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Munro(e) Family Bible

Dunbar Lineage
Munro(e) Family Bible

Front Cover

       This bible has been passed down to Munro(e) descendants for over 100 years. It was in the possession of Doris Mae Dunbar Miller until her death. Since then it has been passed along to her daughter, and will continue to be passed along to the eldest or only daughter of the family.

Front Cover with an article placed inside by
Doris Mae Dunbar Miller. Article is titled the New
England Family- Coat of Arms- Munroe.

Family Record Pages

 Family Pages- Close Up

Family Pages Transcribed:
 The following pages are found in the center of the Bible.
Family Records- Page 1

Children of Henry Munro, Jr and Mary, his wife:
Bennit Munro born Oct. 11 1772
Hannah and Mary Munro Dec. 18 1774
Henry Munro April 2 1777
Joseph Munro Feb. 8 1779
Royal Munro Oct 24, 1780
James Munro Aug. 13 1784
Margaret Munro Jan. 31 1787
Elizabeth Munro March 4 1790
Mercy Munro May 20 1794

Sarah Munro born Aug 21 1787,  Daughter of George William and Sarah, his first wife

Children of George W.and Mary his Second wife
Harriett Munro born Sept 5 1793
Hannah J Munro Dec 14 1795
Charles J Munro July 6 1799

Children  of Cyrus and Chrissa
Cyrus Munro born May 6 1816
Ethan Munro Oct 3 1818

Family Records- Page 2

Jacob Brarer married Mary Munro Sept 12 1771
Henry Munro Jr married Mary Millar Sept 12 1771
Henry Munro of Swanzea married Hannah Josselyn Jr Nov 16 1738
Shubal Munro married Mary Josselyn Nov 10 1742
Henry Munro married Elizabeth Bisbe June 16 1761
Job Stetson of Hanover married Hannah Munro July 8 1762
Bennit Munro married Lucy
Joshua Sturtevant married Mary Munro Nov 27 1800
Daniel Munro married Philbert Christian April 29, 1809
Sprague Jan 7 1796
Family Records- Page 3
Marriages Cont’d

Peter Sampson married Margaret Munro March 15, 1802
Cyrus Munro married Chrissa Phillips Dec 8 1812
Richard Everson married Mercy Munro April 27 1813
Kingman Cook of Bridgewater married Sarah Munro Aug 13 1815
Hector Munro married Mercy P Turner April 1832
Benjamin Stetson, 2nd married Catherine I Munro June 6 1839, Both of Hanson


Widow Elizabeth Munro died Dec 7 1801 in her 81st year
Mrs. Mary Munroe- wife of Henry Munroe died Aug 26 1813 64th year
James Munroe died at St Mary’s June 20 1806
Hector Munro died July 21 1890 aged 84 yrs- 8 mons- 8 days
Mercy P Munro died Feb 22 1881 aged 72 yrs- 18 days

John M Munro born Sept 22 1851 Married Ellen E. Specht April 26 1890

Family Records- Page 4

Nathan Munroe, and married May 14th 1826 Lucy C. Conant
Nathan Munroe, and married Dec. 26th 1833 Martha Ann Bushee
Nathan Munroe, and married Oct. 18th 1856 Lucy P. Phillips

           Family Records- Page 5             
           Births                                                 Deaths

Nathan Munroe, born                            Lucy C. Munroe Died
 August 21st 1801                                  August 31, 1831

Lucy C. Conant                                    Deborah Munroe Died
Born April 23th1810                              May 13, 1851

Charles Carroll Munroe                         Charles Carroll Munroe
Born July 7th 1831                               Died Oct 12th 1831

Martha Ann Bushee born                       Martha Ann Munroe Died
Sept. 8th 1813                                    Jan 4, 1853

Lucy Conant Munroe                            Lucy P. Munroe died
Born Feb 24th 1835                             Nov. 16th 1858

David Perkins Munroe                          Nathan Munroe Died
Born Dec 15th 1838                             Friday, Feb 25th 1876

Elbert Munroe born                              Lucy C. Crocker
Sept. 21st, 1843                                  Died Monday, June 25, 1900

Lucy P. Phillips, born                          David P. Munroe
May 30h 1818                                      Died at the Soldier’s Home,
                                                        Togus, Maine
                                                        Sunday, March 10, 1901

Doris E. Green                                   Bernard A Dunbar
June 18 1921                                     at Feb. 9, 1914 at Oakland
Skaneateles, NY                                 California, Sunday

                                                        Volney A. Crocker
                                                        June 25, 1920, Monday

Family Records- Page 6

Births (the death side is not filled in)

