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The John Barrows Family- US 1635 to Current

** Connected to the Joseph Kent Family at  Joseph Kent (1637- 1792)**

This family still has discrepancies... see the following sites:

Generation One:
John Barrowe- b. 16 September 1609 at Great Yarmouth, England; m(1) 31 August 1634 Anne Thompson; m(2) Deborah Doty;
M(1) Children:
1. Dionys b. abt. 1633; d. shortly after
2. Robert b. 11 May 1639 at Salem Essex, MA
M(2) Children:
3. Deborah b. abt 1667 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA;
4. Mary b. abt 20 December 1673 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 9 January 1698 John Wormall at Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.
5. Joshua b. abt 1680 a Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. abt 1720 Deliverance Wedge.
6. Beniah  b. abt 1683 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
7. Ebenezer b. 29 March 1685 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; m. 8 October 1712 Elizabeth Lyons. 
       John Barrowe was born 16 September 1609 in England. He was the son of Ralf and Audrey Deye Barrows. According to records he first arrived at the age of 26 years at Virginia 15 May 1635 on the Plain Joan with the Master R. Buchman. If these documents are true he may have returned to England and together with his wife, Anne Thompson Barrowe, returned. They sailed from London. Records state "the examination of John Borrowe of Yarmouth, a Cooper, aged 28 years and Anne, his wife, aged 40 years—desirous to pass to Salem in New England, there to inhabit”. They sailed on 20 June 1637 on the Mary Ann, the master was William Goose.

      John was given a land grant of 15 acres in Salem,Essex, MA. In an area known as Naumkaug. Salem Records dated 8/14/1637 state: “Jno. Barows is received an inhabitant of Salem and is allowed 5 acres of land”. He was given  another 10 acres at the Town Meeting of 8 November 1637 and at a meeting 30 June 1640 an additional 2 acres. Anne died before 1667 and John married a second time to Deborah Doten/Doty. They family moved to Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.

     Plymouth records show that on 6 March 1666  "John was fined 10 shillings in Plymouth because of his refusal to give evidence in connection with the Grand Inquest". The Treasury Accounts for 8 June 1666 shows under the category “Debts due by fines and otherwise to the country--John Barrow, 00:10:00”. (Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Plymouth County Records, Pg.116) The list of Plymouth townsmen dated 15 February 1668 included John and a 16 June 1668 list of those entitled to vote included John Barrow and Robert Barrows. John was granted land there and on 15 June 1674 a grant of land to him was excepted with certain rules. On 9 April 1684, at South Meadows, 10 upland acres were laid out to John, next to his meadow land on the northwest side of the river. On 24 November1684 he was granted 30 acres of land. 

        John Barrow died 18 February 1692 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA aged 82 years. On 6 April1692, his will was proved before William Bradford, Deputy Governor, and Ephraim Morton, Assistant. The will had been signed, sealed and declared to be his last will and testament in the presence of John Gray and was signed with the mark of Robert Barrows and the Mark of John Barrows. The inventory of the estate, made by John Gray and John Sturtevant, included 14 lbs of cotton yarn, 2 cows, 3 swine, books and 17 shillings in silver money. The 30 acres of land at Monponset {Plympton} was valued at 5 lbs and the house and land at home and all the meadow at Carver belonging to it valued 25 lbs. In his will, he left his son Robert, all of his land, providing that Johns’ wife Deborah be allowed use of the land as long as she remained his widow. Robert was also to give his brother Benajah, 20 shillings when he became of age. Johns’ daughters were each bequeathed 10 shillings each. The rest was to go to his widow.

Generation Two:
Beniah Barrows b. 1683 at Plymouth, Plymouth MA; m. 13 August 1706 Lydia Bucklin at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 5 January 1754 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA, aged 71 years.
Their Children:
1. John b. 8 July 1707 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. abt 1735 Priscilla Philbrook at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; d. 20 October 1783 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA, aged 76 years
2. Deborah b. 14 September 1711 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
3. Joseph b. 1 November 1713 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
4. Nehemiah b. 5 March 1716 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
5. Benjamin b. 22 March 1718 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m. 6 May 1742 Hannah Crabtree; d. 20 February 1801, aged 82 years
6. Elijah b. 16 March 1750 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; d. 9 May 1725 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA, aged 5 years
7. Lydia b. 29 March 1722 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m. 18 June 1741 James Holmes
8. Ichabod b. 8 October 1724 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA

Generation Three:
Joseph Barrows b. 1 November 1713 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m. 2 December 1736 Bathsheba Woodward at Attleboro, Bristol, MA;
Their Children:
1. Elijah b. 13 March 1739 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m.Sarah Brauman
2. Huldah b. 25 September 1740 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
3. Huldah b. 1 November 1792 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m. 24 June 1766 Joseph Kent at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 11 November 1792 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. aged 51 years
4. Hannah b. 6 August 1744 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
5. Joseph b. 27 November 1749 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
6. Anna b. 30 August 1748 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
7. Molly b. 22 June 1750 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA
8. Betty b. 22 June 1750 at Attleboro, Bristol, MA

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