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The Edward Sale (Seales) Family- US 1635 - Current

**Connected to the William Carpenter Family Lineage at William Carpenter (1632-1702) **

Generation One:
Edward Sale- b. abt 1609; baptized on 24 December 1609 at Chesham, Bucks, England; m(1) 1636 Margaret Sale Nee Unknown at Marblehead, MA; m (2) Rebeckah Sale Nee Unknown—not really proven; d. 1693 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA, aged 93 years.
Their Children:
1. Ephraim b. abt 1638 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; m (1) Alice Sale NEE UNKNOWN; m (2) Mary Sale NEE UNKNOWN; d. 2 December 1690, aged 52 years.
2. Obadiah b. 26 July 1640 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA; m Sarah Sale NEE UNKNOWN.
3. Nathaniel b. abt 1642; d. 14 December 1714 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA, aged 72 years.
4. Rebecca b. abt 1644; m. 28 May 1662 Jarrett Ingraham at Boston, Suffolk, MA; d. bef. 1691, aged 47 years.
5. Miriam b. 1645; m. 10 December 1663 William Carpenter at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 1 May 1722 at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA aged 77 years.
6. John b. abt 1646
7. Robert b. abt 1648

      Edward Sale came to New England from London in 1635 on the Elizabeth and Ann. His age was given as 24 and the name was printed in Hotten, Edward “Sall”. The spelling of the last name changes quite a bit through the early years. It will be seen as Sale, Sales, Seale, Sealle, Searles, and of course other spellings. He was baptized at Chesham, Bucks, England on 24 December 1609.
     He first lived at Marblehead, Essex, MA. He married in 1636 to Margaret Sale Nee Unknown. He and his wife did get into a bit of trouble.

Quarter Court at Boston, Suffolk, MA on 6 June 1637:
“Edward Seale for his beastly drunkenness was censured to bee set in the bilboes till the end of Court & then to bee severely whipped.”

     His wife was indicted for adultery with two men. She was found guilty on 19 September 1637. On 12 March 1637/8 sentenced to be whipped and banished, not to return on pain of death.

Governor Winslow made the following notation: on 30 March 1638, “Edward Seale of Marblehead twenty pounds for his wife’s appearance when she shall be called for after her delivery.”

     Even though the young Sale’s were living in scandal, Edward was still made a freeman on 2 November 1637. Their first son was baptized in May 1638 in Hingham, Plymouth, MA. IT appears they had moved onto Weymouth, Norfolk, MA about 1644. He was a landowner there from 1642-1644 and again it is seen in the records in 1652.
     Around 1644, he is part of a group of dissatisfied residents who move to Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. He is listed as an original proprietor and his estate was valued at £81. He received many land grants in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA between 1644-1647.
     His name disappears from the Rehoboth records in 1647 only to reappear in 1652 in Weymouth. He then reappears on July 1663 in Rehoboth. “Goodman Searle was accepted as an inhabitant of Rehoboth and a home lot was granted to him. He did though return and is recorded in 1667, 1676, 1679, and 1693 to be in Weymouth.
     There is some confusion over the wife or in some theories wives. It is assumed that Margaret Sale Nee Unknown is the first wife and the early court records also lead credence to this theory. But there is a record that Edward Sale’s wife died on 3 July 1664, at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. She committed suicide by hanging, and a record of the inquest is given in the New Plymouth Court Records (vol. IV, page 83). Her name in those records is given as Rebeckah. Since the name appears as also being the first daughter’s name there is an assumption that the second marriage may have occurred before her birth, about 1643. Edward’s inventory was dated as 13 April 1693.
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