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The Richard Warren Family, Pilgrim- US 1620- current- Mayflower

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** Connected to the Finney Family at Josiah Finney (1661-1727 ) **
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** Connected to the Lucas Family at Samuel Lucas (1661-1716 ) **
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Generation One:
Richard Warren b. abt 1579 at England; m. Elizabeth Warren Nee Unknown at England; d. 1628 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, aged 49 years. 
Their Children:
1. Mary b. abt 1610 at England; m. 1628 Robert Bartlett at Plymouth, Plymouth, MAl d. 13 February 1678, aged 68 years; came on the Anne
2. Anne b. abt 1612 at England; m. 19 April 1633 Thomas Little at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; ; came on the Anne
3. Sarah b. 1614 at England; m. 28 March 1634 John Cooke at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 25 July 1686, aged 72 years; came on the Anne
4. Elizabeth b.1617 at England; m. 1636 Richard Church at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 4 March 1670 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA, aged 53 years; came on the Anne
5. Abigail b. abt 1619 at England; m. 8 November 1639 Anthony Snow at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; ; came on the Anne
6. Nathaniel b. 1624 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 19 November 1645 Sarah Walker at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA d. 1667; d. October 1667, aged 42 years
7. Joseph b. before 22 May 1627 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA;

      Richard Warren was not of the Leyden Company but he did join the Pilgrims from London. He was a merchant.  He came over on the Mayflower in 1620.He was a signer of the Mayflower Compact. His wife and daughters came later on the Anne in 1623. His wife was rated in the Plymouth tax in 1632-3 and was one of the first purchasers of Dartmouth.
     In the land division of 1623, Richard was given  land in the north side of town with William WHite, Edward Winslow, John Goodman, John Crackston, John Alden, Marie Chilton, Captain Myles Standish, Francis Eaton, Henry Sampson and Humilities Coopers; and under those who came in the Ann, his lands were on the other side of towne towards Eele River where he made his home. This are later became known as Wellingsley or Hobshole. He also owned land along Warren's Cove.
Richard Warren and the "First Encounter"
This story appears both in Mourt's Relation, published in London in 1622, and (in a condensed version) in William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation.
"Wednesday, the sixth of December [1620]. It was resolved our discoverers should set forth ... So ten of our men were appointed who were of themselves willing to undertake it, to wit, Captain Standish, Master Carver, William Bradford, Edward Winslow, John Tilley, Edward Tilley, John Howland, and three of London, Richard Warren, Stephen Hopkins, and Edward Doten, and two of our seamen, John Alderton, and Thomas English. Of the ship's company there went two of the master's mates, Master Clarke and Master Coppin, the master gunner, and three sailors ...

Plymouth Colony Records, Deeds, &c Vol. I 1627-1651 is the oldest record book of the Plymouth settlement. It begins with the 1623 Division of Land, recorded in the handwriting of Governor William Bradford. The lands of Richard Warren were among those designated as "their grounds which came first over in the May Floure, according as thier lotes were case" and are described in this way "these lye one the north side of the towne next adjoyning to their gardens which came in the Fortune."

Richard Warren & the 1627 Division of Cattle
Plymouth Colony Records, Deeds, &c, Vol. I 1627-1651 also tells of the 1627 Division of Cattle:
"At a publique court held the 22th of May it was concluded by the whole Companie, that the cattell wch were the Companies, to wit, the Cowes & the Goates should be equally devided to all the psonts of the same company ... & so the lotts fell as followeth, thirteene psonts being pportioned to one lot ... "

"The ninth lot fell to Richard Warren & his companie Joyned with (2) him his wife Elizabeth Warren (3) Nathaniell Warren (4) Joseph Warren (5) Mary Warren (6) Anna Warren (7) Sara Warren (8) Elizabeth Warren (9) Abigall Warren (10) John Billington (11) George Sowle (12) Mary Sowle (13) Zakariah Sowle. To this lott fell one of the 4 black heyfers that came in the Jacob caled the smooth horned Heyfer and two shee goats."

