court of Trials and on  12 September 1680, it was voted that  John Biggs to be appointed to speak with  Thomas Fish, so " that he lay out that acre of land to this townes commons which was lent to Henry eves." On 18 September 1685  Thomas was appointed to Coroners Jury for an Inquest into the hanging of a Scotsman named John Crage, by Coroner, Major John Albro.
     Thomas's will was recorded on the 9th of February 1687, and proved on the 13th of December 1687. It named his wife, Mary as executrix and mentions four sons, three daughters and seven grandchildren. It bequeathed "to son John land bought of James Babcock. To son Robert 20s, and like amount to daughters Mehitable, Mary and Alice. To grandson, Preserved, son of Thomas, Jr., 5s, to wife remainder of the estate. Inventory, 49 pounds, 10s."

Thomas fish to Preserved Fish,
...Thomas FIsh of ...Grandson Preserved Fish the sonn and heire of my Sonn Thomas Fish Late of Portsmouth....Deceased...have be by him...Possessed...after the terme of Sixteen years...which will be in the year one Thousand Seven hundred the Late Dwelling house of my...Sonn Thomas Fish Deceased...with ...all.. Lands Orchards, Gardens, and Out Portsmouth...containeing...fifteene Acres...Bounded on the North by Stephen Cornells Land on the East by the Land Lately belonging to Thomas Cooke Deceased on the South and West by the Highwayes or common od saif Towne...second day of Thousand six hundred Eighty and four
Wit.                                                                            Thomas fish
  THomas Ward
  Ammy Ward
  Mary Billing
Thomas Fish...2: day of may 1684...Did...acknowledge this... John Albro: Assistant
Generation Two:
Robert Fish b. abt 1657 Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 16 Sep 1686 Mary Hall at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 1730 Portsmouth, Newport, RI, aged 73 years.
Their Children:
1. Robert b.. 17 May  1690 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
2. Mary b. 1 March 1693 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
3. William b. 7 June 1695 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
4. Zuriel b. 10 July 1697 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
5. Isaac b. 25 December 1699 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
6. Alice b. 3 July 1702 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 14 January 1724 Nathaniel Peck at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
7. Jonathan b. 27 October 1704 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
8. Daniel b. 17 May  1707 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
9. David b. 10 March 1710 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI

     Robert was made a freeman 1686 and was a lieutenant.
1. Rhode Iskand Land Evidences, vol. I, 648-1696: abstracts, Vol. i, Dorothy Worthington, Rhode Island Historical Society, p. 2111. Records of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. vol. 10 p. 360
2. Historical homes and places and genealogical and personal memoirs, Vol. 1, RI William Richard Cutter, p. 226

The John Vincent Family- US 1636 to Current

Dunbar Lineage

** Connecting to the Thomas Dexter Lineage at Thomas Dexter ( 1620-  ) **

Generation One:
John Vincent- b. abt 1608 at probably London, England; m(1) Unknown; m(2) Unknown at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; died Aft. 1663 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. 
M(1) Children:
1. Elizabeth b. abt 1628 at England' m. 8 November 1648 Thomas Dexter at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; d. 19 March 1714 at Barnstable, Barnstable, MA. aged 86 years.
2. Mary b. abt 1633 at England; m. 8 November 1648 Benjamin Hammond; d. 5 August 1706 at Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA, aged 73 years
3. Sarah b. abt 1635 at England; m. July 1653 William Dexter at Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA; d. aft. 1694 at Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
4. Henry b. abt 1637; m. 15 December 1657 Mary Matthews; d. 1722, aged 85 years

     John Vincent was of Saugus (Lynn), Essex, MA by 1636 but was granted lands in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.  His Duxbury land abutted the lands of Thomas Burgess and WIlliam Bassett, both early settlers of Sandwich. He  made freeman in 1637. In 1638, he was appointed Constable in Sandwich.
     By1639 John sold the Duxbury land to Thomas Weybourne, and that same year was appointed Deputy to Plymouth Court from Sandwich. Also in1639, he was appointed to go to Yarmouth to aid inestablishing land rights.He was also listed in the 1643 roster of persons between the age of 16 and 60 who were liable to bear arms. John Vincent was in Sandwich as late as 1658 when he married for the second time but the moved to Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA.

