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The Anthony Coombs Family- US 1675 to Current

** Connected to the John Raymond Family at Thomas Raymond (1687-  ) **
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Anthony Coombs- b. 1656 at France; m. 5 February 1688 Dorcas Woodin at Gloucester, Essex, MA or Wells, York, ME; d.
Their Children:
1. Mary b. abt 3 September 1689 at Salem, Essex, MA; m.20 May 1708 Thomas Raymond at Rochester, Plymouth, MA
2. Peter b. 18 October 1681 at Beverly, Essex, MA; m. Joanna Hodgkins; d. 20 March 1767 at New Meadows, York, ME, aged 75 years
3. Tabitha b. 1693 at Wenham, Essex, MA; m. Thomas Berry
4. Anthony b. 1 March 1695 at Wenham, Essex, MA; m. 22 October 1722 Mercy Hodgkins at Gloucester, Essex, MA
5. John b. 18 March 1699 at Rochester, Plymouth, MA; m. Lydia Woodin;
6. Hannah b. 30 November 1700 at Rochester, Plymouth, MA; m. 24 June 1729 Nicholas Hicks at Rochester, Plymouth, MA
7. Rosannah b. 23 November 1702 at Rochester, Plymouth, MA; m. 21 January 1723 Nathaniel Whitcomb at Rochester, Plymouth, MA; d. 8 March 1737 at Rochester, Plymouth, MA, aged 34 years.
8. Ithamer b. 20 November 1704 at Rochester, Plymouth, MA; m. 4 November 1731 Hannah Andrews at Rochester, Plymouth, MA;
9. Joshua b. 23 July 1706 at Rochester, Plymouth, MA; m. 10 September 1729 Elizabeth Pratt at Rochester, Plymouth, MA; d. bef. 1789 at Bath, Sagadjoc, Maine
10. Frances b. 20 July 1708; m. 15April 1729 James Pratt at Rochester, Plymouth, MA
11. Jane b. 29 March 1710 at Rochester, Plymouth, MA
        Anthony's history before coming to America is at the moment more speculation than fact. It is thought he left France and arrived in Plymouth in 1675. Another tradition is that he arrived in 1660 and was in Salem, and yet another is that he bought land from the Indians in Wells, York, ME. There is also speculation that he used the name Alister or Mc Alister and was called the Scotchmen. But what is agreed upon is that Anthony Coombs left France since his father wanted him to be a Roman Catholic priest or friar. Due to his experiences he came to the conclusion that he as dissenter of the Catholic religion. With the advice of his mother, who was thought to be a secret Huguenot or Protestant, provided him with the means to meet with a vessel that was heading to America. He arrived about 1675.
      He landed in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA and in company of two others purchased land in Maine, Wells or Bath. The began a small settlement and tenants soon came. The Indians attacked and the proprietors left. Some settlers remained behind and much of the settlement was destroyed. The other two proprietors returned but Anthony refused. Anthony then went to Cape Ann were he was married. There is also notation in the York records, "at York, Maine, February 5, 1688, Anthony Coombs was married to Dorcas Wodden of Salem, MA." He later Gloucester, Essex, MA and went to Rochester, Plymouth, MA.
        on 13 October 1705 he is listed as one of seven men of Rochester having signed the covenant. He is also listed in the church in  1709 as a member when the minister passed. He is thought to work the iron mills. "in 1704 the town gave a piece of land 'near Peter Blackamore's mill' to Anthony Coombs on condition that he do the work of a smith among us for seven years." That same year a road was laid out and its description reads "towards the mill, that is the Sippican milldam, touching John White's land, and an old bridge, Anthony Coombs' land and so to Kennel Winston's land."

1. The Story of Anthony Coombs and His Descendants, William Carey Coombs, Amelia, Ohio, 1913.

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