Richard Warren : a 1626 Purchaser
In 1621, King James I authorized the Council for New England to plant and govern land in this area. This Council granted the Peirce Patent, confirming the Pilgrims' settlement and governance of Plymouth. Peirce and his associates, the merchant adventurers, were allotted 100 acres for each settler the Company transported. The Pilgrims had a contract with the Company stating all land and profits would accrue to the Company for 7 years at which time the assets would be divided among the shareholders. Most of the Pilgrims held some stock. The Pilgrims negotiated a more favorable contract with the Company in 1626. In 1627, 53 Plymouth freemen, known as "The Purchasers," agreed to buy out the Company over a period of years. In turn, 12 "Undertakers" (8 from Plymouth and 4 from London) agreed to pay off Plymouth's debts in return for trade benefits.
The list we have of the 1626 Purchasers comes from the Plymouth Colony Records (Vol. 2, p. 177). Because of some discrepancies in the names, it is usually assumed that the list was compiled several years after the actual agreement was negotiated. The Plymouth Colony Records do not list Richard Warren; instead "Elizabeth Warren, widdow" is listed even though Richard Warren was still living in 1626/1627.

Richard Warren : his death
"And seeing it hath pleased Him to give me [William Bradford] to see thirty years completed since these beginnings, and that the great works of His providence are to be observed, I have thought it not unworthy my pains to take a view of the decreasings and increasings of these persons and such changes as hath passed over them and theirs in this thirty years ...

"Mr. Richard Warren lived some four or five years and had his wife come over to him, by whom he had two sons before [he] died, and one of them is married and hath two children. So his increase is four. But he had five daughters more came over with his wife, who are all married and living, and have many children."
William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647, ed.
Samuel Eliot Morison (New York : Knopf, 1991), p. 443-7.

"1628. "This year died Mr. Richard Warren, who hath been mentioned before in this book, and was an useful instrument ; and during his life bore a deep share in the difficulties and troubles of the first settlement of the plantation of New Plimouth."
Nathaniel Morton, New England's Memorial  (Boston : John Usher, 1669)

Richard Warren's burial site is unknown.

ElizabethWarren in the Records of Plymouth Colony
1631 [a bequest in the will of Mary Ring] : "I give unto mrs Warren one woodden cupp with a foote as a token of my love."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 1, p. 29-30.

1633 : "a misted [meerstead] that was granted formerly to Richard Warren, deceased, & forfeited by a late order, for want of building, the said misted was granted to Mr. Raph Fog & his heires forever, provided the said Raph w'thin twelve moneths build a dwelling howse upon the same, & allow the widow Warren so much for her fence remayning thereon ..."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 1, p. 18.

1633 : "According to an order in Court held the 2d of January, in the seaventh yeare of the raigne of o'r soveraigne lord, Charles, by the grace of God King of Engl., Scotl., France, & Irel., defendr of the faith, &c, the psons heere under menconed were rated for publike use ... to be brought in by each pson as they are heere under written, rated in corne at vi [pence] bushell ... Widow Warren ... 12 s[hilling]s."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. I, p. 9-10.

In 1634, she was also "rated" : "Widow Warren .... 9 [shillings]."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 1, p. 26-27.

1633 [inventory] : "John. Thorp debtor to ... To mrs Warren 01 10 08."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 1, p. 160.

1635 : "At this Court, Thomas Williams, ye sarvant of widow Warren, was accused for speaking profane & blasphemous speeches against ye mauestie of God, which wer these : ther being some discention betweene him & his dame, shee, after other things, exhorted him to fear God & doe his duty ; he answered, he neither feared God, nor the divell ; this was proved by witneses, and confesed by himselfe. This, because ye Courte judged it to be spoken in passion & distemper, with reprove did let him pass, upon humble acknowledgmente of his offence ; though ye Gove'r would have had him punished wth bodly punishmente, as ye case seemed to require."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 1, p. 35.