"6 March 1638 -- Mr. John Vincent is elected constible of Sandith. and was sworne to searue in the said office from this Court to the end of the next government, vis, for a yeare and a quarter ."

1. History of Cap Cod: annals of Barnstable COunty, Vol. 2, Frederick Freeman p. 17, 42, 44
2. Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620-1700, p. 248
3. Cape Cod Library, Vol. II, Sandwich and Bourne. Colony and Town Records, pg 1612
4. Geneal.Dict. by Savage, Sect IV, Chapter 5, Vol 4 pg 373
5. Plym. Recs., pg 1612

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The Thomas Bailey Family- US abt 1633 to current

** Connecting to the John Raymond Lineage at George Lewis Raymond (1854-1933) **
** Connected to the Whitmarsh Lineage at Ebenezer Whitmarsh (1658-1718)**
** Underlined names are linked to their connecting pages**
Generation One:
Thomas Bayley- b. abt 1610; d. 1681 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA, aged 71 years
Their Children:
1. John b. abt 1634 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA;
2. Thomas b. abt 1636 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA;
3. Samuel b abt 1638 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; d. February 1711, aged 73 years
4. Esther b. abt 1646 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; d. 28 February 1701, aged 61 years

     Thomas was at Weymouth about 1634. Thomas was admitted a freeman on 13 May 1640. The home and farm was 25 acres located on the south side of King Oak Hill, on the Indian Trail the led from East Weymouth to Weymouth Landing. The cellar hole of the house and the farm, including the woodland were still easily located in 1899. In 1644, Thomas bought the home, barn, cellar, garden, and yard of Thomas Dwyer. This transaction was one of the first real estate records in Weymouth, Norfolk, MA. In the first division of lotts in Braintree on 14 December 1663, he received 11 acres was lot 72. In the second division he received 33 acres and lot 62. He held many offices. In 1643 and 1655 he was appraiser of estates. In March 1655, he was constable.
     Thomas died about 1681. His will was dated 23 May 1681 and was proven on 10 October 1681. His wife is not mentioned in his will.

Generation Two (Kent 1):
John Bayley b. abt 1634 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; m. Hannah Bayley Nee Unknown
Their Children:
1. John b. abt 1658 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA;
2. Thomas b. abt 1660 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; d. 1675 killed in King Philip’s War

     John Bailey was admitted a freeman 23 May 1673. He was corporal and a sergeant in the militia. In 1664-67 and 1674-75, he served as a fence view and from 1669-70, he was way-warden. He served in King Philip’s War. By 1683, he bought land in Freetown, Plymouth, MA and moved there around 1685.

Generation Two (Kent 2):
Thomas Bayley -b. abt 1642 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; m. 19 September 1660 Ruth Porter at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; d. 1690, aged 48 years.
Their Children:
1. Christian b. 26 October 1662 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; m. 1682 Ebenezer Whitmarsh; d. 7 January 1732 at Abington, Plymouth, MA, aged 69 years
2. Samuel b. 21 February 1666 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; 1690 in an expedition against Canada
3. Mary b. 10 February 1670 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA
4. Sarah b. 9 September 1674 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; 6 December 1704 Joseph White;
5. Ruth b. abt 1676 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; m. 25 May 1694 Henry Ward
6. Martha b. abt 1678 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; d. aft 1690

Generation Three (Kent 1):
John Bayley- b. abt 1658 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; m (1) 25 January 1672 Sarah White; m (2) 9 December 1699 Ruth Clothier at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. 1718 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA
M(1) Children:
1. John b. 5 November 1673 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA
2. Sarah b. October 1675 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA
3. Mary b. December 1677 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; 1 January 1701 James Perry;
4. Joseph b. October 1679 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; abt 1703 Jerusha Adams; d. 2 October 1747, aged 68 years
5. Benjamin b. April 1682 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 10 June 1710 Deborah Howe; d. 1726 at Lancaster, MA, aged 43 years
6. William b. Feb 1685 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m January 1714 Judith Booth
7. Hannah b. January 1688 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 24 December 1716 James Briggs;
8. Samuel b. August 1690 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA
9. Elizabeth b. abt 1692at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. July 1706 William Barrell at Scituate, Plymouth, MA

      John was admitted a freeman on 23 May 1677. By 1670 he moved to Scituate to take charge of Captain John Williams’ farm at the neck and received the farmer in the Captain’s will in 1694. The farm was one hundred seventy- five acres, it was considered one of the best in Plymouth county. It became known as the Bailey Farm.

