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The Isaac Allerton Family, Pilgrim- US 1620- Current

** Connected to the Robert Cusham Family at Thomas Cushman (1607-1691) **
** Connected to the Moses Maverick Family at Moses Maverick (1611-1686) **

Generation One:
Isaac Allerton- b. 1586 at North Parish, Undershaft England; m(1). 4 November 1611 Mary Norris at Leyden Holland;m(2) Fear Brewster at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m(3) Joanna Allerton Nee Unknown; d. 22 February 1659 at New Haven Connecticut, aged 73 yeears
M(1) Children: 
1. Bartholomew b. abt 1612 at Leyden, Holland; m. Sarah Fairfax; d. 1659, aged 47 years.
2. Remember b. 1614 at Leyden, Holland; m. 3 January 1646 Moses Maverick at Salem, Essex, MA d. 12 September 1665, aged 51 years
3. Mary b. June 1616 at Leyden, Holland; m. abt. 1636 Thomas Cushman at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; d. 8 December 1699 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, aged 83 years.
4. Son b. 1619; d. soon after
5. Son b. 23 December 1620; d. 23 December 1620 stillborn on the Mayflower; Plymouth Harbor
M(2) Children:
6. Sarah b. 1627 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
7. Isaac b. 1630 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m(1) Elizabeth Allerton Nee Unknown; m(2) Elizabeth Willoughby.

      Isaac is thought to be the wealthiest of all the Pilgrims and had the prefix Mr. which in the earlier days was a used to indicate a superior family or respectability. He was one of the three given citizenship when they were at Leyden, Holland. He married first in the Staathuis (City Hall) on 4 November 1611 to Mary Norris. The oldest three children sailed on the Mayflower with their parents. Isaac was the fifth signer of the Mayflower Compact.
       While anchored in Plymouth Harbor, Mary Allerton died while delivering a still-born child. Isaac lived at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA until 1635 when he lived at Rocky Nook on the Jones River in Kingston. The house he later sold to "my well beloved sonne-in-law Thomas Cushman".
       Isaac went in March of 1621 went with Captain Standish to visit King Massasoit and were able to settle a treaty of peace that lasted 50 years. In April, Isaac became Assistant Governor and held the position until at least 1624. In September 1621, Isaac went by water to explore Boston harbor. They came to Nantasket at the entrance of the harbor and this area was called Point Allerton. In Hull an adjoining hill in Hull was known as Allerton Hill. In the spring of 1624, he received seven acres on the south side of the Brook to the Baywards.
     In 1626, he married Fear Brewster who later came over in the Anne in 1623. In 1626 Isaac was sen to England to obtain supplies. He returned the next spring of 1627. He had an agreement between the Merchants of London and Adventurers, Isaac was given full authority to make all arrangements and was sent back and returned once again in 1628. He did another trip in 1629-1630, where he settled the arrangement. There were issues of some trouble between Allerton and Bradford.
     Isaac was a merchant and was the first merchant of New England and the founder of the coasting trade and fish industry. He was the first to welcome Wintrhop and his Company. Winthrop writes: "About four in the morning we  were near our port, we shot off two pieces of ordinance and sent our skiff to Mr. Pierceabout an hour after Mr. Allerton came on board us in a shallop as he was sailing to Pemaquid," Isaac attempted to set up a rival trading station in Kennenec in 1632 and also one on the Penobscot, but by 1634 the French had broke them up. His wife, Fear died on 12 December 1634 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
     In 1635, his liberal views brought about his removal from Marblehead and in May he transferred all his houses, buildings, and stages for curing fish there to his son-in-law Moses Maverick. In 1636 while returning from Penobscot he was shipwrecked. From 1636-1646, he resided for most of the time at New Amesterdam. There he was involved in coasting and tobacco trades and had a warehouse on the East River, near where the foot of Maiden Lane is. He became one of the Dutch settlers own Council in 1643.While there he made voyages to Virginia, the West Indies, and New England Colonies.
     Winthrop writes in 1643: "Three ministers which were sent to Virginia were wrecked on Long Island; Mr. Allerton of New Haven, being there took great paines and care of them and procured them a very good pinace and all things necessary." In a letter from John Hayned to Governor Winthrop: "There is late news by a vessel that came to the Dutch and from thence to New Haven by Mr. Allerton. The substances thus that there has been a great battle between the King and Parliament forces."
      In 1644, Allerton was shipwrecked at Scituate, Plymouth, MA on his way from New Haven to the Colonies. His third wife is mentioned and is assumed to be from Marblehead or Salem. About 1646 Isaac Allerton became a permanent resident of Newhaven and build a grand house on the creek with four porches on a home lot of two acres. The house stood on the north=west corner of Union and Fair Streets, and a table has been placed on the present building. He died at the beginning of 1659 and us buried in the old Burying Ground at New Haven.
      The Inventory of his estate was taken on 12 February 1659 and was presented to the Court on 5 April 1659. "Mrs. Allerton being asked if there was any Will by her husband answered there was, but she thought her son had it with him, who was now gone home." On 5 July of the same year, his son returned and presented the will. But the estate being badly insolvent the business was referred to the Court of Magistrates in October. At that Court the writing presented as the last Will and Testament of Isaac Allerton was informal and had no date. The witenesses were John Harriman and Edward Preston and was sealed and subscribed by Mr. Allerton deceased, whilst he had the use of his understanding and memory in competent degree.

