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The Peter Woodward Family- US 1640 to current

**Connected to the John Barrows Family at Joseph Barrows (1713- ) **
Generation One:
Peter Woodward- b. abt. 1640; m. Mehitable Woodward Nee Unknown;
Their Children:
1. William b. 1 January 1668 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
2. Anna b. 2 February 1669 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
3. John b. July 1671 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
4. Ebeneazer b. 15 July 1675 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
5. Mehetabell b. 17 September 1677 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
6. Judeth b. March 1682 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
7. Samuel b. 26 December 1685 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
8. Anne b. 17 April 1688 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA
9. Elizabeth b. 14 August 1691 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA

      I have had to do a lot of extra research in order to prove Peter as the father of Samuel Woodward, but I believe that the records are correct. As for whether Peter was the first immigrant, well, I believe his father would have been the first to come over. The problem is who is the father? Is it Peter or Richard. Peter's birth date may be off. So I will leave this branch incomplete at this time and just list the records I have found to come back to at a later date.

Bits of Records from the town of Dedham, Norfolk, MA:
-Peter was received into First Church 7 November 1641 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA.
-"Peter was a freeman on 18 May 1642 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA. He was Representative in 1665, 1669, and 1670.
-Married 17 December 1752 Sarah Gay daughter of William and Sarah Gay
-He died 9 May 1685 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA.
-He was witness to the Metcalf and John Dwight wills Joshua Kent
-WOODWARD Peter Peter (1604-1685) & _____ _____; ca 1622?; Dedham/Deerfield {Dedham Hist. Reg. 3:156; Morton 127-8}
-WOODWARD Peter Peter (1638-) & Mehitable _____; by 1668(9?); Dedham/?Roxbury {Waterman (1939) 45, 52; Sibley's Harv. Grad. 4:186}
-WOODWARD Richard Richard (1589-1663) & 1/wf Rose _____ (1584-6 Oct 1662, ae ca 80); in Eng, by 1619; Watertown {Blackman Anc. 23; NYGBR 43:192; Reg. 50:302; Granberry 133; Newell Anc. 75; Watertown 657; Blake-Torrey 144; Davis-Bancroft 29; Powers-Banks 158; Newton (,4) 289; Gibson 25; Woodward (1879) 99}
-WOODWARD Richard Richard (1589-1663) & 2/wf Ann (VEARE) GATES (-1683), w Stephen; m cont 18 Apr 1663; Watertown {Newell Anc. 75; Davis-Bancroft 128; Granberry 29, 133; Putnam's Mag. 7:173; NYGBR 43:192; Watertown 657; Blake-Torrey 144; Newton (,4) 289; Woodward (1879) 99; Blackman Anc. 231; Cross Anc. 84}

From Genforum- Woodwards:
-my source was "The Search for the Passengers of the Mary and John 1630 Vol. 20 pg. 153. I found it in the LDS Salt lake library on my trip years ago. I am told the books are still available.I also think they are on film.

-There were more than two Mehitable Woodwards. Peter Woodward had a daughter Mehitable, but she died in Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA, according to Vital Records of MA to 1850 for Norfolk Co. It states, under the heading "Deathes": "Mehetabell, the daughter of Peter and Mehetabell Woodward, deceased the ____" Obviously the date was not legible at the time of transcription, but it falls between entries of 1703 and 1705. This is NOT the Mehitable who married Samuel Herrick.

Records of Dedham Churches:
-1641 WOODWARD Peter woodward was received into ye church 7d 11m 1641. First Church Admission More View Dedham_Church

-1643 WOODWARD ____ ye wife of our brother Peter woodward was admitted into ye church 7d 2m. 1643. First Church
Generation Two:
Samuel Woodward- b. 26 December 1685 at Dedham, Norfolk, MA; m. 6 November 1712 Bathsheba Newman at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA;
Their Children:
1. Hannah b. 21 Match 1713 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d, 13 December 1742 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
2. Samuel b. 16 June 1715 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
3. Bathsheba b. 17 June 1717 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 2 December 1736 Joseph Barrows at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
4. Peter b. 30 November 1719 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
5. John b. 23 January 1722 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 6 October 1723 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, 20 mos.
6. Ebenezer b. 24 August 1725 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 21 April 1766 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, aged 40 years.
7. Sarah b. 21 December 1727 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA

1. History of Norfolk County, Massachusetts Vol. 1 edited by Duane Hamilton Hurd. p. 35
2. Records of Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths in the Town of Dedham, p. 26, 59
3. Dedham Vital Records

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