Generation 4 (Kent 1):
John Bailey b. 5 November 1673 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 19 February 1700 Abigail Clapp at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. June 1752 at Hanover, Plymouth, MA.
Their Children:
1. Jane b. 30 June 1700 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA
2. John b. 23 May 1703 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 11 April 1723 Elizabeth Cowen; 28 September 1778
3. Jacob b. 13 December 1706 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 10 June 1728 Ruth Palmer
4. Israel b. 13 May 1708 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA
5. Timothy b. 20 March 1709 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; 27 May 1731 Sarah Buck
6. Abigail 4 February 1713 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; 21 May 1733 John Bates
7. Sarah b. 1714 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 4 May 1731 Thomas Jenkins
8. Hannah b. 1717; d, 29 December 1736, aged 19 years
9. Deborah b. 1717 Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. abt 1738 Jeremiah Rogers
10. Rachel b. 1719 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 9 March 1741 James Rogers
11. Naomi b. 1722 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 9 March 1711 Benjamin Curtis

John first lived in Scituate, Plymouth, MA. He later moved to Hanover, Plymouth, MA, He served as selectman from 1735-1737. He was considered to be a man of influence.
Generation 5 (Kent 1)
Israel Bailey b. 1708 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 12 November 1730 Keziah Perry at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. 4 May 1750 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, aged 41 years.
Their Children:
1. Rhoda b. 25 October 1731 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. 30 November 1736, aged 5 years
2. Israel b. 3 February 1732 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA
3. Keziah b. 24 September 1734 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 27 November 1751 John Richards at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
4. Hannah b. 27 April 1736 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 20 November 1760 Solomon Packard; d. 1807, aged 77 years
5. Abigail b. 2 May 1738 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 7 December 1762 Jacob Allen at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; d. 25 September 1818, aged 80 years.
6.Rachel b. 11 April 1740 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 10 April 1760 Benjamin Byram at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA;
7. Ward b. 23 December 1742; m. 1765 Polly Sergant
8. Sarah b. 22 June 1744 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. 7 September 1747, aged 3 years
9. Elizabeth b. 1749 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA;

     He settled in East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. His will was dated 1749 and proved 1750. His wife and brother, John of Hanover, were executors.

From Epitaphs of Old Bridgewater, Old Graveyard in East Bridgewater p. 206, 189. In memory of Capt, Israek Bailey he died May 4, 1750 in ye42 year of his age (From Scituate; uncle of Col, John Bailey) From Epitaphs of Old Bridgewater, Old Graveyard in East Bridgewater p. 206
190. Sarah, daughter. Of Captain Israel Bailey and Keziah, his wife, died Sept. 7th, 1747 in ye 3d year of her age.191. In memory of Mr. Israel Bailey, who died Dec. 14, 1773 in ye 41st year of his age.
192. Nabby Lazell died Sept. 27, 1818, age 81 years; formerly wife of Capt. Jacob Allen, of this town, who was killed in battle at Stillwater, New York, Sept. 19, 1777, aged 40 years. (Wife of Isaac Lazell and daughter of Capt. Israel Bailey).

Generation 6 (Kent 1):
Israel Bailey b. 3 February 1732 at Scituate, Plymouth, MA; m. 18 August 1760 Martha Packard at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; d. 14 December 1773 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
Their Children:
1. Eliphalet b. 27 January, 1760 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
2. Israel b. 20 May 1764 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; m. 1789 Lucy Whitman; d. 20 May 1830 at Buckfield, Oxford, Maine
3. John b. 15 May 1766 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; 19 July 1833 at Turner, Oxford, Maine
4. Timothy b. 12 December 1768 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; 24 March 1796 Anna Washburn Whitman at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
Generation 7 (Kent 1):
Eliphalet Bailey b. 27 January 1760 at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; m. 29 January 1782 Martha Robinson at East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; d. 1822 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, aged 61 years
Their Children:
1. Ward b. 23 February 1783 at Kingston, Plymouth, MA; m. Sarah Lucas m. 11 November 1804 at Kingston, Plymouth, MA; d. 25 August 1847 at Kingston, Plymouth, MA, aged64 years.
2. Betsey Bailey b. abt 1785; 30 August 1812 Elisha Cushman
3. Eliphalet b. abt 1787
4. Winslow Clifton b. abt 1789; m. 1807 Nancy Ellis;
5. Rachel b. 1790; m. Lemuel Robbins; d. 1876, aged 86 years
6. Nahum b. 1793; m. Christiana Washburn; d. Oct 1876 at Kingston, Plymouth, MA, aged 83 years
7. John b. abt 1795; m. 1813 Polly Wood
8. Ira b. 15 April 1797 at West Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
9. Melvin b. 20 January 1799 at West Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; m. Maria Patey; d. 1876 at West Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA

Generation 8 (Kent 1):
Ira Bailey- b 15 April 1797 at West Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; m. 25 May 1821 Phebe Bartlett Holmes at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 28 November 1881 at Taunton, Bristol, MA
Their Children:
1. Ira Russel b. 25 May 1821 at West Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
2. Phebe Ann b. 27 May 1828 at West Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; d. 9 October 1837
3. James Henry b. 9 October 1835 at West Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA

Generation 9 (Kent 1):
Ira Russel Bailey b. 25 May 1821 at West Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; m. 25 May 1821 Laura Adeline White at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 28 November 1881 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, aged 70 years.
Their Children:
1. Ida Washburn b. 29 June 1859 at North Easton, Bristol, MA; m. 28 November 1878 George Lewis Raymond at Hanson, Plymouth, MA; d. 28 October 1932 at Abington, Plymouth, MA, aged 73 years.
2. Lewis Fletcher b. 13 May 1865 at North Easton, Bristol, MA; m. November 1892 Edna M. Damon
3. Laura Adeline b. 21 June 1868 at North Easton, Bristol, MA; m. 1889 Herbert Niles; d. 11 November 1922 at Abington, Plymouth, MA
4. Ella F. b. 24 May 1874 at North Easton, Bristol, MA; d. 16 August 1876, aged 2 years.

1. Genealogical and personal memoirs, Vol. 2, William Richard Cutter, William Frederick Adams pp, 1243-1244
2. Old Scituate, By Massachusetts Daughters of the American Revolution. Chief Justice Cushing, p. 85
3. Historic homes and places and genealogical and personal memoirs…vol. 4 edited by William Richard Cutter, pp.1450-1451
4. History of the Early Settlement of Bridgewater, in Plymouth County, By Nahum Mitchell p. 108

The Thomas Dexter Family- US 1629 to current

Kent Lineage

** Connecting to the Daniel Allen Lineage at Daniel Allen (1648-   ) **

Generation One:
Thomas Dexter
b. 1600; m. wife unknown; d. 1677 at Boston, Suffolk, MA; buried Oliver Family tomb King's Chapel Burying Ground, Boston, Suffolk, MA.

Their Children:
1.Thomas b. abt. 1620 at England
2. William abt. 1622 at England; m. July 1653 Sarah Vincent; d. 1694 aged 72 years.
3. Mary b. abt. 1624 at England; m(1) October 1639 John Frend; m(2) James Oliver
4. Frances b. abt 1626 at England; m. 1647 Richard Woode

