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The Abraham Mellowes Family- US 1633 to Current

** Connects to the George Bunker Family at John Bunker (1630-1672) **

Generation One:
Abraham Mellowes- b.  abt. 1570; m. abt. 1595 Martha Bulkeley; d. between 23 April 1638 and 30 December 1638 Charlestown, Suffolk, MA.
Their Children:
1. Oliver b. abt 1595; m(1) 3 August 1620 Mary James at Boston, Lincolnshire, England; m(2) 1 January 1633/4 Elizabeth Hawkredd Coney at Boston, Lincolnshire, England.
2. Elizabeth b. abt 1597; d. abt 8 February 1618/19; buried 8 February 1618/19 at Boston, Lincolnshire, England, spinster.
3 Abraham b. abt 1599; d. abt 29 January 1615/16; buried 29 January 1615/16 at Boston, Lincolnshire, England
4. Catherine b. abt 1607; m. 17 January 1627/8 William Newland at Boston, Lincolnshire, England
5. Edward b. 24 August 1609; abt. 10 September 1609 at Odell, Bedfordshire, England; m. abt 1636 Hannah Smith.
6. Anne b. abt 1611; m. 26 November 1631 John Smith at Boston, Lincolnshire, England 

      Abraham Mellowes came from Boston, Lincolnshire, England. He, his wife, Martha, and son, Edward, were admitted to the Charlestown church on 19 prob. October 1633. Abraham was made a freeman on 14 May 1634. He was granted two acres of planting ground in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA on 10 January 1634/5. He received a proportion of seven in the hayground in 1635. This portion later increased to eight. In 1637, he had five acres on Mystic Side. Also that year, his share in hayground was 1 1/3. The Mystic Side land was a parcel of ten, thirty-five and five acres. On 6 September 1638, he was granted two hundred acres of land by the Massachusetts Bay General Court. He died 23 April 1638 Charlestown, Middlesex, MA.

His will was brought to the Suffolk court on 4 June 1639:

 "On 2 June 1641 the General Court granted "200 acres of land ... to the heir or assign of Mr. Abrah[am] Mellows" [ MBCR 1:330]. This was presumably a confirmation of the grant of 6 September 1638, for on 9 June 1641 Sergeant Edward Mellowes of Charlestown petitioned the General Court for a grant of 300 acres, on the basis that "about 10 or 11 years since" his father Mr. Abraham Mellowes had contributed £50 to the common stock [of the Massachusetts Bay Company], that this should have resulted in a grant of 500 acres, and that only 200 acres had been granted so far. The petitioner stated that he was "heir & assignee of his said father deceased," and that the original contribution had been made by his father at the suggestion of Mr. Humfrey, who had promised a grant of 500 acres" [ Lechford 410]. 1

Generation Two:
Edward Mellowes-b. 24 August 1609; bapt. 10 September 1609 at Odell Bedfordshire, England; m. abt 1636 m. Hannah Smith;  
Their Children:
1. Hannah b. November 1636; bapt 22 November 1636 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; m. John Bunker; d. 10 July 1672 at Malden, Middlesex, MA.
2. Mary b. 21 July 1638 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
3. Martha 28 October 1640 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; d. 25 February 1642/3
4. Edward b. abt 1642
5. Elizabeth b. 5 March 1643/4 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
6. Abraham b. 22 March 1645 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
      Edward was a freeman on 4 March 1633/4. He was a constable in 1637. He also served as a town clerk and a selectman for the town of Charlestown for five year. In 1637 Edward received a share of four in the Charlestown hayground.

Note on Hannah: From NEGHS Great Migration- She m. (2) Malden 24 June 1651 Joseph Hills. (In his will in 1650 Nathaniel Smith made a bequest to "my sister Hanna Mellowes" [ Waters 78]. J. Gardner Bartlett argued that Hannah was not sister of Nathaniel, but his sister-in-law, widow of one of Nathaniel's brothers [ Gen Mag 1:123-25, with anonymous comment in Gen Mag 1:229-30]. Jacobus cautiously identified her only as Hannah Smith, without commenting further on her Smith connections [ Bulkeley Gen 26].)
1. The Great Migration
2. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 76,  Henry Fitz-Gilbert, New England Historic Genealogical Society p.198.

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