1635 : "Thomas Clarke was plaintive against widow Warren, for taking a boat of his, which was lost in ye Eele River, wher she left it, by an extraordinary storme, in ye same place ; for which he demanded 15 [pounds] damage ; but ye jury aquite ye defendante, finding ye boat to be borowed, & laid in an ordinary place of saftie ; yet, for other considerations, they gave ye said Thomas Clarke 30 [shillings]."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 1, p. 36.

1636/37 : "It is agreed upon, by the consent of the whole Court, that Elizabeth Warren, widdow, the relict of Mr. Richard Warren, deceased, shalbe entred, and stand, and bee purchaser instead of her said husband, as well because that (hee dying before he had pformed the said bargaine) the said Elizabeth pformed the same after his decease, as also for the establishing of the lotts of land given formly by her unto her sonnes in law, Richard Church, Robert Bartlett, and Thomas Little, in marriage with their wives, her daughters."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 1, p. 54.

1637 : "That Mrs Elizabeth Warren of the Eele River Widdow for and in consideracon of a Marriage already solempnized betwixt John Cooke the yeonger of the Rockey Noocke and Sarah her daughter doth acknowledge that shee hath given granted enfeoffed and confirmed unto the said John Cooke one lot of land lying at the Eele River containeing eighteene acrees or thereabouts and lying on the North side of Robert Bartletts lott formly also given the said Robert in Marriage w'th Mary another of the sd Mrs Warrens daughters ..."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 12, p. 27.

1637 : "whereas John Cooke hath a lott of land at the Eele River lying next to Robert Barlet containeing by estimacon eighteene acrees or thereabout given him by Mrs. Elizabeth Warren in marriage w'th his wyfe and Robte Bartlett hath a lott of land of like quantitie lying on the Duxborrow side ... the said John Cooke & Robert Bartlett have exhcaunged the said lotts w'th eich other ..."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 12, p. 28.

1639 : "M'ris Elizabeth Warren Widdow for and in consideracon of a marriage already consummate betwixt Anthony Snow & Abigall her daughter Hath freely & absolutely given granted assigned & made over unto the said Anthony Snow All that her house scituate nere the place called Wellingsly (alis) Hobs Hole ..."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 12, p. 53.

1640 : "Richard Church, Robte Bartlett, Thomas Little, & Mrs Elizabeth Warren are graunted enlargement at the head of their lotts to the foote of the Pyne Hills, leaveing a way betwixt them and the Pyne Hills, for cattell & cart to passe by."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 1, p. 152.

1644 [from the will of Stephen Hopkins] : "I do bequeath by this my will to my sonn Giles Hopkins my great Bull w'ch is now in the hands of m'ris Warren Also I do give to Stephen Hopkins my sonn Giles his sonne twenty shillings in m'ris Warrens hands for the hire of the said Bull"
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 2, p. 12.

1651 : "The Names of those that have Interest and proprieties in the Townes land att Punchkateesett over against Road Iland ... Mistris Elizabeth Warren."
Records of the Town of Plymouth, Vol. 1, p. 36

1652 : "petition was prefered by Robert Bartlet unto the Court holden att Plymouth the 7th of October, 1652, therin requesting that wheras sundry speeches have pased from som who pretend themselves to bee the sole and right heires unto the lands on which the said Robert Barlet now liveth, at the Eelriver, in the townshipp of Plymouth, which hee, the said Robert, had bestowed on him by his mother in law, Mis Elizabeth Warren, in marriage with her daughter ... doe therby find that Mis Elizabeth Warren, who gave the said lands unto the said Robert and others in like condicion, had power soe to doe, as being by an order of Court bearing date March the 7th, 1637, and other actes of Court before, envested into the state and condicon of a purchaser, as in the said order is expressed ; the said Court doth by these presents, therefore, further ratify and confeirme the aforesaid actes of Court wherby the said Elizabeth Warren is declared to have right to despose of the aforsaid lands, approveing and allowing of the abovesaid gift of land unto the said Robert Barlet and others in like condicon with him, to bee called ..."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 3, p. 19.