     Thomas Dexter is thought to have arrived either with Mr. Endicott in 1629 or a year later in the fleet of 1630 with Governor Winthrop. He immigrated with three children and servants but there is no listing of his wife. By 1630 he settled on a farm in Lynn, Essex, MA. He was called by those in the area "Farmer Dexter". The land was located on the west side of the Saugus River where later the iron works was built.
      By 1633, he built a bridge over the Saugus River, and a mill. He also was the general manager and an investor in the Saugus Iron Works.
      He became a freeman in 1631 and was later disfranchised on 4 March 1633,for speaking against the established colonial government. He had many issues with neighbors and towns people. In 1631, he had a quarrel with Mr. Endicott (later governor), : in which the Salem magistrate struck Mr. Dexter, who had him complained of in court at Boston. Mr. Endicott said in his defense: "I hear I am much complained of by Goodman Dexter for striking him. Understanding since it is not lawful for a justice of the peace to strike, but if you had soon the manner of his earrings with such daring of me, with arms akimbo, it would have provoked a very patient man. He has given out that if I had a purse he would make me empty it, and if he cannot have justice here, he will do wonders in England, and if he cannot prevail there, he will do wonders in England, and if he cannot prevail there, he will try it out with me here at blows. If it were lawful for me to try it out at blows and he a fit man for me to deal with , you would not hear me complain." The jury gave Mr. Dexter a verdict of £10.
     In 1633, he was ordered by the court to be set in the bilboes, disfranchised and fined £10 In  1637 he and nine others obtained a grant for the township of Sandwich, Barnstable, MA by the Plymouth Court. He built the first grist mill there. In 1638, he returned to Lynn where he had 350 acres assigned to him. He was in Lynn until 1646. He then went to Barnstable, Barnstable, MA where he purchased two farms. One was next to the mill stream and later left  to his son, William. The other was on the northeastern side of Scorton Hill. The house was on the north side of the old county road. He still had a taste for lawsuits for in 1648, he had no  less than 6 lawsuits in court, all decided in his favor.
     His largest lawsuit was with the inhabitants of Lynn over the ownership of the land now called Nahunt. He bought this land from the Indian chief Pognanum (Black Will) and paid for it with "a suit of good clothes". He then fenced in this area for his cows. "The title to this was disputed by the other inhabitants (1657) who, if his claim was denied, would share in the division of the land. The result was a defeat for him and his heirs, although they kept it in court over thirty-eight years."
     Thomas Dexter took the oath of fidelity in 1657, and was admitted a freeman to Plymouth Colony on 1 June 1658. He gave his son, Thomas, the large estate and mill in Sandwich, and his West Barnstable barn to his son William. He died at the home of his daughter in Boston, Suffolk, MA in 1677. He is buried in the Oliver tomb in the King's Chapel burying ground.

Generation Two:
Thomas Dexter b. abt 1620 at England; m. 8 November 1648 Elizabeth Vincent at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA d. 29 December 1686 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA, aged 66 years.
Their Children:
1. Mary b. 11 August 1649 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA;; m. 12 October 1670 Daniel Allen
2. Elizabeth b. 21 September 1651 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; d. young at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA.
3. Thomas b. 1653 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; d. 1679
4. John b. 1656 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; m. 10 November 1682 Mehitabel Hallett
5. Elizabeth b. 7 April 1660 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; by 1714 her mother left her all of her estate.
6. Abigail b. 12 June 1663 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; m. 30 June 1684 Jonathan Hallett

      In 1647 he was chosen to be constable for the town of Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. This appointment shows that he was born before his family came to the Americas, since one had to be over aged 24 years in order to hold this post. In 1648 he was keeping the mill his father had built in  1640. In 1655 he was assigned as Ensign of a militia company, and was known as Ensign Dexter. He served on the jury between 1652 and 1659. He was a surveyor of highways and collector of taxes in 1675. He is also listed in the records of 1680 to be an inn keeper. Like his father he had numerous lawsuits; "In one case when there was a dispute between the town of Sandwich and him, the matter was left to Mr. Thomas Prence, Mr. Thomas Hinckley and Mr. Constant Southworth to settle." In 1655 he was entitled to the honor of being called Mister and in his later years was called Gentleman. On top[ of the land his father entailed him with, he  was granted 100 acres upland in Sandwich in 1667.
     "Agreement for division of property of late Thomas Dexter, Gentleman February 16, 1686-7, between Elizabeth Dexter, Daniel Allen of Swansea for his wife Mary. Jonathan Hallet of Yarmouth for his wife Abigai, and John Dexter: "The widow to have one-third part of all movable estate and chattles, the mill excepted; also to enjoy ye westerly end of the dwelling house, both cellar and two lower rooms and chamber and garrett for the rest of her life; but id she sees fit to rent her part she is to let her son John Dexter or his heirs have the refusal of it at same price others would pay. She is also to have the corn, rye, wheat, butter, and meat she now possesses; and her son John is to cut and carry home for her suitable and sufficient firewood while she dwells in Sandwich, to winter and summer two cows for her and to pay her £9 per annum while she lives. Th eson John to have the rest of the estate both real and personal paying to his sister Elizabeth Dexter £55 (£5 down and balnce in four years but if she married within three years the £50 is to be paid withinone year after her marriage). To Jonathan Hallet £50, one hald on next Michael mas day, the rest within three years from daate of agreement. To Daniel Allen £16 on or beofre 16 February 1688-89. John is to pay all debts and receive all debts due the estate.

