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The William Hall Family- US 1635 to current

**Connected to the Thomas FIsh Family Lineage at Robert Fish (1657-1730) **
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Generation One:

William Hall b. 1625 at London, England; m. abt 1645 Mary Thomas at Portsmouth, RI; d. 1675 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Their Children:
1. Zuriel b. 1645 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI;
2. William b. 14 Jan. 1646 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 26 Jan. 1670 Alice Tripp at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 5 Sept. 1691;
3 Bemjamin b. about 1650 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. on 27 July 1676 Frances Parker at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. on 26 Jan. 1730;
4 Elizabeth b. about 1652 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 13 April 1676 Giles Pearce; d. 1698;
5 Rebecca b. about 1654 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI
6 Deliverance b. abt 1656; m(1) Thomas Duree; m(2) 29 January 1679 Abiel Tripp at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. Feb. 1721 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI;

     William Hall was listed on the admitted inhabitants of the Island of Aqueedunk (Aquidneck) on 8 August 1638, In 1639 he became one of the first settlers of Newport, Newport, RI, The same year he was one of those who founded the town of Portsmouth, Newport, RI.
      On 27 May 1644, he was granted a parcel of land in Portsmouth, he later sold it on 6 July 1654 to Richard Sisson. The land was located on the islands of Canonocut and Dutch Island.In 1655 he made freeman. In 1654, 1656, 1660 and 1663 he served Portsmouth at the General Court. He also served as deputy to the General Assembly from 1665-1668, and 1672-1673. In 1673 he served on town council. In 1673, the same year he wrote his will, he was appointed on a committee for the purpose of "treating with the Indians about drunkenness, and to seriously council them, and agree of some way to prevent extreme excess of Indian drunkenness. "Five chiefs are named, among whom is the name of the famous Philip of Mount Hope', called King Philip, with whom the committee should treat. This was just prior to King Philip's War.
     William's will was dated 20 Feb 1673, and probated on 19 Apr 1676, he was sixty-three at the age of his death. His wife Mary, his executrix, died in 1680.

"I do ordain, substitute and appoint my truly and well beloved friend and yoke fellow, Mary, my wife, to be my whole and sole executrix, into whose hands and possession I do give and bequeath my whole estate during her life, and, considering the weakness of my said wife, I do appoint my two younger sons, viz.: William and Benjamin, to be assistants to their mother in the managing of whatever business she shall have need of during her life; and after her decease, I do hereby give power to my above named two sons to see my will performed as following, that is to say: after the decease of the last of us, either me or my wife, my will is that my son Zurill Hall shall have and enjoy that twenty acres of land whereon his dwelling house now stands. Next, my mind and will is that my son Benjamin Hall shall have my new dwelling house and land thereto adjoining; and, further, my will is that my three sons, Zurill, William and Benjamin, shall have all my land in the Narragansett which I purchased of Thomas Lawton, to be equally divided between them. And, further, I do give and bequeath unto my son Benjamin my cart horse, with my cart and plow, and the tackling thereto belonging; and as for the remainder of my estate, together with that which I have lent to my son William, shall be divided into four equal parts, viz.: one-fourth thereof to my son William; one-fourth part to my daughter Elizabeth; one-fourth part to my daughter Rebeecka, and the other fourth part to my daughter Deliverance."

Generation Two:
Zuriel Hall b. 1645 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 1665 Elizabeth Tripp at Portsmouth; d. 5 Sept. 1691;
Their Children:
1. Mary b. 1667 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. 16 September 1686 Robert Fish at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 8 June 1735;
2. Zuriel b. 1677 at Portsmouth, Newport, RI; m. September 1697 Hannah Sheffield
3. Joanna b. abt 1682 at Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
4. Benjamin b. 13 April 1692 at Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island

1. Portsmouth Court Records
2, Portsmouth Vital Records

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