"Isaac Allerton died in New Haven, Conn., between 1 February 1658-9, when he appeared in court as defendant in a suit brought to compel the payment of an old debt, and the twelfth of the same month, the date on which his inventory was taken. The will and inventory were recorded in the New Haven Probate Records.
At a Court of Magistrates Octob. 19. 59.
A writeing presented as the last will & Testament of Isaac Alerton, late of Newhaven deceased, wth an account of certaine debts, dew to him; & from him;
An account of Debts at the Duch
first, 700 and odd gilders from Tho: Hall by Arbitration of Captaine Willet, & Augustine Harman; about Captaine Scarlet wch I paid out,
And there is 900 gilders owing by John Peterson the Bore, as by Georg Woolseyes booke will appeare; & severall obligations thereto,
ffrom Richard Cloufe owes, as Georg Woolseyes Booke will make appeare; I thinke 900 gilders, but his Estate being broken, I Desire that what may be gotten may be layd hold on for mee,
Due from william Goulder 270, od gilders by his Bill appeares;
Due from John Snedecare a shoomaker 150, od gilders as by his acco appeares.
from the widdow of the Hanc Hancson due as by severall Bills & accounts;
Peter Cornelioussen 120 od guilders as by ye account will appeare.
Due from Henry Brasser for rent for 18 moneths, from the first October 1656 to the last of May 58; for roomes at 3 gilders a week. I am in his Debt for worke of the old acco wch must be Deducted;
There is 20 li in George Woolseyes hand, that came fro. mr Tho Mayhue for mee
There is 400 od gilders that I owe to Nicholas, the ffrenchman, & a Cooper I owe something to, wch I would have that 20 li in Goerge Woolseyes hand, & the rest of that in Henry Brassers hand to them two;
And now I leave my son Isaac Allerton and my wife, as Trustees to receive in my debts, & to pay what I owe, as farr as it will goe & what is overpluss I leave to my wife and my sonne Isaac, as far as they receive the Debts to pay what I owe;
In Captaine Willetts hand, a pcell of booke lace 1300 & odd guilders wch I left in trust with Captaine Willett to take care of:
My brother Bruster owes mee foure score pounds & odd as the obligations will appeare.
Besides all my Debts in Delloware Bay & in Virgenia wch in mybooke will appeare, & in Barbadoes. what can be gott;
Isaac Allerton Senior
Witness. John Harriman, Edward Preston"

 The inventory of Isaac Allerton, deceased 1659
Note: inventories are valued in pounds (L), shillings (s) and pence (d). There were 12 pence (or pennies) to a shilling and 20 shillings to a pound.
"An inventory of the Estate of Isaac allerton late of Newhaven deceased taken ffeb 12. 1658
                                                                                                               L s d
Impr the Dwelling house Orchard & Barne wth two acres of meadow           75 00 00
a pcell of Tubbs & other cask, & 2 boosh apples                                        01 12 06
8 Jarrs, a case of bottles, & 2 cases wthout bottles                                   01 03 00
1 pre of small stilleyards 1 old sieve, 6 stooles & 3 old chaires                   01 02 00
1 chest of Drawers, 1 bedstead wth cord, & one small chest, & 1 old booke 01 17 00
1 pre of Ondirons, & 4 potthangers, & other iron                                       00 08 02
1 rugg, 2 blankitts. 1 old featherbed & bolster & pillos                               04 13 00
1 Drawtable, 2 chaires, & a forme & a carpet                                            02 06 00
a pre of blankitts of cotton & sheeps wooll                                                01 16 00
1 Sea chest, small box, & 2 warming pans                                                00 17 06
4 old skellitts. & 2 small old kettles                                                          00 15 00
3 Iron potts, 2 frying panns, & a pcell of Tinware                                      01 17 04
5 brase candlesticks, & a brass chaffingdish                                             00 09 06
1 bolster, 1 blankett, & a remnt tradingcloath                                          01 10 00
a pcell of wearing cloaths                                                                        06 17 06
curtaines & vallens for a bed & a sm: turkey carpet                                  02 06 00
2 old blankitts, a pcell of carpeting & a small old Table                              01 08 00
a pcell of pewter                                                                                     02 17 10
8 ounces of plate at 5s pr                                                                        02 00 00
a pcell of old linnen 1 li thread                                                                 02 07 04
2 soews & 4 piggs 02 10 00
a bedstead, old curtaines, & a morter & pestell a chest case, & 2 old tubbs, & a pre spectacles, old hatt, & capp                                                                                                      01 05 06
5 cushions, some old bands, wth some other old linnen                             00 11 06
brimston, & sheeps wooll                                                                        00 14 06
                                                                                                           118 05 02
Will: Andrews
Will: Russell

Debts Due to the Estate in Newhaven
Mr. Goodenhouse pr Order of mr Malbon 30 s fro wch he deducts 20 s that he saith mr Allerton owed him, and 8 s paid mr Mills, Rests 01 12 00
mr tuttle by the Rest of 40 s ordred by mr Malbon 00 10 00
Goodm: Hull is Dr 00 16 00
mr Gilberts man Isaac Hall 01 00 00
Humphry Spinigh
mr wm Trowbridge for his prdesessor Daniell Sillivan

1. A History of the Allerton Family in the United States 1585 to 1885 and a Genealogy of the Descendants of Isaac Allerton, Samul Waters Allerton, Chicago, Illinois, 1900.
2. Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 2, p. 155-157.

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