Elizbaeth Dexter, Jr. and Jonathan Hallett signed by marks. Witnesses were Stephen Skiff, James Percival, and William Bassett, June 1687."

Sources:1. Genealogy of the Dexter Family in America, Descendants of Thomas Dexter, compiled by William A. Warden and Robert L. Dexter, Worcester, MA. 1905.

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Raymond Family- Table of Contents

Raymond Lineage- Table of Contents

Gen. # Name of Head or Spouse           Blog Family Link

1. John RAYMOND (abt 1616-1703)         The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
    +Rachel SCRUGG (1627- 1666)           The Thomas Scruggs Family- US 1628- Current
2. John RAYMOND (1651- 1725)              The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
   + Martha WOODIN (1655- )                 The John Woodin Family- US 1635- Current
3. Thomas RAYMOND (1687- )                The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
    + Mary COOMBS (1689- )                   The Anthony Coombs Family- US 1675- Current
Two branches split here
4a. Joshua RAYMOND (1727- )                 The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
      + Grace GURNEY (Abt 1728- )
4b. Caleb RAYMOND (1728- )                   The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
      +Lavinia ARNOLD (1727- )
5a. Amos RAYMOND (1778-1845)             The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
     + Margaret VAUGHN (1778- abt 1850) The George Vaughn Family-
5b. Caleb RAYMOND (1756-1835)             The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
      +Deborah HARLOW (1764-1836)        The William Harlow Family-US 1645- Current
6b Caleb B. RAYMOND (1784- 1868)          The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
    +Lydia H.KING (1785- 1862)
7b Lewis RAYMOND (1805-1893)               The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
     +6a Joannah B. RAYMOND (1808-1853) The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
8. George Lewis RAYMOND (1854-1933)     The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
    + Ida Washburn BAILEY (1859-1932) The Thomas Bayley Family
9. Norman Ashton RAYMOND (1882- )         The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
    + Ella Isabel GURNEY (1864-1923) The John Gurney Family-
10. Laura RAYMOND (1909-1986)               The John Raymond Family- US 1630- Current
     + Charles Hebert KENT (1907-1969)

There are three generations not listed here due to all parties living.

Pilgrim Connections
Alden                     John Alden
Allerton                  Isaac Allerton
Cooke                    Francis Cooke
Doty                       Edward Doty
Fuller                     Edward Fuller       June 2010
Hoplins                  Stephen Hopkins
Howland                John Howland
Mullins                  William Mullins
Soule                     George Soule
Tilley                     John Tilley
Warren                  Richard Warren
White                   William White