1653 : "An Obligation appointed to bee recorded ;
"Wheras there hath been a Difference Depending betwixt Mis Elizabeth warren and her sonn Nathaniell Warren about certaine lands which the said Nathaniell conceiveth hee hath right unto as heire unto the lands of Mr Richard Warren Deceased ; These are therfore to Declare and certify unto the court by Mis Jane Collyare in the behalfe of her grandchild Sara the wife of the said Nathaniell Warren and an other petition formerly prefered to the court by Robert Bartlett sonn inlaw of the said Elizabeth wArren by each petitions the prties requesting Justice in the prmises ; the said Mis Elizabeth Warren and Mis Jane Collyare and Nathaniell Warren haveing agreed to refer the said Difference unto such of the bench as they have chosen ; viz Mis Elizabeth Warren hath chosen Mr William Bradford and captaine Willett and Mis Jane Collyare and Nathaniell Warren haveing Chosen Mr Thomas Prence and capt : Myles Standish and they the said Elizabeth Jane and Nathaniell Doe bind them selves heerby videlecett Elizabeth Warren in the summe of an hundred pounds and the said Jane Collyare and Nathaniell Warren in the summe of an hundred pounds to stand to whatsoever they shall Doe and finally Determine in the prmises or the Maior prte of them ; and incase they can not agree they are to chose a fift to bee Umpire in the case In Witnesse wherof they have heerunto sett theire hands The eleventh of June 1653."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 2, p. 64.

1653 : "These are to signifye that upon a claime made by Nathaniell Warren as heire to the lands of Richard Warren late of Plymouth and by Reason alsoe of a petition prefered to the court held att Plymoth the seaventh of June 1653 by mis Jane Collyare in behalfe of her grandchild the wife of the said Nathaniell Warren conserning sundry passages and Discourses between her and mis Elizabeth Warren ye mother of the said Nathaniell Warren about the time of theire contract ; by which the said mis Collyare Did conceive her grandchild should by promise have been Invested and entersed in more lands then the said mis Warren Doth now acknowlidge By Reason wherof many great and sad Differences were like to arise between the prties abovsaid and the said mis Warren and her other children to whom shee had Desposed som prte of her lands to theire great Discontent if not undoeing ; The case was Refered by both prties ; videlecett the said Nathaniell Warren and mis Jane Collyare on the one prtie and mis Elizabeth Warren on the other prtie To Mr Willam Bradford Mr Thomas Prence captaine Myles Standish and captaine Thomas Willett as arbetrators chosen Indiffrently by them to end Deside Issue and finnally Determine all contraversies Differences and claimes about this matter that hath arisen or may for ever arise heerafter for which end the prties abovesaid were all and every of them bound in an assumsett of an hundred pounds apeece to stand to theire award which is as followeth

"first That the said Nathaniell Warren shall enjoy to him and his heires for ever all that land which hee is now possess of ; and moreover shall have two thirds of those lands called purchase lands as yett unlayed out ;

"2'condly And mis Warren shall enjoy that three acres of land bee it more or lesse lying neare to the lotts of Nathaniell Warren ; Dureing his life ; but after her Decease it shall come to Nathaniell Warren

"3'dly shee and her children (viz mis Warren aforsaid) shall quietly enjoy all the Rest of her lands and all of them to whom shee hath alreddy att any time heer(to)fore Desposed any prte therof by gift sale or otherwise or shall heerafter Doe the same To them and theire heires for ever without any trouble or molestacon ;

"4'ly Lastly the said Nathaniell Warren shall for ever cease all other or further claimes suites questions or any molestations or Disturbance att any time heerafter conserning the pr'mises ; but that his said mother and all her children or any other to whom shee hath any way Desposed any lands or shall heerafter Doe the same ; But that they may quietly and peacably posesse and enjoy the same they and theire heires for ever without any molestation from him and his att any time heerafter ; This Determination and award wee have signed under our hands The eleventh of June 1653.
Willam Bradford, Thomas Prence, Myles Standish, Thomas Willett."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 3, p. 141-142.