Volney Albion Crocker- Born in Hanson, MA- March 23d, 1835
His wife -Lucy Conant Munroe- Was born in Bridgewater, MA -Feb. 24th 1835
Their children were
Florence Lillian- Born in Bridgewater, MA- Tuesday, February 9th, 1858
Martha Ann born in Duxbury, MA July 5th, 1861
Victorine Annette born In Bridgewater, MA, August 7th 1863

Albert Field Dunbar Born in West Bridgewater March 12th,1866
(children of Victorine Annette Crocker and Albert Field Dunbar)
Ethel Miriam Dunbar Born in Bridgewater, Wednesday May 9th , 1888
Harold Albion Dunbar Born in Bridgewater, Friday June 20th, 1890
Grace Mildred Dunbar Born July 19 1898
Baby Boy Dunbar born June 19, 1901, died same day
Doris Mae Dunbar born December 19, 1902

After this point all parties are alive or their immediate members are still with us.

     The following is a narrative written in the hand of Doris Mae Dunbar before the death of her mother, Victorine Annette Crocker, Dunbar. The sheets lie within the Bible. The current generations have been omitted.

Family Record
    1st Henry Munro was born at Pembroke (now Hanson) on Wednesday, April 2d, 1777, and died April 5th, 1848, a 71 y. his wife Deborah Pincin was born at Scituate on Thursday October 8th, 1778 and died July 5th, 1830 a 52 y. They were married January 8th, 1800. Their children were 1st Nathan born Friday, August 21st 1801, 2d Betsy B born Friday, February 24 2804, married Thomas Perkins of Bridgewater, May 13th, 1819 and died April 1st 1838 a 34 y. leaving 5 children: Louisa, Sylvester, Daniel, Nathan, and Joshua. 3d Henry born Monday, March 3d 1806, married Anni Hayward Oct. 2d, 1825 and has Celia, Elizabeth, d. Harriet, David B, Solomon and Laura. 4th Celia P born Saturday Sep 17th, 1808 married William Scott Sept 25th, 1825 and died Oct 24th 1826 a 18y 5th Sylvester C born Wednesday Oct 24th 1810, married Bennett Munro Aug 28th, 1825 and George Grace May 11 1837 and died Aug 26th, 1838 a 28y. 6th Snow W born Sunday Jan. 24th 1813, married Lydia T Sampson Thursday April 20th 1837, children 1-Henry Miles, b. Wed. March 14, 1838 d. July 30, 1838, 2-Warren b. Saturday Aug 10, 1839, 3- Adaline B. b. Saturday, Sep. 5, 1840, mother of Miles Wallace Munro b. Saturday Oct 20, 1860. 4-Annah T b. Sunday May 8, 1842, d. May 29 1842. 5- William W b. Monday July 1st, 1844 d. Aug 29, 1844. 6- Herbert L. b. Saturday Feb 6, 1847. 7th- Louisa born Saturday Oct 4th 1817 married Joshua Sturtevant Nov. 1834 and died May 6th 1851 a 33 y, leaving 4 children Betsey (died in January 1871), Henry, Frank, and Fred.

2nd Nathan Munro, son of Henry and Deborah, was born Friday Aug. 21st, 1801, married 1st Lucy C. Conant born Monday April 23d 1810, died Wednesday Aug 31st 1831. They were married Sunday May 14th, 1826 Children Deborah C, born Friday April 25th, 1828, died Tuesday, May 13, 1851, Charles Carroll born Thursday July 7, 1831 died Tuesday Oct. 12th, 1831. 2nd Martha Ann Bushee born Wednesday Sep 8th 1813, died Tuesday January 4th 1853. They were married Thursday December 26, 1833. Children, Lucy C born Tuesday, Feb 24th 1835, David P born December 15th, 1838, Saturday. Elbert born Thursday September 21st 1843. 3rd Lucy P. Phillips born Saturday May 30th 1818 died Tuesday Nov 16th 1858. They were married Saturday October 18 1856. Nathan Munroe died Feb. 15, 1876 a 74 y 6m. 4 d.

3rd Lucy C, daughter of Nathan and Martha Ann Munroe was born Tuesday Feb 24th 1835 married Volney A Crocker Sunday April 27th, 1856. Children Florence Lillian born Tuesday Feb 9th 1858, Martha Ann born Friday, July 5th, 1861, Victorine Annette born Friday August 7th 1863.
Lucy C died June 25 1900][David P Munroe enlisted in Co L. 2d Mass Artillery in Dec 1863, and was discharged from the service in June 1865. Died at the Soldiers Home, Togus. Maine Sunday March 10 1901.

4th Victorine Annette Crocker born Fri Aug 7 1863 married Albert Dunbar of W. Bridgewater. Their children were Ethel Miriam, Harold Albert, Bernard, Grace, and Doris May born Dec 19, 1902.

Doris Mae Dunbar born Dec 19 1902 married Wilford Eugene Miller, born April 29, 1903, on April 19, 1934.

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