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The Thomas Scruggs Family- US 1628- current

** Connected to the John Raymond Family at John Raymond 1616-1703**

Generation One:
Thomas Scruggs- b. abt. 1590 at England; m. Margaret (Margary) Scruggs Nee Unknown; d. bef. 29 June 1654 at Salem, Essex, MA,,aged 64 years
Their Children:
1. Elizabeth b. 22 November 1613 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England; d. bef. 2 November 1625 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, aged 11 years
2. Rachel b. 2 February 1619/20 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England; d. bef. 14 October 1625 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, aged 6  years
3. Thomas b. 7 December 1623 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England; d. bef. 12 November 1625 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, aged 23 months
4. Rachel b. 23 May 1627 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England; m. 20 August 1650 John Raymond at Beverly, Essex, MA; d. 2 May 1666 at Salem, Essex, MA, aged 38 years

      Thomas Scruggs came on the vessel the Abigail with Endicott. The ship left Weymouth, England on 20 June 1628 and arrived in Salem, Essex, MA on 8 September 1628.In England his occupation was butcher, when he settled in Salem he became a planter. He became a freeman on 2 September 1635 and is assumed to have joined the church at the same time.
      On 11 January 16356, he was "granted by the freemen of Salem . unto Mr. Thomas Scruggs of the same, a farm containing three hundred acres of land whereof thirty acres are fit to be mowed, in the outermost bounds of Salem towards Mr. Humphries". The land is described to be on the southwest limits to be next to Marblehead, in the immediate neighborhood of the seashore- in full view of the bay, islands, and navigation. He then relinquished the land so the people of Salem could establish a College. But Governor Winthrop wanted the College to be situated in Cambridge and as President Robert Rantoul stated at the Essex Institute celebration in 1898 : Harvard College came near being placed on Scruggs land in Salem, when it would have been named Scruggs College."

   " On 2 May 1636, "it was ordered that whereas Mr. Scrugs had a farm of three hundred acres beyond Forest River, and that Capt. Traske had one of two hundred acres beyond Basse River, the [said] Capt. Traske freely relinquishing his farm of two hundred acres, it was granted unto Mr. Thomas Scrugs, and he thereupon freely relinquished his farm of three hundred acres that so Mr. Humphryes might the better be accommodated" [STR 1:16-17, 20].

     He was the Deputy for Salem to Massachusetts Bay General Court, 3 March 1635/6, 8 September 1636, 7 December 1636. He also served as Essex magistrate, 27 June 1636, 27 September 1636, 27 December 1636, 28 March 1637. {art of the Petit jury, 27 December 1642. He was chosen by town of Salem for petit jury, 29 June 1647, but did not serve at next Quarterly Court. He was also on the Grand jury, 28 December 1647. Thomas served the town of Salem as selectman, 1637 and Treasurer, 1637. He was also on the committee to view land for Mr. John Humphreys and for the building of a college, 2 May 1636 and Highway surveyor, 13 June 1644.

             On 27 September 1636, "Mr. Thomas Scrugs was fined 5s. for a pound breach. On four occasions between 1638 and 1649 Thomas Scruggs was plaintiff or defendant in minor civil suits  On 20 November 1637, "Mr. Scruggs" was one of six Salem men who were disarmed for supporting Anne Hutchinson and Rev. John Wheelwright.
     On 31 December 1645, "Mr. Thomas Scruggs and Thomas Goulthwait [were] discharged from training, paying to the company 10s. and 8s., respectively".
     On 3 May 1637, Salem selectmen ordered that "Mr. Scruggs may have ten acres of meadow ground in the north side of the water that runs out of the Great Pond".
     In the 25 December 1637 division of marsh and meadow, "Mr. Scrugs" received an acre for a household of six.
     The inventory of the estate of "Thomas Scruggs was taken 24 June 1654 It totaled £244 10s. 2d., of which £100 was real estate: "the farm & housing," £100 . His inventory included "3 books" valued at £1. An agreement between her and her son-in-law, John Rament, was approved"
     On 24 June 1654, "Margery Scruggs of Salem, widow," for maintenance, deeded to "her son-in-law, John Raymont, her land and goods".

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