1660 re the Purchasers of Dartmouth : "Att a generall meeting of the Purchasers att Plymouth the seaventh of march 1652 It was ordered and fully agreed unto and Concluded by the whole that all that Tract and tracts of lands lying from the Purchassers bounds on the west side of Acoughcusse to a river called Accusshaneck and three miles to the Eastwards of the same ; with all Ilands meddows woods waters rivers Creekes and all appurtenances therunto belonging Should bee given to those whose names are heerunder written Containing thirty four shares and was then given alloted Assigned and sett over to them by the whole to have and to hold to them and their heires and Assignes for ever ; to Devide and Dispose of the same as they should see good ; and they are to Satisfy the Indians for the Purchase therof and to beare all other Due Charges that shall any way arise about the same According to their severall proportions... mistris Warren, [et al.]...Wheras these Purchasers whoe by agreement of the whole had theire proportions of Purchase land falling unto them in the places above mencioned whoe by agreement had theire severall names entered into a list (together with some other old Comers) under the hand of the honored Gov'r : late Deceased they Did Desire that the list of theire Names might bee recorded ; but the above written originall list of Names and the agreement Could not bee found in some yeares ; soe that it was Judged lost These purchasers notwithstanding still Desiring that what was theire right might bee recorded ; wherupon order was given by the aforsaid Gov'r that it might bee Done ...

"The names of those whoe by order of the Purchasers mett att Plymouth the seaventh Day of march 1652 whoe by Joyne consent and agreement of the said purchasers are to have theire prtes shares or proportions att the place or places commonly called and knowne by the names of Acushena alias acquessent which entereth in att the western end of Neckatay and to Coaksett alisa acoakius and places adjacent ; the bounds of which Tract fully to extend... The said Tract or tract[s] of Land soe bounded as abovesaid which is purchased of the Indians which were the right propriators therof ; as appeers by a Deed under theire hands with all the mershes meddows rivers waters woods Timbers ; and all other profitts privilidges emunities comodities and appurtenances belonging to the said Tract or Tracts above expressed or any prte or prcell therof to belonge unto the prties whose names are underwritten (whoe are in number thirty four whole prtes or shares and noe more) to them and their heires and assignes for ever ...Mis Warren one whole share, [et al.]"
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 4, p. 185-188.

1673 : "Mistris Elizabeth Warren, an aged widdow, aged above 90 yeares, deceased on the second of October, 1673, whoe, haveing lived a godly life, came to her grave as a shocke of corn fully ripe. Shee was honorably buried on the 24th of October aforsaid."
Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 8, p. 35.
Generation Two:
Joseph b. before 22 May 1627 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 1651 Priscilla Faunce at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 4 May 1689 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, aged 63 years.
Their Children:
1. Mercy b. 23 September 1653 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 5 February 1674 William Bradford; d. March 1747, aged 93 years.
2. Abigail b. 15 March1655 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. young.
3. Joseph b. 8 January 1657 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 25 december 1692 Mehitabel Wilder; d. 28 December 1696, aged 39 years
4. Patience b. 15 March 1660 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 1686 Samuel Lucas at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 1696 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, aged 35 years
5. Elizabeth b. 15 August 1662 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; 19 January1687  Josiah Finney at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
6. Benjamin b. 8 January 1670 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m(1) 22 April 1697 Hannah Morton; m(2) 25 October 1716 Hester Barnes; d. 30 May 1746, aged 76 years.

       Joseph was in the militia of Plymouth in 1643. He served as surveyor of highways in 1651-2, 1662-3, 1673-4, and 1685. He was constable in 1670 and selectman in 1686-8. He was a representative to the General Court from 1681-1686 and a member of the Council-of-War of the Colony in 1675.
     As an ancient freeman of Taunton, he received land grants from the colony on 3 June 1662. He had a interest in the Punckateesett lands  and he also had land grants at Manomett Pond, given to him on 27 October 1662. He received land grants at Agawam on 5 june 1677 and Eel River 4 August 1679.
      His will was made 3 March 1689 abd named his wife and two sons, Joseph, and Benjamin and daughters Patience and Elizabeth.

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