Other Early Connections
Aldredge                George Aldredge
Andrews                Joseph Andrews
Anthony                John Anthony
Arnold                   Jeremiah Arnold
Auston                  Richard Auston
Balstone                William Balstone
Barstow                 Matthew Barstow
Bartlett                 Robert Barlett, US 1623       May 2010
Bartlett                 William Bartlett
Bassett                  William Bassett
Bayley                  Thomas Bayley, US 1633       April 2010
Benson                John Benson
Blany                   John Blany
Bonney                Thomas Bonney
Bourn                   Josiah Bourn
Bourne                  Thomas Bourne
Bowditch John Bowditch
Bowen Richard Bowen
Brayton Francis Brayton
Brigg Walter Brigg
Bryant Stephen Bryant
Burgess Robert Burgess
Carr Robert Carr
Carpenter Abraham Carpenter
Carver Richard Carver
Chamberlain William Chamberlain
Chandler Edmund Chandler
Chillingworth Thomas Chillingworth
Chipman                  John Chipman, US 1631      October 2009
Chubbuck Thomas Chubbuck
Churchill                  John Churchill, US 1643     June 2010
Clapp                       Thomas Clapp, US 1633      December 2010
Clarke Tristam Clarke
Cobb Henry Cobb
Coggshall John Coggshall
Cole                        James Cole, US 1632 to Current
Coombs                  Anthony Coombs, US 1675  May 2010
Cooper John Cooper
Crocker Francis Crocker
Crocker William Crocker
Cushman                Robert Cushman, US 1621   May 2010
Darling Samuel Darling
Decrow Robert Decrow
Delano Philip Delano
Dingley John DIngley
Doane John Doane
Doggett Thomas Doggett
Dyer Thomas Dyer
Eames Anthony Eames
Eames John Eames
Edson                   Samuel Edson, US 1639       December 2010
Fallowell Gabriel Fallowell
Farrow John Farrow
Faunce                 John Faunce, US 1623
Finney                  Robert Finney, US 1630
Ford William Ford
Foster Thomas Foster
French John French
Fuller Edward Fuller
Gardner Samuel Gardener
Gill Thomas Gill
Godfrey William Godfrey
Goodspeed Robert Goodspeed
Gray John Gray
Gurney                    John Gurney, US 1636            February 2010
Harden                    John Harden
Harding                   John Harding
Harlow                    William Harlow, US 1645          May 2010
Hayward                  Thomas Hayward, US 1632      December 2010
Hersey                     William Hersey, US 1635
Hicks                        Robert Hicks, US 1621
Hicks Samuel Hicks
Hilliard William Hilliard
Hinksman Edmund Hinksman
Hobart Edmund Hobart
Holbrook Thomas Holbrook
Holmes                      John Churchill, US 1632           November 2010
Holway Joseph Holway
Hoten William Hoten
Howard         John Howard, US 1643             December 2010
Hunt Edmund Hunt
Hurst James Hurst
Jenney         John Jenney, US 1623
Johnson Edmund Johnson
Jones Ralph Jones
Jones              Robert Jones, US 1643 to Current    June 2010
Keen Isaiah Keen
King William King
Kingman Henry Kingman
Kingman William Kingman
Langlee John Langlee
Lee Robert Lee
Lettice Thomas Lettice
Little Thomas Little
Littlefield Edmond Littlefield
Lobdell Nicholas Lobdell
Lucas                     Thomas Lucas- US 1650 to Current- Nov. 2010
Luther John Luther
Macomber William Macomber
Mendell John Mendell
Merritt Henry Merritt
Mitchell Experience Mitchell
Morton              George Morton- US 1623 to Current
Nash James Nash
Nelson William Nelson
Nicholas John Nicholas
Noyes Nicholas Noyes
Otis John Otis
Packard              Samuel Packard- US 1638 to Current
Parker Robert Parker
Perry William Perry
Philips John Philips
Phillips Nicholas Phillips
Phillips Thomas Phillips
Pierce Michael Pierce
Pilsbury Jacob Pilsbury
Pontus                     William Pontus- US 1632 to Current- Nov. 2010
Poole Edward Poole

Poole Joseph Poole
Pope Thomas Pope
Pratt Matthew Pratt
Pratt Thomas Pratt
Randall John Randall
Reade William Reade
Richards William RIchards
Robinson Gain Robinson
Rogers John Rogers
Scruggs                  Thomas Scruggs, US 1628 to Current
Shaw Abraham Shaw
Shaw                      John Shaw, US 1626 to Current
Sheman William Sheman
Simmons Moses Simmons
Smith Philip Smith
Staples Samuel Staples
Studley John Studley
Sturtevant                   Samuel Sturtevant, US 1643 to Current
Taber Stephen Taber
Taylor John Taylor
Thomas David Thomas
Tilden Nathaniel Tilden
Tilson Edmund Tilson
Timberlake Henry Timberlake
Tirrell William Tirrell
Tolman Peter Tolman
Tomson John Tomson
Turner Thomas Turner
Vaughn George Vaughn
Wadsworth Christopher Wadsworth
Walley Thomas Walley
Ward Samuel Ward
Warren John Warren
Waterman        Robert Waterman, US 1636 to Current
Watson            George Watson, US 1631 to Current
Weyborn Thomas Weyborn
White Gowin White
White Thomas White
Whitmarsh John Whitmarsh
Williams Robert Williams
Wood              Henry Wood, US 1640 to Current
Woodell William Woodell
Woodin          John Woodin, US 1635 to Current
Vaughan        George Vaughan, US 1652 to Current