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The Thomas Fish Family- US 1643 to Current

 **Connected to the Joseph Peck Family Lineage at Nathaniel Peck (1699- 1756) **

Generation One:
Thomas Fish- b. 1 January 1619 at England; m. 1645 Mary Sherman at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 1 December 1687 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI.
Their Children:
1. Thomas b. abt. 1646 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 10 December 1668 Grizzel Strange; d. 1684, aged 38 years.
2. Mary b. abt. 1650 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 18 March 1672 Francis Brayton; d. 4 April  1747, aged 97 years.
3. Alice b. abt 1652 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. William Knowles; d. 1734 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI, aged 82 years.
4. John b. abt 1653 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. Johanna Fish Nee Unknown; d. 20 April 1742 at Dartmouth, Bristol, RI, aged 89 years
5. Daniel b. abt 1655 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 1 May 1682 Abigail Mumford; d. 16 September 1723, aged 68 years.
6. Mehitable b. abt 1656 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 6 August 1667 Joseph Tripp;  d. aft 1719 at Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, aged 63 years
7. Robert b. abt 1657 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI

     Thomas left England, together with his brother John Fish and landed at Portsmouth, Newport, RI was called Aquidneck Island. They arrived about 1643. The Portsmouth town meeting record of 5th of October 1643, "Land was ordered layd out to Thomas Fish at the first Brooke". Thomas was appointed to Jury for the present court on 21 November 1649. Thomas was admitted freeman to the Portsmouth, Newport, RI in 1655. He was also a member of the church. On 20 March 1660, Thomas Fish received a deed of house and land from Henry and Ann Ayres, in consideration of fencing two acres, Henry and Ann would live there throughout their lives without paying rent. On 3 December 1772, he and William Hall were appointed to lay out one acre of town land. On 17 February 1663 he has chosen Petty Jury man to the court in Newport. He was chosen constable for the year on 5 June 1665. That same year he bought two parcels of land and a dwelling house, barn and orchard for 50 pounds from James Babcock. He later sold four of these acres to Thomas Lawton.
On 23 April 1667 Meeting: Thomas fish chosen Petty Jury man and elected delegate to General Assembly. 16 October 1667,  Thomas Fish, Captain Thomas Cooke and Thomas Lawton chosen Grand Jury Men. On 6 June 1670 he was chosen constable.  Thomas Fish chosen Grand Jury Man to sitt and act in next General Assembly to be held at Newport, on 10 October 1673. In 1674 on  1 June he chosen to Towne Council and on 10 October,chosen Deputy for the next General Assembly to be held at Newport., the last Wednesday.
     In 1675, on 7 June, Thomas Fish was chosen to be of the Towne Council and engaged, and on 12 July a rate of 400 pounds was ordered levied in this towne and Island, Thomas Fish, with nine others, "chosen to make the Said Rate and with all convenient speed return it inder their hands into the Treasurie of the towne."
The 1 March 1679 he chosen to be on the Grand Jury the next Court of Trials and on  12 September 1680, it was voted that  John Biggs to be appointed to speak with  Thomas Fish, so " that he lay out that acre of land to this townes commons which was lent to Henry eves." On 18 September 1685  Thomas was appointed to Coroners Jury for an Inquest into the hanging of a Scotsman named John Crage, by Coroner, Major John Albro.
     Thomas's will was recorded on the 9th of February 1687, and proved on the 13th of December 1687. It named his wife, Mary as executrix and mentions four sons, three daughters and seven grandchildren. It bequeathed "to son John land bought of James Babcock. To son Robert 20s, and like amount to daughters Mehitable, Mary and Alice. To grandson, Preserved, son of Thomas, Jr., 5s, to wife remainder of the estate. Inventory, 49 pounds, 10s."

Thomas fish to Preserved Fish,
...Thomas FIsh of ...Grandson Preserved Fish the sonn and heire of my Sonn Thomas Fish Late of Portsmouth....Deceased...have be by him...Possessed...after the terme of Sixteen years...which will be in the year one Thousand Seven hundred the Late Dwelling house of my...Sonn Thomas Fish Deceased...with ...all.. Lands Orchards, Gardens, and Out Portsmouth...containeing...fifteene Acres...Bounded on the North by Stephen Cornells Land on the East by the Land Lately belonging to Thomas Cooke Deceased on the South and West by the Highwayes or common od saif Towne...second day of Thousand six hundred Eighty and four
Wit.                                                                            Thomas fish
  THomas Ward
  Ammy Ward
  Mary Billing
Thomas Fish...2: day of may 1684...Did...acknowledge this... John Albro: Assistant
Generation Two:
Robert Fish b. abt 1657 Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 16 Sep 1686 Mary Hall at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 1730 Portsmouth, Newport, RI, aged 73 years.
Their Children:
1. Robert b.. 17 May  1690 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
2. Mary b. 1 March 1693 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
3. William b. 7 June 1695 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
4. Zuriel b. 10 July 1697 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
5. Isaac b. 25 December 1699 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
6. Alice b. 3 July 1702 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 14 January 1724 Nathaniel Peck at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
7. Jonathan b. 27 October 1704 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
8. Daniel b. 17 May  1707 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
9. David b. 10 March 1710 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI

     Robert was made a freeman 1686 and was a lieutenant.
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